Mirkk (prime)

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Mirkk Timbertree-Bayvel
Race Human
Culture Bourth
Hometown Gallardshold
Profession Ranger, Master Fletcher
Religion Pantheon of Liabo
Affiliation(s) Voln, House Sylvanfair
Disposition Reserved
Demeanor Neutral
Flaw Overthinking
Greatest Strength Being human
Greatest Weakness Being human
Hobbies Reading, writing poetry, fishing
Likes Good people, iambic pentameter
Dislikes Krolvin pirates, absinthe
Fears Losing those he loves, open water
Loyalties The delicate balance of peace
Best Friend Bramlor Arcoroc (status unknown)
Spouse Rohese Bayvel-Timbertree

Mirkk Timbertree-Bayvel is a human from a small hamlet on the outskirts of the Wyrdeep Forest near Gallardshold. He is the only son of Jeckk and Donnae Timbertree. He is believed by some to be the single rightful heir to Viridian Manor and it's associated lands east of Gallardshold.

Early Years

Born in 5080, Mirkk is the only son of Jeckk Timbertree, a trader of goods, and Donnae, a former governess turned homemaker. While many of the human children he grew up with feared the mysterious Wyrdeep Forest, Mirkk would often be found spending time with the Wyrdeep Elves of comparatively similar age and stature, running through the edges of the woods and playing in its streams.

Mirkk's family was known to have hosted Elves in their homes on many occasions, whether those passing through from east of the DragonSpine, or mysterious visitors from the Wyrdeep itself. It was also common for Jeckk to wear a single white feather in his cap or on a leather band around his neck, a symbol of solidarity with the Elves.

In 5092, Mirkk's mother Donnae fell ill mysteriously, subsequently passing in 5093. She was well loved by her community, though unfortunately her death was blamed by many on the Elves of the Wyrdeep. Tragically, in 5095 Mirkk's father was involved in an incident appearing to be a trade gone wrong between Elves and men. The incident left four Elves and three men dead, including Jeckk.

A boy's will being what it is, and feeling pressure from his uncle Donnavan to begin training as a Greensman of the Deep, Mirkk left Bourth in 5095 for Wehnimer's Landing, not to return to Bourth again until 5121.

The Landing Years

With little to his name, Mirkk arrived in Wehnimer's Landing with the intent to learn the art of the sword. He eschewed the bow, for which he had a natural ability, because of its affiliation with the Greensmen and Gallardshold. At only age 15, he wondered his way into the frontier town to find adventure. Shortly thereafter, he stumbled upon a garret above Wayside Inn and, finding it quiet and suitable for rest, often would stay there.

Eventually he became friends with several of the others that frequented the garret, and became closest with a half-elf named Bramlor Arcoroc. Bramlor was a forest warden and took Mirkk under his wing, teaching Mirkk to further his love of nature, survival skills, and ultimately the ins-and-outs of being a ranger. They quickly became the best of friends and were inseparable.

Mirkk also took notice of a young Sylvan healer named Velianna. Velianna and Mirkk found themselves quite infatuated with each other, in what Mirkk will only refer to as "young love." Finding himself in wont of Velianna's affection and without much to his name, he devised a plan to head to Teras Isle and gain immeasurable riches in order to provide for Velianna. Naturally, Bramlor went with him.

In 5104, they set out together on the Glaesen Star for Teras Isle. Mirkk was very successful during his time on Teras Isle, largely due to Bramlor's support. But in his quest for silvers and riches, Mirkk lost sight of what was true and good, and became consumed with wealth. No longer was whatever amount he had in the bank good enough. This put him at odds with Bramlor, who hated seeing what material possessions were doing to his friend. On the day they both were scheduled to leave on the Glaesen Star to return to Wehnimer's Landing, Bramlor spoke to Mirkk about his concerns. Mirkk did not take things well and informed Bramlor he would find his own way back to the Landing. Reluctantly, Bramlor boarded the Glaesen Star without his friend, returning to Wehnimer's Landing alone.

Mirkk made separate arrangements to sail out that night on a merchant vessel. The captain agreed to take him and his goods on for a "modest" fee. In the very late hours of night, they set sail for the Landing. Only they never made it back to Wehnimer's Landing and the wharf. Krolvin pirates had made way for their ship, killed most of the crew, enslaved the others, and plundered the hold.

Slaver Years

From 5104 to 5115, Mirkk rowed on a Krolvin slaver. He does not speak of these years, though he is tormented by his haunted past, and if pressed becomes irritable. The only thing he will say is that in 5115, the ship he was on was hit by a great storm and was broken into pieces. He found himself on a deserted isle where he had to rely on his own survival skills and makeshift bows and arrows to hunt and fish until he was picked up by a half-krolvin crewed fishing vessel in 5117 and brought back to Wehnimer's Landing. He stumbled back into the garret and saw no familiar faces. Everyone he had known had gone, either passed on or retired to a quiet life elsewhere. He had no one.

Present Day

Having arrived back in Wehnimer's Landing, emaciated and without suitable weapon or armor, it took Mirkk several years to recuperate. He kept using a bow until he was strong enough to wear heavier armor and wield the blade again. He kept to himself, his soul broken by the loss of those he cared about. He spent much of his time moving from town to town, from the far off north, to the Landing, and to the Shining City of the east.

Picnic in Glimae’den by Divone

And then in Lormesta 5121 while hunting storm griffins, he died and his life took an unexpected twist. Upon being returned to the Hanging Gardens in Ta'Illistim, he was brought back to life by Rohese. Over the next few months, Mirkk could not get her out of his thoughts. His heart swelled at the thought of her to the point he picked up a quill and paper and began to anonymously write her poetry. After several poems sent, Mirkk revealed to Rohese that it was he who had written the poems and he confessed his love for her. What ensued was what some colloquially referred to as Mirkk's Tale, culminating in Mirkk's proposal to Rohese, their wedding on the autumn solstice of 5121, and wedded bliss thereafter.

Sadly, Rohese and Mirkk said goodbye to Mirkk's longtime companion River on 24 Fashanos, 5122.

As the political climate in the Turamzzyrian Empire began to shift due to recent changes amongst peerage and the repeal of Chaston's Edict, he was compelled to write an open letter to the Sun Throne and the denizens of the Empire, a call for those that believe in certain principles to take responsibility for and advocate on behalf of the elves within the Empire.