Nalea Aubermoor

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Nalea Aubermoor
Gender female
Race half-elf
Profession Seamstress
Specialty Nalea gown
Venue Festivals
Status inactive

Nalea Aubermoor is the name of the Nalfeian fashion designer responsible for what became known as the Nalea gown.


You see Nalea Aubermoor.
She appears to be a Half-Elf from Ta'Nalfein.
She appears to be in her declining years.  She has kohl-darkened lashes framing gold-flecked violet eyes and translucent parchment-colored skin.  She has long, fine white-streaked blond hair swept up and pinned in an elaborate chignon.  She has a gaunt face, a flaring nose and cosmetically reddened lips.  Shimmering golden lacquer adorns her long fingernails.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a set of gilded jade-tipped hairpins, a gauzy chin-length black veil, a fringed golden lace shawl, a deep amethyst satin houppelande sashed with a gold-linked chain of jade disks, an elegant cloth-of-gold handbag appliqued with dark silk violets, some onyx-hued spidersilk stockings, and a pair of dark emerald satin chopines with gilded ebony supports.

Behind the Scenes

The Gamemaster who ran the merchant once lamented that the name Nalea gown became vogue, stating that she would have preferred them to have become known as Aubermoor gowns.