Luukosian deathwort

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Luukosian deathwort is a plant which has unusual properties. It can be seen in Sanctum of Scales. It is claimed that anyone poisoned with the plant is unable to be resurrected, and that it can permanently sever the connection between body and soul. At times it has appeared as a green paste or froth smeared on the lips of corpses, or black veins surrounding the wound of those injured with a weapon coated by it. The herb is banned in the Turamzzyrian Empire.

Known Historical Use

Examples of Identification

Glethad About Colson

Glethad says, "Townspeople saw a body fly out of Mayor Walkar's office and land in the street. It was Colson, a jagged wound in his chest, and black veins around the wound. Evidence of Deathwort."

Icemule Corpses

Talliver turns over one of the fallen guards.  A greenish froth mars her lips.

Talliver weakly says, "That... that can't be."

Speaking to Talliver, Trouthe says, "Can't preserver their souls."

Speaking stiffly to Trouthe, Talliver says, "You... won't be able to."

Talliver says, "Don't touch that froth in their lips.  It's..."

Talliver nervously says, "It's deathwort."

Speaking to Talliver, Melivn says, "Little sus you know what that is."

Speaking to Melivn, Talliver says, "I served in the War."

Pashtal and Penre

These remains are clearly fresh, as no sign of deterioration can be seen.  The man was clearly elderly, and in death the vigor that animated him has fled, leaving his skin sunken and waxy.  A clearly distinguishable green froth is visible around his upper lip.
You murmur, "..deathwort.."

Pashtal nods approvingly to you.