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MHO's are going through a revamp, see HERE

A Meeting Hall Organization ("MHO") is an organization run by the players of GemStone IV. Any group with a defined purpose which is open to new members and engages in activities which involve the greater community is eligible to form an MHO.

MHOs are run out of a Town Meeting Hall, which provides a location for member groups to meet as well as services that aid in the running of events and activities. Each Hall contains several reservable meeting rooms, a place to rent services such as food carts and themed tents, a shop to purchase unique group insignia and other supplies, and a private tavern. The Hall also allows groups to issue news items and event announcements. Some services are available immediately upon joining, others become available after time and demonstrated community involvement.

Current MHOs

Tier MHO Location Leader
Tier 1: Notable Icemule Town Guard Icemule Kobane
Tier 1: Notable The Imperiled Few Landing Lathais
Tier 1: Notable Clan Jakarta Landing Ardwen
Tier 1: Notable Independent Crafters of Elanthia Landing Archsenex
Tier 1: Notable The Lodge Solhaven Alisaire
Tier 1: Notable Merchant and Artisan Skills of the Elanthian Raider Society Landing Sparegris
Tier 1: Notable The Second Veil Ta'Vaalor Reetta
Tier 1: Notable The Black Rose Temple Ta'Illistim Debia
Tier 1: Notable The Eye of Elanthia Landing Cyel
Tier 1: Notable The Witching Hour Landing Phalcon
Tier 2: Prominent Dire Wolf Clan Landing Davean
Tier 2: Prominent Greystorm Society of Enlightenment Landing Syphaer
Tier 2: Prominent Guardians of Elanthia Ta'Vaalor Mercies
Tier 3: Distinguished The Alliance of High Elven Society Ta'Vaalor Nihrvanah
Tier 3: Distinguished The Order of the Azure Sun Solhaven Bristenn
Tier 3: Distinguished The Black Hand Trading Company Landing Draccor
Tier 3: Distinguished The Black Iron Chalice Solhaven Talinvor
Tier 3: Distinguished The Black Wolves Landing Noldi/Gingie
Tier 3: Distinguished Caeruil Atelier Ta'Illistim Ysaeril
Tier 3: Distinguished Clan Snar Landing Adyr
Tier 3: Distinguished The Dae'randir Landing Wolfloner
Tier 3: Distinguished The Drakes Vanguard Landing Svardin
Tier 3: Distinguished ICICLE Icemule Trace Dirvy
Tier 3: Distinguished Elanthian Elegance Landing Rohese
Tier 3: Distinguished The Faendryl Enclave Landing Lylia
Tier 3: Distinguished Fenog's Regulars Icemule Jastalyn
Tier 3: Distinguished Hand of the Arkati Icemule Tysong
Tier 3: Distinguished House of Daingneach Onoir Landing Roelaren
Tier 3: Distinguished Ilyan Syndicate Ta'Illistim Aendir
Tier 3: Distinguished Landing Defense Irregulars Landing Seomanthe/Terabor
Tier 3: Distinguished The Legions of B.A.C.O.N. Landing Meeshach/Chemaine
Tier 3: Distinguished The Looking Glass Ta'Illistim Lorestel
Tier 3: Distinguished Moonshine Manor Landing Puptilian
Tier 3: Distinguished The Northern Fury Icemule Olgretien
Tier 3: Distinguished Ord an Dragan Landing Aoife
Tier 3: Distinguished The Order of the Shadow Landing Cruxophim
Tier 3: Distinguished The Order of the Silver Gryphon Landing Geijon
Tier 3: Distinguished The Order of the Sphere and Scythe Landing Rovvigen/Mikalmas
Tier 3: Distinguished Stormwild Hall Ta'Illistim Jadzara
Tier 3: Distinguished The TownCrier Landing Luxelle
Tier 3: Distinguished The Wyvern's Honor Ta'Vaalor Malinya

Dormant MHOs

This list is incomplete. These are groups with pages not on the current list above

Current Platinum MHOs

This is an incomplete list of current MHOs in the Platinum Instance:


The Town Meeting Halls are located: