Mist and Shore Bakery

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Mist and Shore Bakery is a specialty shop in River's Rest. It is run by Ivybell and her wife, Merryvine.

[The Mist and Shore Bakery] RNUM: 32583
Light and airy, the shop's interior features polished birch floors with matching shelves, cupboards, and counters, all filled with various baking and cooking goods. A display case highlights numerous pastries and other delectables, and behind the main counter stands a diminutive baker. One wall is covered in a detailed mural of an isle surrounded by turquoise seas, a haze of indigo mist lingering amidst the tiny village on its shores.


Flour-dusted parchment
  1. a crock of citrus-infused sugar          8. a packet of freshly dried oats
  2. a small sack of dark brown sugar         9. a bottle of farm fresh milk
  3. a canister of white flour                10. a beaker of rich ivory cream
  4. a tiny jar of freshly ground cinnamon    11. a dish of whipped butter
  5. a chubby pot of fragrant ground nutmeg   12. some bespeckled brown eggs
  6. a fel jar of pale indigo sea salt        13. a canister of brewer's yeast
  7. a tin of powdered cocoa                 

  Backroom Flour-dusted parchment
  14. a small sack of almond flour      18. a tankard of oddly purple ale
  15. a tiny bag of whole wheat flour   19. an iced lavender cupcake
  16. some freshly grated lemon zest    20. a dish of pumpkin souffle
  17. a stein of pickle green beer