Flickering mist-wreathed banshee

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Flickering mist-wreathed banshee
Level 102
Family Ghost family creatures
Body Type Biped
Classification(s) Non-corporeal undead
Area(s) Found Moonsedge
HP 300
Attack Attributes
Defense Attributes
None (natural) ASG 1N
Defensive Strength (DS)
Melee ?
Ranged ?
Bolt ?
Unarmed Defense Factor
Target Defense (TD)
Bard Base ?
Cleric Base ?
Empath Base ?
Paladin Base ?
Ranger Base ?
Sorcerer Base 487 to 517
Wizard Base ?
Minor Elemental ?
Major Elemental ?
Minor Spiritual ?
Major Spiritual ?
Minor Mental ?
Other Unique Abilities
Treasure Attributes
Coins Yes
Gems Yes
Magic Items Yes
Boxes Yes
Skin None
Other ?
Mists pirouette about the tattered hem of the mist-wreathed banshee's gown so that it is unclear where the garment ends and they begin.  Though there are the remnants of loveliness to her visage, the banshee's cheeks are sunken and her eyes are empty chasms of shadow.  Dark hair, wild and unkempt, swirls around her face as if constantly blown by a howling breeze.  The banshee's form is barely substantial and light filters grimly through her.


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Hunting Strategies

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Other Information

Banshees cast Curse, usually of the itch variety. You will be stunned every few seconds and drop your weapons. Either remove curse through an item or stow your weaponry until it dissipates.

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