Moltin's dicing

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Moltin's Dicing is a gambling style game in Platinum that allows players to choose from a list of services. It is based off of Gostahl's dicing, which was retired in 2012.


  • Five people will be spun for each time the game is run (generally once every 2 months, but Moltin holds a year-end event to give a chance to anyone who hasn't been spun that year).
  • The cost to roll the dice is 250k and must be paid before you roll.
  • You can only roll once a year, win or lose! Good luck!
  • You can only win a service once a year through this game, per account.


2: Enchanting
3: Banes (+5 AS or DS to krolvin, shan, illoke, insect, animal. OR +3 AS or DS vs trolls, giantkin, demons, tritons, or ithzirs)
4: Enhansive Permanence or Full Recharge of a magic item.
5: Six item wardrobe alteration or full feature makeover (no Summit Academy only feature slots).
6: Feature, Tattoo, Lighten, Deepen, or Item Alteration
8: Feature, Tattoo, Lighten, Deepen, or Item Alteration
9: Wandering Tattoo
10: Common or Uncommon Flares (disintegration, disruption, unbalance, grapple, acid, plasma, steam, mana, and acuity)
11: Pre-made custom spell
12: Heavy Weighting, Padding or Sighting



In the Common language, it reads:
Moltin's Dicing!
If you are chosen you may pay 250,000 silvers roll the dice.  What you get depends on what you roll!
2   --  Snake Eyes Enchanting!
3   -- Banes! (+5 AS or DS to Krolvin, Shan, Illoke, Insects, or Animals.  OR +3 vs Trolls, Giantkin, Demons, Tritons, or Ithzir)
4   -- Enhancive Permanence OR Full Charge of a Magic Item
5   -- Six Item Wardrobe Alteration OR Full Feature Makeover (No Summit only features)
6   -- Feature, Tattoo, Lighten, Deepen, or Item Alteration
7   -- LOSE!
8   -- Feature, Tattoo, Lighten, Deepen or Item Alteration
9   -- Wandering Tattoo
10 -- Common or Uncommon Flares (Disintegration, Disruption, Unbalance, Grapple, Acid, Plasma, Steam, Mana OR Acuity)
11 -- Pre-made Custom Spell
12 -- Heavy Weighting, Padding, or Sighting


You see Moltin the Fabulous.
He appears to be a Tehir Dark Elf.
He is tall.  He appears to be middle-aged.  He has sparkling sapphire blue eyes and tanned skin.  He has shoulder length, thick lava red hair with a black streak running down the middle.  He has a button nose and a small goatee.
He has an iridescent butterfly tattoo on his neck, and a small playful sprite tattoo on his arm.
He is in good shape.
He is holding an elegant ebonwood cane in his right hand.
He is wearing a bright yellow silk backpack, a black felt cap decorated with feathers, an arctic blue peacock feather boa with frosted white fringes, some linen wraps, some licorice black leather pants fastened with a golden clasp, and some low-heeled black leather knee-boots plated in snowy white eonake.