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Wehnimer's Landing is governed by an elected mayor (NPC) and council (PC).


Mayor: Thadston Andrews
Town Council: Kayse (5122- ), Kiyna (5122- ), Vaemyr (5122- ), Pookia (5122- )
Steward of the Guard: Thrayzar
Steward of the Coffers: Alendrial
Steward of the Guilds: vacant
Regional Envoy: Cordarius


Past NPC mayors included Stennis and Walkar. From 5115-5121, adventurers could serve as mayor for a one-year term with the option to run for re-election only once.

Adventurers elected as mayor:

In 5121, mayors returned to being NPCs.

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Mayoral Campaigns

Council Members

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Council Campaigns

Town Guard

Led by Dunigan, we do not have a lot of information at this time on the Town Guard.

Wehnimer's Landing Militia

The Wehnimer's Landing Militia is an official group of PCs and NPCs overseen by a GameMaster.

Marshal of the Militia: Stormyrain
Commander of the Militia: Shinann
Captain of the Militia: Darcena
Member of the Militia: Shirkon (Captain emeritus), Ariond, Asben, Bernadette, Giantphang, Goldtree, Lyrna, Maags, Nazarr, Neopuron, Puptilian, Roelaren, Tennalnen

Other Influences

These additional influences on Wehnimer's Landing politics are separate from town governance.

Additional Information