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Nuraet Illistim was a post-Lanenreat Argent Mirror, an academic who succeeded her martial predecessor Yathrauniel Illistim. While the defense orientation of Yathrauniel had established the security of Ta'Illistim, there was a push for reconstituting the institutions that had deteriorated over the past several millennia of wars. Attempting to restore some semblance of the Second Age, especially the "golden age" of Lilorandrych, Nuraet was focused on expanding the intellectual faculties of the whole nation.

Though the Illistim had been willing to teach to most anyone, including humans such as Aramur Forean, it was still a largely urban or prestige oriented concept. Nuraet imposed an expansion of state schooling, enforcing compulsory education in all Illistim territories. Her attitude was that the culture could never truly be egalitarian, at least among Illistim, unless all Elves had some minimum of formal education regardless of their circumstances.

Nuraet assumed the Peacock Throne in -7,549 Modern Era (41,558 Illistim) upon succeeding Yathrauniel, ruling until presumably her abdication in -7,285 Modern Era (41,822 Illistim). Her reign was 264 years.

Argent Mirror of the House of Illistim
Preceded by: -7,549 Modern Era to -7,285 Modern Era
(41,558 to 41,822 Illistim)
Succeeded by:
Yathrauniel Illistim Unknown (eventually Alaein Illistim)

Non-Dynastic Argent Mirrors
Descendant of: Ancestor of:
Unknown Unknown

Behind The Scenes

Museum Artifact (Note: This is an exceptionally old artifact for the Tehir, dating back very deep into the Age of Chaos.)

[Museum Alerreth, Costumery]
On either side of the polished copper arch leading into the chamber are two tall displays, each fronted with glass. Their copper fittings match the trim on several cases, whose contents are clothing both modern and historical. A square tile is inset into the floor in the center of the room.
Obvious exits: none

>look brooch (electrum shield brooch)
The shield is engraved with a cross-hatched border and a cross-hatched band, which is set in bend. Around the border are several small clusters of characters, each separated by a quatrefoil. Next to the piece is a small plaque.

>read brooch
In the Common language, it reads:
The inscription on this brooch is a pidgin of Elven and Tehir. The particularities of the nouns indicate a bias towards the Tehir, with hints of a Nalhir influence. The nature of the relationship that led to the creation of the brooch is unknown, but roughly translated the characters read, "The night is beautiful in the city that shines." The piece was found in a box in the Library Aies, amongst possessions known to belong to Argent Mirror Nuraet.