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Storyline Beyond the Arkati
Cross Into Shadows
Eyes of the Dawn
Witchful Thinking
Gender female
Race human
Status dead
Relationship(s) Pylasar
Alias/Title Rachel, Naimorai

Raznel has been the antagonist in numerous Wehnimer's Landing tales.


You see Raznel.
She appears to be a Human.
She is hunched over and appears to be old and wrinkled.  She has perspicacious brilliant viridian eyes and weathered brown skin.  She has long silky, intricately braided ebon hair pulled back into a mane which cascades down to her waist.  She has a gaunt face, a crooked nose and long, slender fingers.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a crude sigil-etched talisman, a ratty old bloodstained pack, some billowing dark grey robes, a dwarf bone bracelet, a dusty potion bag, and a pair of beaded leather sandals.


Raznel has long been a thorn in the side of Wehnimer's Landing. She first appeared in 5110, working with Grishom Stone to help plague the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing and try to recapture the shards of urnon he needed to try to rebuild his golem. She has often been associated with dark forces and in service to them, or allied with them. After she was seemingly destroyed in Wehnimer's Landing in 5111, she re-appeared years later in Talador in 5114 where her cabin was discovered on the outskirts of that barony. There it was learned she had been working for years with Lord Thermon of the Taladorian Noble Council she eventually was brought back to Wehnimer's Landing to secretly help Sir Davard in Talador's war against the town.

Her dark alliance with Davard was eventually exposed and she escaped again, only later to be hunted down by Malvernus and other heroes where she was defeated, but escaped death. She has not been seen since, but it has been confirmed she still lives, likely holed up somewhere recouping and healing, and rebuilding her power. There have been various undead attacks or plagues that have occured in or around Wehnimer's Landing in recent months, all of which have been said to perhaps be the work of the witch Raznel.

It is unclear how old Raznel is, but it is said she was once a member of the Hall of Mages, who was exiled due to her draw to dark magic. She is best known for her talents in blood magic, divination, curses and sometimes necromancy. She is also the one responsible for the curse that turned Thrayzar and Drangell into an orc and troll respectively.

She was born Naimorai Kestrel. Her mother was Reannah Kestrel, and it was believed her father was Dennet Kestrel. But as revealed in time, it was a Tehiri sorcerer named Quinshon, who fathered Naimorai with Reannah in secret. In the end, Naimorai began to turn to a dark path under Quinshon, and when trying to harm the adventurers of Wehnimer's Landing, she got time displaced and thrown back to the time before the fall of Toullaire.


  • Rumored that her real name is Rachel.
  • Said to have once been a member of the Hall of Mages, before going rogue and experimenting in dark magic near the Wizardwaste.
  • Rumored to once have had a romantic relationship with Pylasar, at some point during her time at the Hall of Mages.
  • Skilled in divination, blood magic, magical curses and diseases, and necromancy.
  • Often uses green anti-magic mist and scarabs in some of her attacks.
  • Once was a member of the Arcane Eyes, serving Grishom Stone. Once also aligned with Althedeus.
  • Spread disease and rot throughout Wehnimer's Landing in 6110, was temporarily defeated/destroyed by heroes using Undisease-imbued rods.
  • Was responsible for cursing Thrayzar and Drangell, turning them into an orc, and a troll, respectively.
  • Lived in a cabin in the Murkwoods outside of Talador, where she corrupted parts of the Talador Noble Council.
  • Aided Sir Davard after forging an unholy alliance to lay siege to Wehnimer's Landing with an army from Talador.
  • Formed a dark alliance with Prelate Chaston Griffin, and eventually manipulated him during his crusader against half-elves and Liabo and Lornon followers.
  • Once used her powers to block the magic of Seomanthe, Maags, Kiske and Cruxophim.
  • Once used her powers, and a voodoo doll, to block Raelee's magic.
  • Had created voodoo dolls in the likeness of many adventurers, presumably in an attempt to control them at a later date.
  • Once possessed Rhayveign and used her body as a host to help heal and restore Raznel's original, weakened formed.
  • Responsible for the death of Sir Thadston's wife, Saraphene. Disguised herself as Saraphene to escape the heroes during the assault on Talador in 5116.
  • Was born Naimorai Kestrel, thought to be daughter of Dennet Kestrel of the Hall of Mages. Later it was discovered she was really the daughter of Dennet's wife, Reannah, and her secret Tehiri lover Quinshon who was practiced in the dark arts.
  • Was displaced in time when she fought against the heroes of the Landing and in 5118 was thrown back into the time before Toullaire's fall.