Mist Harbor Cleric Guild Shop

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Mist Harbor Cleric Guild Shop is the Cleric shop in Mist Harbor. Located southwest then northwest of the Cleric Guild entrance, this shop is open to the public.

[Vineyard, An Arbor-roofed Shop]
Thick vines of white and purple grapes wind their way through a wooden arbor, their knotted limbs form a tight weave that is laden with broad leaves. Sheltered within the arbor, and protected from both the weather and the heat of the day, is a small open-air shop. Long counters topped with green and purple oilcloth line the back of the shop, while the front is dotted with small baskets.


Welcome to Cleric Guild Shop!

Brother Ethe offers her catalog to browse.
Ethe exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a silver-edged cerulean cotton cassock   8. a dolphin-inset azure tablet
  2. a pale greyish blue cassock              9. a trident-inset cerulean tablet
  3. a white-edged green linen cassock        10. a delicate blown glass chalice
  4. a white and green-banded prayerbook      11. an azure blown glass chalice
  5. an embossed azure suede prayerbook       12. a white enameled chalice
  6. an embossed cerulean suede prayerbook    13. a pair of driftwood beads
  7. a green and white-banded tablet         

  Backroom Catalog
  14. a strand of sapphire prayer beads   15. a strand of prayer beads