Northern Sentinel's Decree on the Imperial Protection of Wehnimer's Landing

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In Lormestra of 5123, a document was delivered to Wehnimer's Landing by Magister Cordarius Hodges on behalf of Earl Eddric Jovery, setting out the terms of the protection of Wehnimer's Landing by the Turamzzyrian Empire. What follows are the main points that were within. (See the complete Protectorate article for the entire text as read aloud by Cordarius.)

By decree of the Lord Sentinel of the North, Earl of North Hendor, and Lord Protector of the Broken Kingdom, and by grant of his Imperial Majesty, Emperor Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles, I have hereby ordered the following:

  • The protectorate status of Wehnimer's Landing remains unchanged and shall not be revoked.
  • Non-imperial entities or governments are disallowed from laying claim to any territory within or around Wehnimer's Landing. This includes the presence of any foreign military, such as outposts or armies. Such advances will be viewed as an act of war.
  • The formation of the Barony of Darkstone shall never result in the future annexation of Wehnimer's Landing, affording the town the right to not be absorbed into imperial territory.
  • The town of Wehnimer's Landing will be officially recognized to govern itself independently, in both the creation and management of their laws and leadership, without any interference or influence from imperial entities, so long as said regulations do not run contradictory to the established laws, well-being and interests of the Turamzzyrian Empire.
  • Threats, dangers, and enemies of Wehnimer's Landing shall also be designated at the same status level within the Turamzzyrian Empire. Furthermore, the Empire shall defer to Wehnimer's local laws and defense measures first but will respond accordingly in relation to the severity of the threat to imperial interests.
  • Likewise, adversarial organizations, armies, or governments officially identified as threats to the Turamzzyrian Empire will also be subject to the same status level within Wehnimer's Landing, affording the Empire the right to extradite imperial criminals to face trial and justice within their borders.
  • Imperial citizens found guilty of crimes or corruption operating within the walls of Wehnimer's Landing shall be subject to imperial justice and will no longer be provided safe haven for abusive or criminal behavior. Crimes of imperial citizens within Wehnimer's Landing, at the discretion of the Northern Sentinel, may be tried and punished within the jurisdiction of Wehnimer's Landing's courts.
  • Additionally, Wehnimer's Landing shall be free to conduct trade as an independent government, allowing them autonomy in their economic matters, so long as said contracts do not negatively harm or undermine the interests and well-being of the Turamzzyrian Empire, or are entered into agreement with imperial-designated adversarial organizations or governments.
  • The imperial position of Regional Envoy of Wehnimer's Landing shall be vacated at the end of Charlatos, 5123, and at the prior approval of the mayor shall henceforth be doubled in capacity, serving for terms of two-year cycles. It is now established that no official governing or advisory position within Wehnimer's Landing shall be held by any non-citizen of the town.

Additional Information

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