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April 2009 Expansions

Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 6446
Date: 4/4/2009 9:31:36 AM
Subject: Mist Harbor Expansion

Now that the storms have cleared, several merchants who have been waiting to make an appearance and open their shops have come and opened doors.

They are:

  • Rose's Arms Providing basic weapon needs to the public.
  • Melorna's Boutique Once opened by Chantaclair, Seamstress Melorna has moved her wares into the old shop and is open for business.

In addition to the above shops, the following food servicing shops have opened:

  • Daisy's Dinners A quaint little cafe-style eating facility that provides lunch and dinner meals.
  • Breakfast Nook A quaint little restaurant that provides breakfast foods at all hours of the day.
  • Wisteria Winery Equipped with a cafe for sampling the various beverages they sell, this winery specializes in wines by the bottle or by the case, as well as specialty wineglasses, wine-bowls, chalices, and more.
  • Portable Waterhole Zifku and her mother have decided to stop roaming and have brought their wagon back to the Island to share their comfortable booths and fine drinks with the public.

Though the Sea Breeze Tavern has been destroyed by the recent storms, the new tavern is open for business. The details of the tavern are:

Firefly Villa
  • Front Desk Services Ready to help you CHECK IN, the front desk is conveniently located and there to provide you aid with your training needs.
  • Wash Rooms Created by the famed Nizara Vi'undiel, the Wash Rooms cater to men OR women.
  • Steam Room Located in the expansive gardens of the Villa, the steam room is a co-ed facility that will help you to unwind knotted muscles.
  • Eight Guest Rooms Located on the second floor of the villa, each guest room is equipped with small luxuries and has a walk out to a balcony. Please remember when seeking privacy to latch both the door leading to the hallway and the door leading to the balcony.
  • Gardens and Catwalks Located at the heart of the Villa, the catwalks overlook the gardens, which have simple pathways and well tended tropical blooms.
  • Meeting and Merchant Hall Located on the western side of the Villa, the meeting and merchant hall are the perfect place to hold gatherings or to simply recline with friends.
  • Luna Rest Tavern Located on the eastern side of the Villa, the Luna Rest Tavern has a fully functional kitchen and a lively bar room that leads to the Villa's front porch. Order your food in the kitchen to go or simply have a seat one of the refurbished Sea Breeze Tavern's tables to order from the kitchen or bar. While not all of the beverages from the bar are able to be ordered from the tables, a great many are.
  • Treasures Throughout the Villa there are small treasures to find that we hope you will enjoy.

Returning to the Island after an extended vacation is the Healer Kwithi. She has moved back into her cottage and is happy to return to tending to the needs of her friends on the island.

Returning with Kwithi is Friar Memnole. The friar is a follower of Jaston and has taken up residence on the eastern cobblestone path. He is more than happy to help any fallen adventures and has left the doors to his cottage open to your needs.

Beyond the addition of the new shops, the streets of Mist Harbor have undergone some subtle changes. Keep your eyes open for these things. Most of your favorite shops have not changed location, but only have been moved into the background so that the streets appear less cluttered.

~*~ OOC NOTE ~*~

Healer Kwithi has been updated for messaging and to stop that nasty bug of her sending dead people to Ta'Vaalor.

Frair Memnole is the new town Cleric.

Special thanks for the two NPCs should be directed to GM Modrian who did the wonderful scripting on them.

Bathhouse additions were provided by GM Voraviel who not only taught me how to install them but graciously allowed me to use them and when I bungled things swooped in to fix them.

Special thanks should be given to GM Xayle because she ended up with over 90% of this stuff on her QC plate and handled it with grace, despite the other deadlines she had.

Special thanks should be given to GM Naionna who helped with items in the boutique, as well as mood messaging in the Villa, (which isn't all in place yet, but will be soon!)

Specific thanks should be given to GM Xynwen and GM Kaikala who allowed me to go nuts and grew as excited about these releases as I did.

I'd also like to thank GM Aiza for her help with the Atrium Explosion Invasion, GM Voraviel for playing the Elementalist and helping me cement the idea of how to end the storms, and GM Kaikala and (again) GM Aiza for helping to execute the ending of the Monsoon Seasons storyline with a only a few mistakes (mostly on my end).

I truly hope you all enjoy the new areas.

(These areas aren't released in Platinum yet because last night we ended so terribly late in Prime that we decided it would be a bad idea to attempt it there. Either tonight or tomorrow night Platinum will get their storyline.)

~*~ Thandiwe ~*~

Two New Additions and a minor change

Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 2743
Date: 4/8/2009 2:51:14 PM
Subject: Two New Additions and a minor change


I wanted to point out two additions to the Mist Harbor area. More? I know, right? But yes, two more.

Across from the Atrium, in the ring of tents, there are two tents that will be permenant structures for you to enjoy.

The first is Uxbri's Firewoods.

The second is A Tranquil Tent.

As a result of these two additions, the wheelbarrow has been moved out of the commons and all of its contents placed in the appropriate bins within the Tranquil Tent.

I truly hope that you enjoy them!

~*~ Thandiwe ~*~

September 2009 Expansions

Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 3159
Date: 9/12/2009 11:56:25 AM
Subject: Isle of Four Winds Expansions
Western Harbor

Extended from the western cobblestone pathway and downward, the Western Harbor is not as ritzy as Mist Harbor proper. Filled with working class men and women, the Western Harbor has the following accommodations:

  • Jineve's Cookery Fresh Fish, Seasoning, and similar wares can be found at Jineve's. She also has a great cooking fire in her backyard for any catches that you may wish to grill.

Scuttlebug Tavern Filled with tables, the Scuttlebug isn't terribly high on grace, but is a very comfortable stopping spot for sailors, pirates, and fishermen. Two bedrooms upstairs provide locked rooms for privacy, while menus at every table make ordering easy.

Misty's Cafe Enjoy brewing your own tea? Then Misty's is the place for you! Scones, breads, and sandwiches complete a menu filled with already brewed teas or packets of teas that you can manually brew. If you bring your own kettle, then you can use the stove on Misty's patio. She provides plenty of wood and water.

Tootie and Fickle Return: Tootie and Fickle made good their retreat several months ago when the vineyard passed into the waters surrounding Mist Harbor. Now they have rebuilt and restocked old favorites for sale again!

The Stumbling Pebble II Also among the rebuilts, Rutgot salvaged all that he could and brought the remains to the Western Harbor where he's set up shop. Your favorite peanuts are in large supply, as are all of his famous brews.

Flimgrimery's Fishing Finds Flimgrimery has all that you need to enjoy the various fishing places throughout the Isle.

Recreation Spots: The Jetty and Pier three provide excellent places to fish off of for those people that don't enjoy boats. The jetty also has stones that can be skipped of the jetty and into the water. The Silken Mist is also located now on Pier two for those that enjoy a bit of gambling.

Pedal Boats: Travel to Pier one and rent a boat from Flimgrimery's son! Explore the waters along the western edge of the island.

Personalities: Some personalities join us in the Western Harbor. Wandering the streets are a pirate and a parrot, not to mention Flimgrimery's Flimgrimery's son on the docks.

Western Waterways

Painted by ALAE, the Western Waterways extend from the northern tip of the Isle of Four Winds all the way to the southern tip. Enjoy the various aquatic sights by traveling in the middle of the water course, or choose to hug the coastline to see the jungle. Interested in starker, darker sights? Then hug the western edge of the water coarse to see the volcanic and granite shards known as Charl's Teeth.

While out on the water course, feel free to drop line and fish! Over 40 fish swim in these waters! Cook your favorite fillet in any of the local fires and enjoy the delicious local recipes that your fillets can be made into!

While exploring the western water course you may notice several cave systems or beaches that are currently inaccessible. The officials of Mist Harbor apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you understand that these areas are currently closed off to the public for their own safety, once all harmful items are removed from these locations they will be opened to the public.

Saewehna Jungle

Vibrant flora trickles forth from the lush jungles of Saewehna Lagoon, which was painted by ALAE and polished by the graceful attention of GM Naionna. Enjoy the wild flowers, exotic habitats, and colorful scenery as you explore the area.

Travel back and forth from the jungle and Western Harbor is overseen by a dockhand, who enjoys watching people fish from the nearby fishing pier.

A changing hut is set back among the foliage to provide a comfortable place for guests to change if they wish to jump into the cool waters of the lagoon, though you are encouraged to not leave any of your belongings behind. Only you are responsible for your own possessions.

Saewehna_Lagoon_Refreshments Enjoy soothing beverages and light meals while lounging around the lagoon by buying from this quaint little hut located at the southern end of the lagoon. After making purchases feel free to stop by one of the tables and rest beneath the umbrella while watching the local scenery.

A Feather of Artistry Visit with Amine who is more than happy to turn your botanical finds into lovely keepsakes. Each piece that he gets a hold of will be able to easily be woven with others to create lovely chains, anklets, or the like. He will also work on the Lagoons feathers and make them able to be worn in the hair.

Flower Emporium Visit with Kaeline who is more than happy to turn your botanical finds into lovely keepsakes. Each piece that she gets a hold of will be able to be worn in some fashion. She will also work on the Lagoon's feathers and make them able to be worn in the hair. While exploring the jungle remember to pick up any flowers, feathers, or the like that you might find!

Swimming and cliff diving are great forms of recreation in this lovely area! Though mind that you dont get too fatigued.

Southern Gate

Lastly, we are happy to open up the southern gates of Mist Harbor. Down this path you will find that it is far easier to open your treasure chests using those dark clouds that most townspeople find to be frightful. No one will call down the law on you here.

~*~ Thandiwe ~*~

Jan 2010 Progress Report

Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 3367
Date: 1/30/2010 12:38:36 PM
Subject: ~*~ Mist Harbor, a year in review

(Posted requests by various players over the course of 4th quarter 2008 and first 3 quarters of 2009 My responses are inside the brackets.)

  • NPC healer and cleric to support the population that will eventually live there when hunting grounds open. (Complete)
  • Hunting grounds. (In progress)
  • Alchemy Shop Upgrades (IN QC)
  • Herb Shop Upgrades (Complete)
  • Fix Justice Typos (In Progress)
  • Adventurer's guild office. (In Progress)
  • Some sort of Artisan support, a forge, or cobbling warehouse (or all). (In progress)
  • Fletching Supplies (Complete)
  • General stores, I can't get a backpack in this town, even at marked up prices. (Complete)
  • Something to do in the downtime, since it will probably never have a large population. Do roach races, crab fights, fishing, digging up the beach looking for buried treasure, or something along those lines. (Partially Complete)
  • An additional super node or two, not everyone will want to stand around Gardenia Commons. (Complete)
  • More citizenship benefits. (Updated list of Citizenship Benefits in Citizenship Office, more benefits slated for 2010)
  • Typo near Docks outside of the Lighthouse that caused you to not be able to get water for sorcery tasks (Completed)


This will be lengthy. This will be a detailed, quarter by quarter, list of everything that has been released in 2009.


Quarter 1 Releases
Mist Harbor Clean-up - basic repainting of rooms to clean up clutter and add new shop fronts

Shop Additions:
Daisy's Dinners
Gardenia's Gourmet
Breakfast Nook
Rose's Arms Depot
Melorna's Boutique
Tigerlily Bowery
Cypress Sundries
Oleander's Defenses
Wisteria Winery

Healer Update Only
Cleric New Addition

Firefly Villa Bath Houses, Check In, Restaurant, Bar, Gardens, Inn Rooms, Meeting Hall, & Lounge

Monsoon Season

Quarter 2 Releases
Shop Additions:
Uxbri's Logs
Portable Watering Hole

Healer's Tent (wheelbarrow removed and herbs moved into tent, each separated into bins)

Updated Manifest and Bankbook Selection

Toucan Wandering NPC

Quarter 3 Releases

Areas: Western Harbor, Saewhena Lagoon, Western Waterway

Shop Additions:
Jineve's Cookery
Scuttlebug Tavern
Misty's Cafe
The Stumbling Pebble II
Flimgrimery's Fishing Finds
A Feather of Artistry
Flower Emporium

Tootie and Fickle (Updatedand Return Only)
Pirate Wandering NPC
Parrot Wandering NPC

Cliff Diving
Pedal Boating
Lagoon Swimming
Stone Skipping

Location to "dark cloud" boxes

Song of Travel Location Updates

Gypsy Love Affair

~*~ Thandiwe ~*~

Town Criers

Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 3402
Date: 3/11/2010 7:17:24 PM
Subject: ~*~ And All's Well! ~*~

With an eye towards making the town more attractive to tourists, the Mist Harbor Town Council has hired a few men to act as town criers. Ishmyale and Jahab will be wondering the streets of Mist Harbor proper and the Western Harbor providing directions and general information to those in need.

With the arrival of the two men comes a rumor of an Eastern Harbor, though officials have tried desperately to keep it under wraps.

OOC: I hope all enjoy the newest pair of NPCs to the Mist Harbor population!

~*~ Thandiwe ~*~

April 2010 Expansion

Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 3435
Date: 3/11/2010 7:17:24 PM
Subject: ~*~ And All's Well! ~*~

Several months ago, the Merchant Consortium sent a call out to the merchant class. Their call was simple, "Come to Mist Harbor." Several months later, the call was answered. Mist Harbor is proud to announce that nine merchants have moved to the island! Five merchants have purchased homes in Mist Harbor proper, while another three now reside in the Western Harbor. Additionally, there is word that a decidedly unseaworthy vessel has moved its berth to the docks in the Western Harbor.

In addition to the merchants above, two new shops are now open for business. The Slaughterhouse, run by the Butcher Svildmit, has opened its doors along the path to the Western Harbor, while The Black Sands, run by Gypsy Newanelle, has moved into the gypsy compound across from the atrium.

Hale Hall also announces that they have updated the sign in their citizenship office to reflect the current benefits of being a citizen of Mist Harbor. Along with this announcement comes a brand new ferry that has been outfitted to travel between the Western Harbor and Saewhenna Lagoon. Passage on the ship is free to those who are citizens.

To show their enthusiasm over the increase in activity on the island, several of the local citizens have decided to make themselves more known. You may notice more activity on the docks, near the fountain, and in the cemetery of the Western Harbor.

Lastly, patrols of the Western Waterway have proved fruitful as two cave systems have been discovered. While there are signs that people have been using them for storage, officials were unable to find anyone that would claim them as their own.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ OOC Note ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~

Thanks to the wonderful work of my fellow GMs, nine merchants have moved their homes to Mist Harbor. They are open for anyone to visit or relax in. It is our hope that their presence will bring a more social atmosphere to the island with their presence.

The Slaughterhouse offers butchered foods that are fit for companion consumption, as well as those people who prefer more interesting, raw fare. This shop has a complete compliment of backroom items.

The Black Sands offers specialty sand that works with pendulum pouches. In addition to the wares and full backroom access, the gypsy owner offers scrying services, as well as translation options. Be advised; the translations she uses are hers but may not be common. If youve come up with your own set of translations, then please feel free to continue using them.

The Citizenship Office in Hale Hall now has a sign in it that lists what the citizenship benefits are for those that have gained citizenship to Mist Harbor. It is my hope that as the year progresses, well be able to offer more benefits to our citizens.

There is now a dockhand at Pier Three of the docks, located in the far northwestern corner of the Western Harbor. He offers free transportation to Saewhenna Lagoon. The trip takes five minutes and stops at each of the two docks for five minutes. While this is a free service for citizens, if you can manage to bribe the dockhand, then non-citizens can gain passage to the Lagoon as well. Return passage is always free regardless of citizenship.

Lastly, there are two caves located in the western waterway. Currently, they are unoccupied, but it is my hope that they will bring fun things to the island in the months to come.

The above was possible because of the work of QCers Khshathra, Isten, Kveta, and Andraste. The Merchant homes were made possible by the creative minds of GMs Aiza, Kaikala, Galene, Jainna, Leonric, Wyrom, Jaxxon, and Kenstrom. I have a home there, too!

I hope that you all enjoy the updates, and I cant wait to bring you more!

~*~ Thandiwe ~*~

FWI Hunting April 2010

Category: Hunting and Combat
Topic: Developer's Corner -- Hunting & Combat
Message #: 8249
Author: GS4-OSCURO
Date: 4/23/2010 12:34:35 PM
Subject: Re: Undead Gap - The Twilight Zone

>I don't discount the undead gap, (honestly, I'm surprised it still exists)

I agree that it's a shame this still exists. It was even worse before we released the Citadel expansion, which was primarily to address the gap. The FWI hunting expansion will give some additional options in 75-85 range, but 65-75 is still sparse at best and is on the to do list.

- GM Oscuro -

August 2010 Expansion: Eastern Harbor

Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 3435
Date: 8/1/2010 1:23:50 PM
Subject: Grand Opening of the Eastern Harbor

The Mist Harbor Merchant Council is pleased to announce the grand opening of the Eastern Harbor. All repairs have been made, merchants have returned to their homes, and the debris has been removed from the harbor.

Nestled within the streets of the Eastern Harbor are the following shops:

Island Armor
Island Arms
Shear Delight
The Crystal Lotus
The Pious Pelican
Harbor Bistro
Fish Friends
Tillie's Treats

Also found within the streets of the Eastern Harbor are the following Public Buildings:

The Cobbling Warehouse
Harbor Library
The Eastern Harbor Bath Annex

The Eastern Harbor also provides a lovely beach to play upon and a swimming area to enjoy the rushing tide as it crashes upon the sands.

For those that enjoy adventure and exploration, there are several islands within the Eastern Harbor's waterways. They are:

Isle of Shells
Black Sands Isle
Isle of Species
Turtle Island
Anemone's Perch (Home of Lady Chisma)
Dawe's Island (self named)
Furryfoot Woad (Home of the Furryfoot Family)
Grishom's Island (self named)
Island Refuge (Home of Akela and Kynan)
The Bliss Isles

There are some areas that were not quite prepared for public viewing and as such, have been sealed. This is intentional and as the repairs are made, the buildings will be opened. Further announcements will be made regarding those buildings in the days ahead.

~*~ OOC Notes: ~*~
Special thanks needs to be given to GM Jainna (responsible for Island Arms, Island Armor, Harbor Bistro, Shear Delight, and one other area that will be released shortly), and GM Aiza (Bliss Islands, Cobbling Shop Fixes, and The Pious Pelican) for their wonderful help in the creation of various personalities, spaces, and items for the Eastern Harbor.

Please also send thanks to GM Flannihan and GM Isten, who both handled the bulk of the QC work for this area and the items within it.

Also, please send thanks to GM Tamuz, GM Flannihan, GM Nebhrail, GM Kveta, GM Galene, GM Izzea, and GM Kenstrom for their help in making live personalities in the Eastern Harbor by bringing their merchant homes to the Island.

There are two sets of docks in the Eastern Harbor. Citizens of Mist Harbor will be able to use one dock for Free Boating, while non citizens will have to pay a small fee.

The Library is stocked with books, but will be updated in January with newer tomes.

Turtle Island is an island designed for play. You should JUMP around on it a lot.

Shell Island is where you can meet with Flynne and he'll help you with your clamming needs. He has a friend that will be joining him in the weeks ahead.

Black Sands Isle is a bit boring at the moment, but it too will have a lively personality that will be arriving in the weeks ahead. Look for more on her.

Isle of Species is a petting zoo that has a wide array of animals on it. It has souvenirs, food, and "pet food".

The Bliss Isles are not quite ready for their primary function, but you should be able to explore them for the moment.

I know that a great many of you would like to see a ferry like the western harbor hast to reach the lagoon. That isn't something that I can provide at the moment, but do hope to incorporate in the future at some point.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the new addition and recreational activities that have been created for you.

Ceiluir Glade

Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor (Premium)
Message #: 694
Date: 05/07/2011 10:10 PM EDT
Subject: Ceiluir Glade

On the seventh day of Ivaestaen, Lady Ilsola and her assistant Merrielle announce the completion of Ceiluir Glade. The new glade features a Great Hall, two chapels, four small shops, gardens, a wishing well, and several acres of manicured landscapes that create a beautiful area for events to be held in. Nestled at the top of a hill within the Glade is the Isle's first temple, which is dedicated to Niima. Lady Ilsola expressed her desire to have the Glade used for all events and receptions, not just the weddings that the chapels seem to promote.

~*~ OOC Note ~*~

Ceiluir Glade is now open for everyone to enjoy. This glade was a project that I took over shortly after becoming guru of Mist Harbor. The original design, items, and general area were created by Elowen but never finished. I was very happy to take the area over and finish it. I truly hope that you enjoy it!

Ceiluir Glade has the following:
A Bride Shop
A Groom Shop
A Confectioners Shop
A Gift Shop
A Wishing Well
A Ballroom with a dance floor
Two Shrines (dark and light)
Two staging areas, with stairs leading to each chapel
A Temple to Niima
A Beach
A Pavilion

~*~ Thandiwe ~*~

Cleric Guild

Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor (Premium)
Message #: 734
Date: 05/14/2011 04:16 PM EDT
Subject: It's the Great Cleric, Mist Harbor!

Today, Town Administrator Ilsola announced the opening of the Cleric Guild. Due to the generosity of the guild’s Master, Ilsola was granted permission to bring non clerics through the guild on a one time tour.

After the interior was fully explored, guests continued to enjoy the grounds of the guild that are open to the public.

~*~ OOC Note: ~*~
The private areas of the guild were built by ALAE with some minor adjustments, additions as needed, and tweaks by me. I also built all of the public areas. While the shrine was structurally built by ALAE, it specifics (and the birds) were built by me. The windows within the guild can be manipulated by lean, tickle, and when you exhale upon them (depending on your demeanor) you can draw things in the steam you create. The western corridor windows do all the same patterns, the central windows do another set, and the eastern a third. The mats are scripted for sitting, the statues respond to any that touch them, but specifically to those converted to the deity that they represent.

Outside of the guild, there are flowers for plucking that can be used with the weaving tools and a new shop that has items in its backroom.

If you climb the stairs at the end of the path, your group will be disbanded because there is special entry required, but the reasons are clear when you make it to the top. The same is true coming down.

Upon the altar is a bowl filled with birdseed. The birdseed may be tapped, touched, and taken. Enjoy the show when you take it.

If you offer a gem on the altar, then you get some nifty messaging, but if you offer a hummingbird saewehna, then you get some even spiffier messaging and a chance at a spiffy item. Yes, I used spiffy twice, but it was warranted.

Thanks go to Wyrom and Flannihan for their QC work, and Sleken and Kaikala for letting me add the extra touch of the birdseeds. Look for those birdseeds to start making appearances around the island wherever you find a bench.

~*~ Thandiwe ~*~

Ranger Guild

Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor (Premium)
Message #: 779
Date: 06/11/2011 02:37 PM EDT
Subject: Someday You'll Find Her, Mist Harbor

Today, Town Administrator Ilsola announced the opening of the Ranger Guild. Due to the generosity of Guildmaster Ivan, the Administrator was able to provide guests with a complete tour of the new guild. Built within the preserved bodies of enormous teak trees, the guild is multi-floored and connected to other trees by large rope bridges. Accommodations for rangers and their companions are present throughout the guild, and many of the guests stated that the food was amazing. After the tour, the Guildmaster had the shortened path removed, or hidden, and the original entry was restored.

~~*~*~*~*~*~*~~ OOC Note ~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~

The private areas of the guild were built by ALAE with some minor adjustments, additions as needed, and tweaks by me. I also painted half the maze, while ALAE painted the other half. Artifacts found within the guild were either created by me (in the case of the flowers trapped in glass) or by GM Mestys (in the case of the Assume Aspect (650 artifact), while the others were selected from the winning entries in a previous premium contest. The artifacts were QC’d by GM Wyrom, while the body of the guild was QC’d by GM Flannihan.

You may visit this guild, if you are a ranger, by heading out of the Southern Gates in Mist Harbor Proper and venturing south to the pathway.

It is our hope that you enjoy the new guild.

~*~ Thandiwe ~*~

Bard Guild

Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor (Premium)
Message #: 786
Date: 07/09/2011 05:43 PM EDT
Subject: The Colonnade and The Bard Guild

Greetings everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that the Colonnade and the Bard Guild are now released in all instances. Thank you to those that took the tour with Ilsola and Merrielle, but also special thanks to the Melodist Onetta.

The Colonnade was created by GM Jainna, while the Guild was painted by ALAE.

The Colonnade is open to the public. All stage, audience, backstage, and setting is able to be used by anyone, not just a bard.

The Guild is NOW closed for all non-Bardic types.

Special thanks goes to House Aspis who helped with a few small touches.

My hope is that the large, talented community will enjoy the theater and that we can start having regular, community performances. I also hope to create a few performances to share.


~*~ Thandiwe ~*~

Deed Puzzle

Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor (Premium)
Message #: 808
Date: 08/27/2011 09:35 PM EDT
Subject: Fyodar's New Home

Sweat beaded upon Fyodar’s brow as he made his way from Mist Harbor proper towards the western coastline. Everyone that passed him greeted him with a smile and he knew, almost instantly, that this would be a good place to call home. Ilsola met him at the corner of Fishmonger and Seathrak Way, her ever calm and cheerful manner only adding to his already pleasant disposition.

"It is only just this way, Fyodar," she said as she guided him down Fishmonger Way and through a wrought iron gate. He remembered experiencing some trepidation at the thought that his new home would be off of a cemetery, but one glance at the tidy rows and the dogwood that occupied the center and his concerns evaporated. This was not a cemetery filled with strife or cursed beings, this was a true place of rest.

Slipping through the large wrong iron door, Ilsola immediately turned to the second side of the door and opened it into a small chamber.

"These," she began. “Will be your quarters. No one may enter here with your permission and most will overlook the doors as being part of the passage back into the cemetery. It will guarantee your privacy.”

Glancing around the room, Fyodar felt that the accommodations were humble, if a bit austere and any last concerns about his assignment at this altar drifted away. He noticed almost instantly that upon enter the doors to the small area the temperature had cooled by a great many degrees and the humidity that had plagued him during his stay at the tavern was incredibly lessened.

"We will have your belongs brought to you from the tavern, but if you will follow me just a few more minutes, I can show you to the altars and you may begin your duties as you see fit." Ilsola said as she turned back into the corridor.

Fyodar was in awe. His previous assignments as a priest of Jaston had been upon coastlines where large cities arose. He had feared that he had someone displeased Jaston and that this new assignment was some sort of punishment. Breathing deeply, Fyodar followed Ilsola into the adjoining chamber and stopped in his tracks as he gazed upon the altar.

His senses were overwhelmed. From the east came the rich fragrance of spices, while opposite the western segments brought the scent of lush flowers and healthy loam. Pivoting slightly, he was struck by the bitter chill of a northern wind and instantly warmed by the breath of the south.

Gazing into the ceiling of the cavern, Fyodar felt his breath stolen at the glorious sight of the skies above him. He sank to his knees before the altar, prayers of gratitude tumbling from his lips.

Fyodar was so enthralled by his new home that he never saw Ilsola quietly take her leave.

~~*~*~*~*~~ OOC Note ~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~

The Deed Puzzle was something that I had proposed to Warden prior to his leaving. He had approved it, which I am thankful for, and I came up with the concept and painting of it. Leonric was kind enough to code it for us and I think that it came out nicely. This puzzle is different from all others and captures the essence of Mist Harbor very nicely and I hope you enjoy it.

You can gain hints from Fyodar (the priest) by asking him about a variety of things. He will tell you what he can answer if you watch him long enough.

~*~ Thandiwe ~*~

Rogue Guild

Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor (Premium)
Message #: 823
Date: 09/26/2011 08:28 PM EDT
Subject: Shhh, Don’t Tell Ilsola!

Talon and the Skinny Man have been at it again in Mist Harbor. As if pursuing seemingly innocent half-krolvin merchants wasn’t enough, Talon and the Skinny Man have managed to pay off several merchants in the eastern harbor and rerouted several sewer systems. It is rumored that these diverted sections now support a wide variety of nefarious activity. Furthermore, Talon has sent out a threat stating that she’s got spies in Town Hall and the first person to mention the newest additions to the Eastern Harbor will find themselves floating face down in the nearest waterway.

In other news, the flamboyant philanthropist, Plaitime, has decided to make Mist Harbor his home and has opened a small watering hole called the Broken Stein. He claims the name was in honor of a beautiful dwarven woman he met once that gave him an idea for a new ale. Several of her recipes, which he claims she donated to him in exchange for his wonderful flattery, are displayed upon the bar.

~~*~*~~ OOC Note ~~*~*~~

A new bar is open in Mist Harbor’s Eastern Harbor. It is called the Broken Stein and holds some new beverages in it. It should, for the moment, answer the call for better beverages.

The Rogue Guild has opened up in Mist Harbor. If you search the various new entries in the Eastern Harbor, of which there are several, I’m sure you’ll find the appropriate one.


~*~ Thandiwe ~*~

November 2011 Additions

Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor (Premium)
Message #: 861
Date: 11/14/2011 06:10 AM CET
Subject: Mist Harbor and the Growing Grimswarm Threat

Day 13 of the month Eoantos in the year 5111 To Ilsola Tuulikki From Alenduin of Loenthra

Per my Mistress Chisma Calinthe’s instructions, I have brought her personal guard to reinforce those of Mist Harbor’s defenses. At your personal request, I have completed an evaluation of the defenses of Mist Harbor. Here are my findings:

On the topic of Town Guards, I find that yours are severely lacking in discipline. These men are used to breaking up bar fits and other minor incursions. They are not prepared for a full out attack. My recommendation is to increase their numbers with honorable men and women from around the lands. I believe that you will find my men are more than happy to aid you until you are able to bolster your own numbers.

An evaluation of the Sunfist Outpost, which you have had built, has proven successful. You should be proud of the defenses that have been built in such a short time. Your foreman’s foresight to have it built against a sheer cliff facing was good, though I would recommend an escape route up the cliff in case the outpost gets surrounded. I doubt that will happen, but I do make the recommendation anyway.

A thorough search of the river ways showed that all rafts were easily hidden amid the brush, making it hard for the Grimswarm to find them, but easy for defenders to find them. A more thorough search of the jungles proved that your early guesses were correct. The Grimswarm have infected Shimmering Mists, Cor’rah, Cloud Forest, Monsoon Jungle, and the Forbidden Hills.

I think you will find that a great many people are willing to defend this area for you and an even greater are willing to help you to keep Mist Harbor secure.

If you have further need of my services, feel free to contact me.

~*~*~*~*~*~* OOC Note *~*~*~*~*~*

Thanks to the coding efforts of GM Coase, the Grimswarm are on Mist Harbor. They are located in five hunting grounds – Monsoon Jungle, Cloud Forest, Cor’rah, Shimmering Mists, and the Forbidden Hills.

While these are not the creatures promised for hunting, they are a start and will remain long after we add creatures to the area. Thanks to the coding efforts of GM Leonric, the river rafting area is now live. This river offers easy transportation from the Monsoon Jungle and passes by Cloud Forest, Cor’rah & Shimmering Mists, and the Forbidden Hills. It then continues on to a small recreation landing, the Southern Wilds & Saewehna Lagoon. This trip is faster than the fast ferry and paddle boats.

If you are on the Alhan’aht River and traveling south, then you will feel some resistance as you PUSH your raft further south. This is because you are traveling against the river, but when you PUSH north, you will move with the river and feel almost no resistance. When on the Alhan’aht River, if you are idle, then the river will eventually push you back to the beginning because the river tugs your raft.

If you are on the Alhan’naht River, which is south of the Divide, then you will find that moving southward gives you no resistance, while pushing northward gives you resistance. Also, being idle on this river lets you drift south to the Lagoon.

Monsoon Jungle is familiar to many of you because it was the grounds for the Four Winds Festival several years back. This area has long awaited its day to be released and we are pleased to open it permanently up. You can travel to the Forbidden Hills through the twists and turns of the Monsoon Jungle without having to play on the river.

Cloud Forest is located on the western edge of the Alhan’aht River, while Cor’rah and the Shimmering Mists are located on the eastern. These are accessible by the river primarily, though rings make it accessible as well.

Cor’rah, Cloud Forest, Shimmering Mists, and the Monsoon Jungle were painted by ALAE.

The Forbidden Hills were painted by GM Hunterleigh, while I painted the Alhan’aht and Alhan’naht Rivers, as well as their landings. A great deal of effort went into making all of this work and I thank all the GMs that did QC work on this, we as well as those that helped to get this live. It has been a long standing project and I’m relieved to see it out there. I hope that you all enjoy it.

~*~ Thandiwe ~*~


Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor (Premium)
Message #: 927
Date: 12/08/2011 08:07 PM CET
Subject: Re: Mist Harbor-my new frontier, looking for suggestions.

>various fun places to explore

Speaking purely from the viewpoint of someone who built the Saewehna area, I'll drop some fun tips here on that one for those who would like to explore there.

  • Lagoon - Tons of fun messaging there, and the descriptions (both on the shoreline and in the water) change dramatically at night. Don't forget to check out the small cove behind the waterfall, which is a great little hidey hole for folks!
  • Waterfall - Diving is a lot of fun but please make sure you aren't encumbered because the water does check for that. You do not have to change clothes to swim but if you are heavy, you will sink. You should also know some swimming or your trip won't go well, I fear. You can find the diving plateau along the trail that leads beside the waterfall itself. Those who are down below have a great view of your diving abilities, and those in the water already have their own unique views as well! Its a lot of fun!
  • Huts around the Lagoon - There are a few huts around the lagoon that will customize various things found in the island for you. Feathers (found from the NPC bird wandering the Saewehna Jungle) and flowers (found in Saewehna and inland) can be taken there to customize into neat keepsakes. Just ASK the clerks about them. There is also another hut where you can buy food and all NPCs for the huts have fun messaging if you are around long enough.
  • Storms - As with any rainforest, if you stick around, you are bound to get caught in a storm. Saewehna is no different, and you will find a wonderful little storm brews once in a while throughout the area, leaving you soaking wet and your clothings/items dripping in the process. (Note: Staying in the water during the storm is a totally unique view of the storm!)
  • Saewehna Beach - There is a tidepool with neat little creatures, several mood messages regarding the creatures that inhabit the area and a beautiful night vs. day description along the beach. I enjoy the otters and the whale myself but you ahve to hang out for a while to see them all!
  • Quicksand/Marsh/Swamp - As with most jungles, it won't always be beauty and fun. There are some darker sides to the jungle and it includes quicksand, swamps and decay. If you like that sort of thing, explore around a bit and you'll find it!
  • Mood Messaging in General - tons and tons throughout the area, just a matter of catching it. there are also a LOT of interactive items so please make sure to LOOK/TOUCH/ETC as much as you can! Its fun to see the new things come to life!

Hope that helps out some! I really had a blast with the area, and after ALAE did such a wonderful job with the Jungle itself, I simply added in the lagoon and built off of their genius! Hope you guys enjoy it!



Category: Towns
Topic: Mist Harbor (Premium)
Message #: (Unknown)
Author: GS4-JAINNA
Date: 8/18/2013 11:12 AM
Subject: Re: Bugs (NPC Release)!

To help everyone out and avoid the "guess the verb" mentality, here are most of the verbs for the bugs.




As Bremerial pointed out, they also do something if you try to hurt them. Note, the leaf bug has messaging for ATTACK but also something different for something like SLAP.

Have fun!

~Just Jainna

Citizenship Verbs

Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 1434
Author: GS4-JAINNA
Date: 4/26/2014 8:15 AM EDT
Subject: Citizen Verb Release

The first citizen verb for Mist Harbor is STRETCH!

Full citizens of Mist Harbor now have four additional options for stretching.

stretch help
STRETCH [style]

Where style is one of the following:

Mist Harbor citizens only:

STRETCH HELP brings up this message.

Citizens rejoice!

To be continued...

~Just Jainna

Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 1440
Author: GS4-JAINNA
Date: 5/4/2014 12:47 AM EDT
Subject: Second Citizen Verb Release

A second citizen verb has been released for full citizens of Mist Harbor.

It is... LAUGH!

>laugh help

LAUGH - Laugh
LAUGH {target} - Laugh at someone or something
LAUGH {style} - Laugh in particular style

Where {style} is one of the following:

Mist Harbor citizens only:

>laugh mirth
Your shoulders shake subtly as you struggle to conceal your expression of mirth.

>laugh raucous
You burst into raucous laughter, losing your balance and almost falling to the ground before you catch yourself.

Laugh raucous changes depending on whether you're standing, sitting/kneeling, or lying down. Enjoy!

To be continued...

~Just Jainna

Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 1450
Author: GS4-JAINNA
Date: 6/1/2014 12:50 PM EDT
Subject: Third Citizen Verb Release

Yet another citizen verb has just been released for all full Mist Harbor citizens.

This one is... SMOOCH!

Those who choose to set their SMOOCH to Mist Harbor will be able to do the following:

SMOOCH (by itself) Delicious, delectable, and scrumptious are just a few of many words that cross your mind as you loudly kiss your joined fingertips before splaying them in front of you in an expression of appreciation.

(3rd person) With a joyful expression, Jainna kisses her joined fingertips, then exuberantly splays them out before her in a show of appreciation.

SMOOCH SELF You open your mouth to speak. After remaining silent for a pregnant moment, you close your mouth again, brow furrowed.

(3rd person) Jainna opens her mouth to speak. After remaining silent for a pregnant moment, she closes her mouth again, her brow furrowed.

SMOOCH (person) (This option changes depending on the demeanor of the one you're trying to smooch!) Here are a couple examples...

You smooch Felthrop repeatedly all over his face. (Felthrop's demeanor was warm.)

It looks like Felthrop would hit you hard, in your face, if you tried to smooch him. (Felthrop's demeanor was cold.)

There is also new messaging for SMOOCH OBJECT and SMOOCH CREATURE.


~Just Jainna

Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 1459
Author: GS4-JAINNA
Date: 6/15/2014 3:21 PM EDT
Subject: Fourth Citizen Verb Release

The latest citizen verb was just released! Mist Harbor citizens now have the option to set SLAP to Mist Harbor. The new options for citizens are for SLAP SELF.

If you SLAP SELF you can now do it in the following styles:

(no style) Turning your palm outward, you put your hand to your forehead in a mock swoon.

Annoyed You bury your face in your palm, feeling highly annoyed.

Defeated You sigh and lower your head into your waiting palm.

Embarrassed You bury your reddening face in your palm, groaning at your current state of embarrassment.

Forgetful Suddenly remembering something, you gasp aloud and slap yourself on the forehead.

Frustrated You bury your face in your palm, shaking your head in frustration at your present circumstances.

Enjoy the new FACEPALM! :)

~Just Jainna

Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 1467
Author: GS4-JAINNA
Date: 6/28/2014 3:36 PM EDT
Subject: Fifth Citizen Verb Release

The final verb in this set of 5 new citizen verbs for Mist Harbor has been released! This one is EXPRESS.

For this verb, there are now additional styles that Mist Harbor citizens can enjoy without even having to SET your option to Mist Harbor.

Usage: EXPRESS - Get a blank look on your face EXPRESS {self} - Your expression goes blank as your thoughts turn inward EXPRESS {target} - Expresses to a target EXPRESS {style} - Expresses with a style EXPRESS {style} {target} - Expresses to a target with a style EXPRESS SET [option] - Shows or sets the EXPRESS verb options available.

Where {style} can be one of the following: ANGER CONCERN DISGUST FEAR JOY LOSS PUZZLEMENT RELIEF

Mist Harbor citizens can also choose from: DESPAIR ELATION OVERCOME RAGE

express despair You cry out in despair, tears streaming down your face.

express elation You hug yourself and grin so wide you feel like your lips will crack, while you emit a high-pitched squeal.

express overcome Overcome, you lay your wrist upon your forehead with a tiny gasp and sink delicately to the floor. Roundtime: 3 sec.

express rage You throw your head back and open your mouth widely, letting loose an earsplitting howl of rage.

You can also EXPRESS in these new styles to yourself, other people, critters, and objects!

express rage felthrop You glare at Felthrop and fume with rage, not even trusting yourself to speak.

express rage <self> You clench your fists and dig them into your eyes before letting loose a howl of rage.

express rage rolton Completely overcome with rage, you can't even bring yourself to scream at a rolton.

express rage desk Wanting to spit, you glower at a plain ash desk and silently fume.

express despair felthrop You clutch at Felthrop and cry in anguish.

express despair <self> With a cry of misery you fall to your knees and bury your head in your hands.

express despair rolton You wail in despair as you contemplate a rolton.

express despair desk You glance at a plain ash desk and wail in despair.

express elation felthrop Whooping with joy you grab Felthrop in a hug and dance wildly about with him, shrieking your elation to the heavens.

express elation <self> Whooping with joy you dance wildly about, shrieking your elation to the heavens.

express elation rolton Shrieking in delight, you dance around a rolton.

express elation desk You whoop with uncontainable joy as you spot a plain ash desk.

express overcome felthrop Overcome with emotion, you gaze at Felthrop and try not to cry.

express overcome <self> Overcome with emotion, you fan your face with your hand and blink back tears.

G>express overcome rolton Tears spring to your eyes for a rolton.

express overcome desk Your breath catches as you gaze at a plain ash desk, tears welling up in your eyes.

Additionally, if you SET your option to Mist Harbor, your default interactions become the following:

express You clench your fists at your sides and take a few deep breaths.

express <self> You open and close your mouth several times, unsure of just how to express yourself.

express felthrop You glance at Felthrop and babble, unable to form a coherent thought.

express rolton You glance at a rolton with a look of utter disdain.

express desk You study a plain ash desk, looking for any imperfections.

~Just Jainna

Adventurer's Guild Outpost

Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 1637
Author: GS4-JAINNA
Date: 06/27/2015 08:40 PM EDT
Subject: HSN: Locus Lyceum Open!

Tonight the Adventurer's Guild, Locus Lyceum, opens its doors in Mist Harbor in all instances.

Located a block northeast of Tigerlily and Rose, the lyceum is officially open for business. The lyceum boasts a trophy room with many interesting artifacts, a porch with lovely flora, and more!

Aside from Grimswarm, the only creatures in Mist Harbor are located in the confluence. And as such, only confluence tasks are currently available in the Lyceum. Make sure you're wearing a soulstone when you ask for a task!

I know this has been a long time coming! Enjoy!

~Just Jainna

Notes and Trading

Category: Four Winds Hall/Premium
Topic: Mist Harbor
Message #: 1641
Author: GS4-JAINNA
Date: 07/19/2015 09:33 PM EDT
Subject: Mist Harbor: Shopkeepers Announce!

As of right now the following changes have been made to all shops in Mist, Eastern, and Western Harbors that use the ORDER system.

1. Promissory notes from ANY town may be utilized, rather than just Mist Harbor notes. The reasoning for this is that Mist Harbor is a crossroads, if you will, and people come from every town. The shopkeepers should accept every note - and now they do!

2. Trading skill is now taken into account in all these shops. Previously, only some shops took trading skill into account, and most of those that did only cared about it very slightly. Shopkeepers across the board now care about trading skill, and in most cases they care a bunch more now!

Please let me know if you find a shop that doesn't take all promissory notes, as that would be a clear indicator that I missed it! I updated 56 shops, so it's possible one or two slipped through the cracks.

Go forth and shop!

~Just Jainna