Melisii's Fireplace Emporium

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Melisii's Fireplace Emporium is a Premium Home Fireplace shop in Icemule Trace. It is located all the way west of the entrance to a warehouse on the eastern side of Dwarven Circle.

[Melisii's Fireplace Emporium]
The glazed sandstone walls and floor of Melisii's cozy shop are lined with a large selection of fireplaces and heaters, and soft candlelight glints warmly on the various metals and trims. The merchant smiles brightly as she demonstrates her wares to potential customers, commenting favorably on the fine workmanship of her expensive models and emphasizing the excellent value offered by her braziers and firepits. You also see Melisii.


      Price  Item
1.)  100000  a darkstone potter's kiln
2.)   75000  a shining double-fronted stove
3.)   30000  a tarnished silver brazier
4.)   12000  a sooty sandstone firepit
5.)  300000  an elegant crystal-tipped fireplace
6.)   95000  a polished platinum-edged stove
7.)   60000  a silvery steel-grated stove
8.)   80000  a brick chimney-stack kiln
9.)  400000  a silver-etched white marble fireplace
10.)  25600  a punctured bronze brazier
11.)  15000  a chipped granite firepit
12.)  90000  a black iron baker's kiln
13.) 200000  an elaborate gold filigree fireplace
14.)  40000  a beaten copper brazier
15.)  10666  a cracked clay firepit