Gostahl's dicing

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Gostahl's Dicing is a gambling style game that allows players to choose from a list of services. The merchant Gostahl spins for a predetermined number of winners and those winners then pay a fee to roll the dice. The prize the winner receives is determined by the die roll. Each account is allowed one chance to roll the dice per year. Once any character on an account has been selected to roll, the account is then locked for the rest of the year. Gostahl's dicing was retired in 2012.

In the Common language, it reads:
@@@ Gostahl's Dicing @@@
Price is 250k to roll. One roll per person per year, win or lose!

2: Enchanting
3: Make an Item Do More
4: Add Small Amount of Weighting or Padding to an Item
5: Small Recharge to an Enhancive or Full Recharge to a Single Magic Item
6: Choose a Pre-made Item
8: Choose a Pre-made Item
9: Spikes, Sanctify, Weighting, Flares, or Padding Removal
10: Common or Uncommon Flares
11: Swearing or Preparing Spells Lesson
12: Heavy Weighting, Padding or Sighting

Rolling a 6 or an 8 will allow the player to select one of the following items from the display case: