Mreeth's Quality Walls

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Mreeth's Quality Walls is a Premium Home Wall shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located through the thanot door just inside the entrance to The Merchant's Emporium.

[Mreeth's Quality Walls]
The walls and floor of this salesroom are covered with a mismatched patchwork of polished woods in a variety of finishes and hues. Each gleaming piece of wood fits precisely against its neighbor, an impressive demonstration of the skill of the craftsman who decorated the shop. You also see a number of interlocking wall samples, a plain tanik table with a wooden sign on it, a thanot door and the merchant Mreeth.


      Price  Item
1.)   70000  an oak-inlaid modwir wall
2.)   70000  a haon-inlaid maoral wall
3.)   70000  a varnished honey oak wall
4.)   70000  a dark mahogany wall
5.)   65000  a knotty modwir wall
6.)   65000  a whitewashed pine wall
7.)   65000  a light beechwood wall
8.)   65000  a polished dark walnut wall
9.)   65000  a dark red cedar wall
10.)  75000  a glossy black ebonwood wall
11.)  65000  a bleached driftwood wall
12.)  75000  a fine-grained cherrywood wall
13.)  65000  a buffed maoral wall
14.)  55000  a rough monir wall
15.)  65000  a lustrous modwir wall
16.)  65000  a dark fel wall
17.)  65000  a gleaming tanik wall
18.)  45000  a sanded pine wall
19.)  45000  a smooth thanot wall
20.)  50000  a glossy haon wall