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The Khanshael were dwarves who served as slaves to the Dhe'nar.

The Khanshael, often known as "Dark Dwarves," held a curious position in Dhe'nar society. Their status was much higher than the normal slaves of these dark elves, due in part to their extraordinary skill in forging. Over time, the Khanshael became the armorers and weaponsmiths of the Dhe'nar, and eventually, even fighting for the Dhe'nar as soldiers.

All in all, the dark dwarves are one of the few examples of a sub-culture that has risen, through its own talents and productivity, from the class of slave to that of valued merchant class. In Dhe'nar society, to harm a dark Dwarven artisan is an offense punishable by death. To the Dhe'nar, these are a protected people who serve them. In return for that service the Dhe'nar protect and shelter them.

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