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Nontan is a dwarf of the Khanshael who was born in Sharath during the year of 5014. His father was of the Nohk'hak while his mother was of the Gaer'hak. He had two brothers, but neither lived past the age of three. When he was nearly three years old, he began training to be a warrior, taking on the bone-hilted dagger his father used before him. He was also introduced to forging, but he took far more interest into the arts and science of warfare.

He showed great aptitude, and learned very quickly. Absorbing every piece of knowledge on warfare tactics and strategies that he could. At the age of fifteen he went on his first slave run. It is here he first fought in his first battle. Lead by three Dhe'nar, the group of ten Khanshael took nearly thirty captives and killed over five hundred.

Around this time, he was freed from tutelage. He was ready for his Shardak'oschk, or Trials of Ascension. His trial was investigate into the caves and recover a simple artifact that was lost fifty years before. Geared up, and ready to go, confident that nothing could defeat him he set out, alone and unafraid, into the caves. He failed miserably. He reappeared thirty days later, emaciated, pale, and very bloody. His legs slashed into tatters, he was forced to crawl back.

The shame that burnt within him was unbearable. As soon as the magicks and herbs healed his wounds well enough to walk, he left Sharath. He walked for days and days. They turned into months and then years. His only destination was death. He was ready for it. He yearned for it, but it never came.

He thought it would all never end, until one day he heard the sounds of battle. Strength returned instantly to his limbs. He saw his way out. What better way to redeem himself, if only in his own eyes, then to die fighting? He charged headlong into it, a massive maul in his hands. When he came into view of the fighters, he noticed two Khanshael, standing over heaps of dead trolls. Nontan felt more exhilaration then he could ever remember from anytime prior in his life. He made contact with the first troll, and then all he saw was red.

The world returned to him. First came the smell of death. Then absolute silence. Then the sight of the killing field. All he saw was red, but this time not because of his berserker's rage, but because everywhere he looked was blood. He heard a moan and ran over to it. It was one of the Khanshael, dying with a trident through his chest. The dying dwarf asked Nontan's name. Nontan was shocked, and all he could respond was, he didn't have one. The dwarf's final words were, "My name is Nontan."

At this point, Nontan decided he knew what he must do. He would return to Sharath. He would retake the Trials. He was nearly forgotten by his Khanshael kin. He had a new trial, he had to go back and retrieve the same artifact, only this time he would also have to end the threat imposed in that particular tunnel. He was far more experienced now, harden with the years he spent wondering, his resolve turned to steel by his previous failure. He would come back successful, or he would not come back. He journeyed into the tunnel.

He never spoke of what occurred during his Trial. He recovered the artifact and never again was there any trouble in the area ever again. He passed the trial and moved on to Chu'Pong, The Rite of Naming. For his name, he chose Nontan. That is what he became known as, and that is what his name will always be.

Nontan's Appearance

You see Nontan the Berserker.

He appears to be a Dwarf of the Khanshael.

He is taller than average and appears to be in his golden years. He has tired grey-green eyes and ebon skin. He has shoulder length, unkempt white hair streaked with silver. He has a broad face, a large nose and a long braided beard.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing an iron-studded ora aventail, a pitch black cobweb-traced cloak with a high-necked collar, a sinew-wrapped raven prayer-feather, some thin black leather gauntlets with silver wrist spikes, a krodera-edged leather harness slung over his shoulder, a leather mountaineer's pack, a glistening black spiked golvern breastplate embossed with shimmering veniom in the image of a rampant silver dragon, some gilded vultite bracers, a whorled bloodjewel bracelet, a braided wire bracelet with sharp mithril barbs, an iron and mithril band, a felt pouch, some dark blue silk pantaloons, a pair of thick imflass-studded leg-guards, and some rugged spike-soled boots.