Spirit Guard (1712)

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Spirit Guard (1712)
Base Duration 1200 seconds
Added Duration + 30 seconds per MIU/AS rank
Span Cumulative
Defensive Magic  
Subtype Defensive strength 
Defensive Strength +25 DS
Availability Self-cast 
Arcane Spells
Arcane Blast (1700) Attack
Arcane Decoy (1701) Defensive
Unannounced (1702)
Unannounced (1703)
Stun Cloud (1704) Attack
Martial Prowess (1705) Defensive
Flaming Aura (1706) Attack
Minor Steam (1707) Attack
Mystic Impedance (1708) Attack
Minor Cold (1709) Attack
Major Acid (1710) Attack
Mystic Focus (1711) Offensive
Spirit Guard (1712) Defensive
Death Cloud (1713) Attack
Quake (1714) Attack
Firestorm (1715) Attack
Neutralize Curse (1716) Utility
Unannounced (1717)
V'tull's Fury (1718) Attack
Unannounced (1719)
Arcane Barrier (1720) Defensive
Unannounced (1725)
Fash'lo'nae's Gift (1750) Utility

Spirit Guard will create a faint silvery glow around the caster, increasing their melee, ranged and bolt DS +25.

This spell is native to the Minor Spiritual circle.

This spell can commonly be found in small statues.


Initial cast:

>rub stat
You rub the small statue in your hand.
A faint silvery glow surrounds your body.

Wearing off:

A faint silvery glow fades from around you.