Mist Harbor Library Lectures - 2021-06-26 - Journey into the Wyrdeep (log)

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The following was the seventh lecture in the Mist Harbor Library lecture series, where Akenna Laeraun was the guest speaker, which was given on 06/26/5121. Topics covered in this lecture series must be lore-based, but are otherwise left to the discretion of the speaker. This lecture discusses aspects of the Wyrdeep, including its flora and fauna.

This log has been edited to remove excess noise and chatter. Some engagement and digression has remained to reflect the audience participation.


[Library, Meeting Hall]
A trio of wide stairs lead down from a wide archway into this brightly lit room. A small podium stands atop a small dais opposite the archway, and several cushioned benches have been arranged throughout the space, each offering an excellent line of sight. A number of elliptical windows line the walls of the hall, and a rich crimson-patterned carpet covers the entirety of the floor underfoot. You also see a small table with some stuff on it.

Also here: Master Divn who is sitting, Astari, Lady Kyaloria who is sitting, Lazaryth, Jaysehn, Tsarmina who is sitting, Kothos who is sitting, Lady Starletdawn who is sitting, Yardie, Kalyrra who is sitting, Envoy Vaikhen who is sitting, Aethyra who is sitting, Arianiss who is sitting, Defender of Mist Harbor Teaberry who is sitting, Meril who is sitting, Alisaire, Dendum who is sitting, Tabubu who is sitting, Alosaka who is sitting, Akenna, Relic Hunter Ordim who is sitting, Yukito who is sitting
Obvious exits: none

You softly exclaim, "Please help yourselves to refreshments and find yourself a seat, if you haven't already done so!"

Dendum rubs his hands together briskly, a look of anticipation on his face.

You walk behind a small podium.

Kothos says, "Good afternoon, everyone. An excellent crowd, for the Loremaster."

You clear your throat.

You graciously greet, "Good afternoon all!"

You excitedly begin, "As the Library's Loremaster, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the next in our lecture series."

You lightly explain, "As I'm sure you are all aware by now, the aim of this series is to provide a platform for imparting knowledge and encouraging discussion."

You gently remind, "I ask that everyone be considerate to our speaker, as well as those who comment or ask questions."

You softly continue, "All opinions are welcome and indeed encouraged, as long as they are courteously expressed."

You softly say, "As always, I am grateful that our speaker agreed to be here today and I'm sure she does not need any introduction."

You delightedly introduce, "Without further ado, please give Akenna Laeraun a warm Library welcome."

You beam at Akenna and clap your hands together in delight!


Akenna stands up.

Akenna walks to stand behind a small podium.

Akenna says, "Thank you for having me here today, Lady Rohese."

Akenna says, "I want you all to be quiet a moment...be still."

Akenna says, "Close your eyes and picture with me a forest, the light from above is blocked by the trees, so you walk in what seems like dusk. You hear a rustle in the bushes somewhere close by, but you press onward. The sounds of the forest unfamiliar to your ears."

You close your eyes for a moment.

Alosaka closes his eyes for a moment.

Ordim fidgets.

Jaysehn closes his eyes for a moment.

Teaberry closes her eyes for a moment.

Kothos closes his eyes for a moment.

Vaikhen rubs his hazel eyes.

Starletdawn covers her eyes with her hands.

Akenna says, "You stop for a moment unsure of where you are, but you could swear you heard the sound of a river nearby."

You smile quietly to yourself.

Akenna says, "You see light, there ahead of you filtered through a thicket. You make your way over thick vines and through the thicket, and find yourself on the edge of a lush, beautiful meadow. You see a doe and her fawn grazing in its center, along the border of the meadow you see the pale gold and green trunk of a tree, a massive Wyrwood tree and above you the sky is bright blue."

Starletdawn smiles quietly to herself.

Vaikhen gazes heavenward.

Alosaka tilts his head up.

Akenna says, "Welcome to one of my favorite places in the Wyrdeep, Guardian's meadow."

Kothos smiles at Akenna.

Your face lights up with joy.

Aethyra smiles.

Yukito nods slowly at Akenna.

Alisaire looks thoughtfully at Akenna.

Teaberry says, "It sounds beautiful."

Speaking to himself, Yardie whispers aloud, "Imaera influenced, it sounds like."

Teaberry smiles.

Kyaloria smiles at Akenna.

Akenna proudly says, "Today, I'm here to talk to you about my beloved home, the Wyrdeep forest."

You sigh wistfully.

Dendum mutters something about Wyrdeep.

Akenna says, "For those of you who are not familiar with the Wyrdeep, it is between the barony of Bourth and the Dragonspine mountains. It is vast, so vast you could fit the whole of the Sea of Fire within it, twice."

Akenna says, "Today I will touch briefly on some of the people that I am familiar with in the 'deep and about some of its flora."

Akenna says, "The language of the Wyrdeep Elves is fascinating. While some still use the proper Elven tongue, others still use a mixture of the Kannalan dialects of old and elven. There is also a dialect that is special to the Wyrdeep itself, which is a mixture of Common, Kannalan and Elven. It's known as the Wyrtongue. You'll hear it more when settlements trade with each other or in towns on the edge of the Wyrdeep that trade frequently with the Wyrdeep elves."

Ordim narrows his eyes.

Akenna continues, "Some Wyrdeep Elves have communities as I said, that are as old as the Kannalan Empire itself, while others were built after the migration due to Chaston's Edict. Many Wyrdeep Elves still hold some bitterness over the First Elven War, which is fair, and refuse to trade with outsiders. Though in recent years there has been a shift in that thinking among the younger generations. My settlement which was a mixture of Elves and Fey frequently traded outside of the forest."

Akenna says, "That leads me to my next group of peoples from the Wyrdeep, the elusive fey. Fey is a generalized term for many different people of the forest, Nymphs, Shape Shifters, Dryads and other assorted forest folk. They are vast and they vary. Many of their settlements are deeper within the forest and many like to keep to themselves. Though over the last hundreds of years some have taken to friendlier relations with the Wyrdeep Elves."

Jaysehn smiles quietly to himself.

Akenna says, "The legend of how the fey came to be is one which you might find familiar with how the Arkati came to be, though the fey are older. It is said by the fey that there was once a Drake who loved the forests of Elanthia, but the one she made her home, was the Wyrdeep, she made her lair at its heart. It is said that the Drake knew her time was at an end, and she would not be long for the world, having not ever had any offspring of her own to protect the forests she loved, she created the fey from thought and gave them purpose, to protect the forests of Elanthia and make them their home."

Speaking to himself, Yardie mutters, "Lousy fey cursed me and put rocks in my pack."

You gaze in amusement at Yardie.

Alosaka grins at Yardie.

Vaikhen appears to be struggling to keep a straight face.

Jaysehn raises an eyebrow in Yardie's direction.

Tabubu arches one eyebrow at Yardie in an expression of sardonic amusement.

Akenna says, "I'm going to touch briefly on a few fey you might see more commonly in the Wyrdeep, while there are many types of fey, the ones I know best are the ones I will touch on."

Speaking to Yardie, Meril says, "Some folk would pay well for fey rocks, I have heard."

Akenna says, "Pixies for instance tend to keep to the hillier areas of the forest, they dislike when you come through and untidy their carefully constructed spaces, spaces they lovingly tend for hundreds of years."

Speaking politely to Meril, Yardie whispers aloud, "I'd gladly sell them if they weren't so blasted heavy."

Akenna says, "Dryads tend to make their homes within the trees of the forest. Dryads vary, some will live solitary lives while others will prefer a grove of their kin. It all depends on the Dryad themselves. In the forest it is not unusual to talk to a tree, to ensure that a dryad hasn't taken up residence within it."

Akenna says, "Nymphs tend to keep to the streams and rivers, they are playful and quite friendly, sometimes too friendly. Take care their friendly nature doesn't leave you drowning."

Akenna smiles quietly to herself.

Starletdawn laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Vaikhen's face turns slightly pale.

You glance around the room.

Lazaryth glances at you.

Kothos smiles at Lazaryth.

Akenna says, "Yes, we do have a few here who are nymph-like themselves..."

Akenna winks.

Teaberry chuckles.

Jaysehn smirks.

You laugh softly, trying to hide your amusement.

Lazaryth runs a hand through his long silver blonde hair, trying to make himself presentable.

Ordim fidgets.

Lazaryth clears his throat.

Speaking to Akenna, Yardie asks, "That's...a good thing?"

Akenna laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Kothos smiles.

Akenna grins at Yardie.

Lazaryth snickers.

Speaking worriedly to Akenna, Yardie says, "I don't want a woman to drown me."

Kothos grins at Akenna.

Speaking to Yardie, Jaysehn asks, "Are you a good swimmer?"

Tabubu casually glances about, her moonlight silver eyes reflective pools that mirror everything around her.

Vaikhen nods emphatically at Yardie!

Akenna says, "But I digress..."

Starletdawn grins at Yardie.

Akenna says, "The fey I grew up closest to were shapeshifters or Kelpie. Kelpie can change into different creatures, doe, wolf, birds, it all depends on what that kelpie and what spirit calls to them. However, they can only retain a mortal form for so long, before they must transform back into the animal, they have taken akin too."

Akenna says, "Fey are often territorial and set up boundaries and one should always mind how they approach them, if you see a feystone, I would advise not picking it up, this can be how some fey mark their boundaries. I would be especially wary of toadstool circles, fairies don't take kindly to you passing into their realms without a gift and certainly unannounced. Fey have one desire and that is to protect their home, the forest."

Yardie raises an eyebrow in Akenna's direction.

Speaking to Yardie, Akenna says, "So, hold on to those rocks... they might be a good gift."

Akenna smiles quietly to herself.

Yardie breaks out in a sweat.

Akenna says, "So, with that let's talk more about some of the plants native to the Wyrdeep."

Akenna reaches up and removes the haircomb from her sienna hair.

Akenna taps a foliated wyrwood haircomb centered with some aged ivory, which is in her right hand.

Akenna says, "There are many kinds of trees native to the Wyrdeep, but none more known and associated with the Wyrdeep than the Wyrwood tree. These trees are not to be approached lightly. Some say they have a mind of their own and have been known to strangle those who would look to do it harm. The tree itself is usually comprised of one or more leaning trunks with upright branches and with a narrow or irregular crown. The leaves are lance-shaped and slightly curved to one side. You'll find these trees close to rivers or streams most of the time and they are known to have an exceptionally deep taproot. The root itself is a source for the trees superior magic qualities."

Speaking quietly to himself, Vaikhen says, "Fascinating."

Speaking to Vaikhen, Yardie says, "Terrifying."

Akenna says, "I suggest keeping your metals and ore away from the wood itself. Wyrwood is known to corrode ores."

Akenna dons her haircomb.

Kothos smiles at Akenna.

Kothos says, "A defense, perhaps.".

Akenna says, "One should always approach a Wyrwood tree with caution and deep respect."

Jaysehn looks thoughtfully at Akenna.

Akenna removes some deep blue riverweed from in her leather kit.

Akenna brushes her fingers lightly against her deep blue riverweed.

Akenna says, "I have some samples here of other plants you might find in the Wyrdeep. Such as this riverweed. You'll always notice its blue on the banks of Tempest River but it is also found around many streams as well and is a food source for the animals in the area. It also is used in some teas and poultices for treating fever and wounds."

(Akenna lifts up the deep blue riverweed presenting it to the crowd.)

Aethyra looks thoughtfully at Akenna.

Akenna smiles.

Speaking to Akenna, Alosaka asks, "What is it's taste?"

Speaking to Alosaka, Akenna says, "Mild and mallowy."

Akenna put some deep blue riverweed in her leather kit.

Akenna removes a small green windberry from in her leather kit.

You raise an eyebrow in Akenna's direction.

(Akenna lifts up her green windberry and rolls it lightly between her fingers.)

Akenna says, "Here we have the windberry..."

Akenna says, "The windbush which the windberry here is a product of. These bushes are common throughout the forest, they are of a hardy stock with its deep green leaves and wild unkempt beauty. You can find windberry in a variety of potions and brews, but I would not advise you to eat them raw or alone. They tend to cause a stomachache."

Akenna put a small green windberry in her leather kit.

Akenna removes a thorn-covered wyrdroot from in her leather kit.

Yukito looks thoughtfully at Akenna.

(Akenna gingerly holds the thorn-covered wyrdroot and holds it aloft for everyone to see.)

Ordim squints.

You bite your lip.

Akenna says, "And next we come to the Wyrdroot. Which comes from the Wyrdblossom. This blossom is beautiful with a its pale purple petals and almost orchid-like qualities, but its real value is the root itself. As it is potent and is used in magic, from rituals to potions it is a great source for drawing mana."

Akenna put a thorn-covered wyrdroot in her leather kit.

Vaikhen gazes with interest at Akenna.

Akenna says, "I know I have touched very briefly on many things, if you should like to hear more about certain aspects of the forest, I am always open to talking about my home with anyone who desires to know more."

Vaikhen raises his hand.

You smile at Akenna.

Akenna says, "I appreciate your time and attention to some of the aspects of my home I've touched on today."

Akenna says, "And again I thank Lady Rohese for letting me speak today."

Yukito grins at Akenna.

Lazaryth nods appreciatively.

You stand back up.


Speaking softly to Akenna, you exclaim, "Thank you very much, Akenna for a fascinating insight into the Wyrdeep!"

Alosaka raises his hand.

Speaking to Akenna, Kothos says, "Thank you, I have always wondered and wanted to know more, of your home."

Speaking to Akenna, Kyaloria says, "Fascinating."

You softly exclaim, "Time for questions!"

You glance around the room.




Speaking politely to Akenna, Vaikhen asks, "If one needed to pass peacefully through fey territory, what should they bring? Or wear? What gifts are appropriate?"

Speaking to Vaikhen, Akenna says, "Gifts of meat or fruit, even grains are appreciated and valued."

Vaikhen ponders.

Akenna says, "I would take care with your weapons, of course."

Vaikhen jokingly says, "Food is universal, I see ..."

Vaikhen smiles broadly.

Akenna says, "Quite."

Vaikhen nods understandingly.

You nod encouragingly at Alosaka.

You softly say, "Alosaka, I believe you had a question for the lovely Akenna."

Vaikhen selects a spot on one of the cushioned benches and settles into its soft cushions.

Alosaka nods respectfully.


Speaking to Akenna, Alosaka asks, "What sort of trade or interaction do the inhabitants of the forest have with the Empire? Any with the Elven Nations?"

Akenna folds her hands.

Speaking quietly to Alosaka, Vaikhen says, "Ooh, good question ..."

Speaking to Alosaka, Akenna says, "It varies from settlement to settlement. Some will only deal with outsiders...generally furs and some of the rarer herbs from the forests are sought in trade. There is some trade with the Elven Nations but that too is tentative."

Alosaka nods.

Akenna says, "We are wary... my father is a trapper. He trades with outsiders."

Akenna says, "He is actually the person my settlement does most of their trade through."

Akenna says, "My settlement trades for grains and other herbs."

Akenna says, "In exchange for furs and herbs."

You softly say, "Arianiss, I believe you were next."

Arianiss smiles at you.

Speaking delightedly to Akenna, you exclaim, "So many questions for you!"


Speaking to Akenna, Arianiss asks, "I know your talented with magic and and such.. have you used the Wyrdeep flora in any of your endeavors? Do you care to share any of your methodology?"

Akenna smiles quietly to herself.

Speaking softly to Arianiss, you tease, "Come now, a lady never shares her secrets!"

You shake your head at Arianiss and cluck your tongue.

Arianiss chuckles.

Ordim fidgets.

Speaking to Arianiss, Akenna says, "I have yes, though it is a bit more difficult to get them outside of Bourth. As far as my methodology, as Lady Rohese says... a girl never shares her secrets."

Akenna winks at Arianiss.

Aethyra chuckles.

Kothos grins at you.

Kalyrra grins.

Vaikhen snaps his fingers.

Starletdawn grins.

Alosaka chuckles.

Jaysehn smiles quietly to himself.

You softly say, "Yardie."

You nod encouragingly at Yardie.

Speaking to Yardie, Akenna says, "Yes, Mister Yardie.."

You smile.

Akenna grins at Yardie.


Speaking politely to Akenna, Yardie says, "Umm....when you heard the story of me seeing Madame Berkana in the buff and that it was an accident...you said I was cursed by a fey. Umm...what types of curses do they do and how can I remove it? I'm tired of having terrible luck."

Alisaire gazes in amusement at Yardie.

You blink at Yardie.

Starletdawn smiles at Yardie.

Vaikhen blushes a light pink hue to the tops of his ears.

You softly say, "Oh my."

Alosaka blinks.

Jaysehn peers quizzically at Yardie.

Tsarmina surreptitiously glances at Yardie.

Tabubu shakes her head, clucking her tongue.

Speaking quietly to Kothos, Jaysehn asks, "What is he talking about?"

Starletdawn laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Alosaka turns to face Akenna.

Speaking politely to you, Yardie explains, "She had just got out of prison.....I walked in when she only had her boots on."

Speaking to Jaysehn, Kothos says, "He's blaming his poor decisions on Berkana's backside."

Speaking to Akenna, Alosaka says, "Yes, tell us about these curses."

You glance away.

You smile quietly to yourself.

You bite your lip.

Jaysehn slowly empties his lungs.

Lazaryth glances sharply at Yardie.

Speaking to Yardie, Akenna says, "I do believe you might be fey-cursed. However, sometimes that means just ill-luck..."

Speaking to Jaysehn, Kothos says, "Next he'll mention Xanthium's."

Speaking to Lazaryth, Yardie asks, "It was....nice?"

Lazaryth raises an eyebrow in Kothos's direction.

You hastily say, "Moving swiftly on to spare the Lady Berkana's blushes ..."

Kothos nods at Lazaryth.

Speaking to Yardie, Starletdawn says, "I had a post-prison experience with Berkana as well. I don't think you are cursed."

Starletdawn chuckles.

You softly say, "Brother Blud, I believe you were next."

You nod encouragingly at Kothos.

Kothos smiles at you.

Speaking to Kothos, Yardie says, "I tend to see people nak......"

Yardie blinks.

Yardie's cheeks flush with a deep shade of red.

Vaikhen coughs.

You softly exclaim, "Yardie!"

Speaking to Kothos, Yardie says, "Nevermind."

You clear your throat.

Akenna says, "As far as removing a curse, that would be up to the fae who cursed you. There are certain rules one doesn't break."

Alisaire grouses irritably on the subject of today's misguided youths.

Speaking to Yardie, Lazaryth says, "You ought to consider becoming a physician, if it's going to happen anyway."


Speaking to Akenna, Kothos says, "I am asking a somewhat loaded question, so forgive me, but I am, as you know, terribly curious."

Speaking to Akenna, Kothos says, "I have heard from my brother, who lived in Nydds, that there are several stories of inhabitants of the Wyrdeep."

Akenna cocks her head at Kothos.

Speaking to Akenna, Kothos says, "Animals...creatures. Those who have been sighted close to the Demonwall, and might be hybrids of the local fauna and the demons set loose after the wars, there."

Akenna frowns.

Speaking to Akenna, Kothos asks, "And the stories go all the way through the borders of the Deep. Have you had any experience, with such?"

Kothos asks, "Or heard the same?"

Lazaryth looks thoughtfully at Kothos.

You anxiously say, "I hope the answer is no."

You bite your lip.

Vaikhen shivers in fear.

Akenna says, "I have heard the same, but I've never seen it... it's become a bit of a legend, much like the Huntsman. I hope and pray to my ancestors it is not so."

Kothos nods slowly at Akenna.

You agree with Akenna.

You glance around the room.

Akenna glances about with a cheerful expression, her dark blue-green eyes bright and friendly.

You softly ask, "Any other questions for our lovely speaker?"

Meril raises her hand.

You nod at Meril.

You smile.

Speaking to Akenna, Kothos says, "I appreciate it. I know people always have such assumptions about the wild places in the world."

Speaking to Akenna, Kothos says, "But I wonder about their nature. They could be delicate or nightmares, or perhaps both."

Akenna nods in agreement at Kothos.


Speaking to Akenna, Meril asks, "Have you ever traveled with the fey before, out here in the wider lands?"

Akenna smiles quietly to herself.

Jaysehn cocks his head at Akenna.

Speaking to Meril, Akenna says, "Yes, my settlement is a mixture of both Elves and Fey. I have grown up among many fey who are friendly with the Wyrdeep Elves."

Speaking to Meril, Akenna says, "I would say that they are wonderful creatures who deserve understanding and great respect."

Meril nods slightly.

Akenna asks, "Any other questions that I've missed?"

You glance around the room.

You softly ask, "No more questions?"


Speaking quickly to Akenna, Vaikhen asks, "Any ... any quick tips to not be drowned by nymphs?"

Vaikhen gives a sidelong glance around the room.

You giggle softly at Vaikhen.

Speaking to Vaikhen, Alosaka says, "Don't go swimming with them."

Speaking to Vaikhen, Akenna says, "Do not listen to their songs."

Jaysehn raises an eyebrow in Vaikhen's direction.

Ordim nervously giggles.

You laugh softly, trying to hide your amusement from Alosaka.

Vaikhen nods emphatically!

Akenna laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Jaysehn says, "Strong grip."

Divn raises her hand.

Speaking to Vaikhen, Meril adds, "And carry fewer rocks."

Vaikhen laughs!

Akenna nods at Divn.

Alosaka says, "If they challenge you to an underwater breath-holding contest, say no."

Starletdawn grins at Alosaka.

Kalyrra grins.

Vaikhen grins at Alosaka from ear to ear.

Yukito grins.


Divn melodically asks, "If one does by chance go swimming with a nymph, any advice to protect yourself?"

Kyaloria offers, "Perhaps a cast of Water Walking might help?"

Arianiss says, "There's those water breathing totems..."

Speaking to Divn, Akenna says, "I would give her something to put in her mouth, perhaps an apple? Keep her from singing."

Starletdawn says, "Swim with gifts in your hands."

Divn nods understandingly.

Divn rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Akenna says, "Gifts are always a way to a nymphs heart."

Akenna says, "She may keep you from drowning."

Starletdawn smiles at Akenna.

Akenna winks.

Kyaloria says, "That's not just nymphs."

Vaikhen nods understandingly.

Tabubu begins chuckling at Kyaloria!

Speaking to Kyaloria, Akenna says, "That's true."

Akenna laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Divn snickers.

Speaking to Akenna, Yardie asks, "But...wouldn't gifts be a way to any lady's heart?"

Speaking to Yardie, Akenna says, "Quite."

You graciously conclude, "If that's all the questions for this afternoon, I am sure you will all join me in thanking our presenter, Akenna, again for such a wonderful presentation on the Wyrdeep."


You softly say, "As always, thank you all so much for coming and I hope to see you all next month when we will have another equally fascinating topic to discuss."