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Mind Rot, as it has been termed by GS4-Voraviel, is a terrifying status effect which inflicts horrifying visions upon the victim. Mechanically, it inflicts RT, prones the victim, stuns the victim, and forces their stance to be more offensive. If significantly under the influence of the status effect, the victim will also bite their own hand, potentially removing it. However, these mechanical side effects are mild in comparison to the messaging which accompanies it, which are extremely gruesome. So far, the only sources of this status effect is from a bite by the Oculoth Lesser demon, which possesses thick black saliva which is the poison which causes the status effect. The waves of this status effect are spaced apart by several minutes, and it actually has a latency period between the initial bite and the first wave of the effect.

Logs of Mind Rot

Initial Messaging

You feel a horrible burning sensation as the inky black ichor coating the oculoth's teeth sizzles in the wound left behind! You feel a strange, cold feeling running throughout your veins shortly afterwards.


The cold feeling in your veins throbs briefly, and your muscles twitch, sending you running like a marionette on strings. The surroundings blur as you run heedlessly, and when you stop you are in a very different place...

(Preceeds each vision)

[The Eternal Maw]
Teeth surround you on every side as fleshy walls expand and convulse around you as if driven by a million beating hearts underneath. The jagged fangs drive into the surrounding walls, tearing bleeding gashes that pour forth torrents of stinking black blood upon you. It's then you realize you're fused to the walls of flesh, and the teeth bore into you, driving mindlessly into every inch of your body, ripping you to pieces only to have you reform once more to repeat the agonizing process eternally. Obvious exits: none You scream and scream as you're eaten alive over and over again, and then a blissful wave of unconsciousness overtakes you...

Hundreds of hands suddenly whip out from the darkness, digging into your flesh and peeling back your skin to dig into the muscle and sinew beneath. Your veins are plucked out of your musculature like strings and tied to hooks, the pain unimaginable and flaring higher every moment as the claws work to slice open your body, making your skin slough off like a rain-drenched coat. Then, they disappear into the darkness once more, leaving you skinless and hanging like a piece of butchered meat, your intestines trailing down your legs. You let out a pain-filled scream as a blinding light overwhelms your vision...
Roundtime: 20 secs.

The cold feeling in your veins throbs briefly, and your vision swirls with dots of blood-red hue that coalesce into swarms of fiery-hued flies. They descend on you in a massive horde, buzzing, biting and drowning at the world with their incessant task of eating you alive -- you begin to feel them crawling in your ears, in your mouth and up your nose, their bites flowing inward as they ceaselessly and effortlessly devour you. Just as your innards swell, give way, and begin to burst from the bleeding tears in your abdomen, the vision fades, leaving you only with a hazy, blurred sight of the real world as you find yourself on your knees, your hands cupping your face.
Roundtime: 18 secs.

Blood-Soaked Chamber]
The torchlight flickers in the ancient chambers, highlighting the slick, wet blood that is smeared across the walls. The floor is littered with body parts, the dead flesh carved with jagged, bloody sigils. The cries of dying children echo in the darkness, and shadows play against the wall as the damned try fruitlessly to escape their fate. Also here: Voraviel who is maniacally slicing up the remains of a dead child. Obvious exits: none

You run once more, clawing at the bloodied walls even as the other you claws at the corpse in its hands like a piece of butchered meat. Then the vision bleeds away and turns into darkness...

Hand Biting Messaging

You notice something wriggling underneath the skin of your arm, like a worm crawling inside your veins. An intensely cold feeling comes over you for a moment as it disappears deeper into your flesh.

The strange thing once again surfaces beneath your skin, rippling and spreading a deep chill throughout your veins. As the chill runs up your arm and into your neck, you feel an intense fury directed right at the worm-like thing currently crawling inside the flesh of your hand, but you soon regain control of yourself.

You suddenly feel an intense, blinding pain that blossoms in the back of your skull, and a shadowy tendril rises from your hand as your skin swells and expands, bubbling like slick oil. As an unnatural rage overcomes you, the you feel yourself driven toward your hand, your teeth clamping around the bubbling flesh and ripping, tearing and gnashing away at it like an animal!

... 20 points of damage!

Shot pierces a wrist!

You are stunned for 1 round!

Voraviel suddenly twitches imperceptibly as he stares intently at his hand. Then, suddenly, he descends upon it like a ravenous animal, tearing ripping and biting at his own fingers!

... 20 points of damage!

Shot pierces a wrist!

He is stunned!

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