Mynalari Anodheles

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Mynalari Anodheles
Storyline Witchful Thinking
Gender female
Race Human
Status dead
Alias/Title Princess, Empress (imagined)

Mynalari Anodheles was the eldest sister of the late Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles, and heir to the Sun Throne of the Turamzzyrian Empire. Mynalari was the first of Raznel's paragons to be released.


You see Empress Mynalari Anodheles.
She appears to be a Human from Selanthia.
She is tall.  She appears to be in the spring of life.  She has piercing ashen blue eyes and fair skin.  She has long, lustrous light golden hair worn in two pigtails.  She has a classical face and a thin nose.  A web of shadowy black veins form a latticework of dark lines along her throat and bare shoulders.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a reddish-gold twisted orase runestaff in her right hand.
She is wearing a pair of gold silk sandals, a stylized gold sunburst crown, and a flowing gown of gold brocade covered with crimson sunbursts.


Sometime around 5089, Mynalari was taken by the witch Raznel, bled dry, and refilled with the blood of the witch. She was to be used as a paragon, out of her time, by Raznel. Prevailing wisdom states that it is likely that some unknown individual took the place of the Empress-Heir, quickly fell victim to a virulent disease, and died with no one the wiser to her true fate.

In the early hours of day 22 of Phoenatos in 5119, a group of stalwart adventurer's were led into a world housing the physical remains of the paragon. Once there, and upon defeating the resistance put forth by her, the group was able to assist Mynalari to release herself of her ties to the physical world.

Mynalari hangs suspended from a cavern ceiling, sharp hooks wedged into her back, and countless thin black ribbons like shadowy veins dangle from pores along her bare flesh, arms, legs, torso, neck, breasts.  The veins seem to throb, almost pulsing, like the lump of a mouse squirming through the belly of a serpent as it meets its final demise.  Below, standing half in light, half in shadow, Peter and Rachel observe the woman as blood slowly flows out of her body.

</pre> Her staff: <pre{{log2{{> The orase runestaff has been dyed a reddish-gold hue, capturing the blaze of a sun setting on the horizon. Spiralling up the staff's length are a series of amber roots, ending at the top which is capped with a red crystalline shard.</pre> </pre>