Millah Pradapt

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Millah Pradapt was the First Cord of the Falcon Battalion of the forces of the Citadel adjacent to River's Rest in the time period between 4002 and 4011, M.E..

Millah Pradapt was expected to become the next Commander of the Citadel, following Jaboz Cannfort. However, before this occurred, she was framed for the Commander's murder in what appeared to be a botched attempt at her own assassination. Suspicion lay with the Council of Mages, who had no wish to see her assume command of the Citadel's army. Millah was arrested in 4011, and despite claims by the Council of Mages for her to through a fair trial, was never seen again. Some believe she escaped, but most believed her to have been murdered in a cell deep inside the Citadel.

Items of Interest

In the museum are two items that are related to Millah Pradapt and her Falcon Battalion: the falcon-shaped cloak pin and the braided green cord. Both have intricate loresongs and stories behind them.