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This category lists all creatures found in the Moonsedge hunting area. The Moonsedge hunting area is nearest to the town of Icemule Trace and contains creatures beyond level 100.


Moonsedge is a farming community located off the Olbin Pass near Icemule Trace. The area is represented by Marquis Barlan Kane.

In 5122, Moonsedge, and its immediate vicinity, was stricken by an unknown illness.

The ancestors of Barlan Kane, the current Marquis of Moonsedge, were minor local lords who ruled over territory that once included Briarmoon Cove. As Briarmoon surged in wealth, power, and popularity, their line faded and their town became a bit of a shambolic backwater. Zeban used an ancient gigas tablet to create new undead under his command. He was trying to craft the perfect undead body for himself. In doing so, he created bloodsucking strigoi from the half-krolvin who lived along the Crawling Shore. For reasons unknown, the Marquis of Moonsedge became obsessed with eternal life. After his scouts found one of these undead, he had it brought back to town and experimented upon by his conjurers and somehow it allowed him to turn him and his aristocrats into vampires.

Behind the Scenes

An informational recap from Opalina's perspective can be found at Exploration of Moonsedge.

The Castle area was built as a level 100-107 focused expansion and is an Ascension level area.

The vampires are obviously his favored aristocrats. Ghasts are the commonfolk who did not have enchanted strigoi blood to help guide their transformation into undead.

Death knights and their dreadsteeds are Barlan's guards.

Area Mechanics


Creeping Dread is mostly an atmospheric effect. It accrues once every 30 seconds in Moonsedge.

After 10 stacks, you have a chance to accrue Crushing Dread whenever you get an additional stack of Creeping Dread.

Crushing Dread gives you -5AS/-3CS per stack.

Crushing Dread accrual has a random component.

Basically, there's a random roll. If it and your Creeping Dread contribution are greater than your resistances, you get a stack of Crushing Dread.

You get about a 20% chance base to resist Crushing Dread, then get bonuses from Discipline, Logic, and Wisdom. Symbol of Courage, Berserk, Bravery, Heroism, Self Control, Fortitude Song, Strength of Will, Mindward, Clarity of Thought, Dauntless, Faith's Clarity, sanctified gear, and one other spell that is a little silly but should be obvious will all help you resist Crushing Dread per SGM Auchand

Crush Dread can be mitigated by successfully play the Sword Hymn on the chapel organ in the castle, or are in Moonsedge when someone else plays it, you won't accrue any dread while the hymn is active as a buff on you. It immediately clears all stacks of Creeping and Crushing Dread and makes you immune for the duration of the buff.


an unearthly silvery blue globe.

Said to power up Conjurers and other creatures. Dispelable.

Spell Sever

Spell sever is a balancing mechanic for hunting areas to manage the amount of outside spells a character can wear in the affected areas. Spell sever will strip any beneficial spells that a character does not know over a maximum allowed limit per area. The order in which the spells are stripped is in random order.

Spells in the Arcane circle(such as Spirit Guard (1712)) are not removed or counted by Spell sever.