Nihrvanah (prime)

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Nihrvanah Tarsonath Vaalor
Nihrvanah, portrayed by Tisket
Argent Steward Nihrvanah Tarsonath Vaalor the Patron of the Displaced
Race Elf
Culture Vaalor
Profession Legion Muse
Religion The Huntress
Affiliation(s) Alliance of High Elven Society, Argent Aspis, Crimson Legion, Wyvern's Honor, Guardians of Sunfist
Demeanor Reserved
Greatest Strength Loyalty
Greatest Weakness Lack of confidence
Habits Flipping her hair
Hobbies Music
Likes Gowns, Instruments
Dislikes Gossip
Fears Failure
Nihrvanah, portrayed by Divone.

Nihrvanah Tarsonath Vaalor is an Elven bardess of Ta'Vaalor. She is Argent Steward of House Aspis and one of the founding members and Chairwoman of the Alliance of High Elven Society. She is also a Master in Guardians of Sunfist and a Legionnaire in the Crimson Legion.


You see High Lady Nihrvanah Tarsonath Vaalor the Patron of the Displaced.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is average height and has a delicately boned, waifish body. She appears to be youthful. She has slightly squinted, violet-edged gentian blue eyes and impeccably smooth, porcelain white skin. She has waist-length, feathered golden yellow hair that blends to a brilliant fiery red at the tips. She has a well-defined, heart-shaped face, a pert, button nose and a set of full, pouty lips naturally tinted with a delicate, rosy shade. Her neck is long and sinewy, accentuating her fey-like countenance.
She has a spiral of gold-threaded jacinths in the upper ridge of her left ear, and a ring of elven runes tattoo on her ankle.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a tawny gold suede capelet, a gold-crested phoenix emblem, a twisted nacre stickpin dangling a garnet rose, a muted gold dupioni silk bodice with amber accents over a long-sleeved champagne silk shirt with a faint sheen, a knee-length butterscotch suede skirt belted with braided cocoa leather, and some ivory satin shoes with knee-high champagne blush lace overlay.

Jacinths: Meandering spirals of gold wire twist and loop, designed to follow the length of the ear, thread through a series of small, medium, and large fiery jacinth beads.

Runes: The delicately inked elven runes traverse the circumference of her ankle, each one a uniform size and equidistant from the next. Hues of crimson and gold alternate between the runes, with the outline of the opposite color adorning each one, adding another element of symmetry to the design.

a rose-perched fiery red faerie tattoo (Covered): Within the shallow valley of skin between her shoulder blades is a pale milky white rose in full bloom, the tips of the petals shaded with crimson. Kneeling in a forward pose on the flower is a tiny faerie, her fiery red hair concealing her lithe form. Rising out from her back are long, feathery wings outlined in orange and deep red bubbles darken the inside of the phoenix-like plumes.

Quote: Sometimes, one must die and be reborn in order to shine brighter and fiercer than before.