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The oculoth is a demon archetype which originates from an unknown valence. It is not known to have any subtypes. It is classified as a lesser demon, and cannot be summoned, but has been used by powerful beings to attack various cities in Elanthia.

Physical Description

The oculoth is a mysterious lesser demon reported to be a shadowy, amorphous orb. Its body is a sphere hovering by unknown means, and made up of an almost liquid shadowy haze. The oculoth is able to extend this haze to form a tendril with which to grab objects. The oculoth has a large mouth which is host to a number of long jagged teeth and a long black tongue. The black, ooze-like saliva of the oculoth is highly toxic, and induces nightmarish, agonizing hallucinations when it gets into the bloodstream. The oculoth is capable of a fractured, echoing speech. The remainder of the oculoth's shadowy surface is covered in hundreds of eyes, all different shapes and colors. One enormous eye occupies the center of the oculoth's mass.

One extremely odd ability the oculoth has exhibited is its eating of voids. In various encounters with oculoths, sorcerers have used Implosion (720) and created a void to destroy the oculoth. Instead of destroying it, the oculoth devours the void whole, and then emits shadowy waves which wreaked havoc upon the area in a fashion similar to that of Major Elemental Wave (435). The shadowy waves seem to be an altered incarnation of the void, as they inflict heavy vacuum injuries upon those exposed to them.

Combat Abilities

The Oculoth possesses a wide array of combat abilities, some more utility than others, some AS/CS based, while others are maneuver based. These include:

Society and Behavior

Little is known about the oculoth beyond its appearance. They have been found to stop and speak momentarilly to each other in their fractured tongue, but little else. The oculoths seem intelligent, as well as exhibiting emotion in their seeming enjoyment of killing. They have the ability to possess player characters, to induce an attack from a dead adventurer towards another, and can break the connection between a sorcerer and his or her demon.

Given their shadowy haze form, and the fact that the shadowy haze of Shien'tyr has manifested in both the shien and aishan's forms, it is not unreasonable to assume the oculoth may originate in Shien'tyr.

Other Information

Oculoths are extraplanar beings.

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