Office of the Seneschal

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The Seneschal is responsible for mediating the public relations of the Argent Mirror and managing the day-to-day affairs of the monarchical family, but only if the family is residing within Ta'Illistim Keep. Among these responsibilities include maintaining calendars, arranging official events, sorting letters to the monarch, and issuing summons for private audiences with the Argent Mirror.

The Seneschal of Ta'Illistim Keep in 5110 was Lord Aeriadrn Ghaeriden of House Illistim.

Royal Audience Agenda

By order of Illistim's Argent Mirror, Myasara Illistim, this agenda for the royal audience to be held on Niiman, the 22nd day of Koaratos, 5110, at 8 pm, is hereby made public.

Lord Aeriadrn Ghaeriden, Seneschal


Various members of the government will be announced, according to station, as they process into the Argentate.


The Argent Mirror will address issues of domestic importance and will detail future plans for the Shining City.

Recognitions of Foreign Governments

The Argent Mirror will recognize the presence of foreign dignitaries and will address issues of foreign policy.


Those deserving of recognition for their service to the state and the greater good will be honored.

Petitions and Arbitration of Disputes

The Argent Mirror will intervene directly in a limited number of disputes.


Following the formal audience, those present are invited to attend an open reception in the ballroom.

Behind the Scenes

You see Lord Aeriadrn Ghaeriden Illistim the Seneschal of Ta'Illistim Keep.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is tall and appears to be aged. He has small, flinty grey eyes and pale skin. He has shoulder length, thick platinum hair tucked neatly behind his ears. He has an angular face and a sharp, pointed chin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a sapphire blue leather folio in his right hand.
He is wearing a fitted silver-on-blue brocade cotehardie, a grey silk armband embroidered with a series of silver blades around a white peacock, an enameled silver signet ring, a thin silver hip-belt, some argent silk hosen, and some gilt-heeled blue leather shoes.

You see Gasen Nellereune Illistim the Page, Messenger of the Argent Mirror's Household.
He appears to be an Elf.
He is short and appears to be extremely young. He has almond-shaped pale blue eyes and fair skin. He has short, fine strawberry blonde hair worn in a neat, if childish, cut. He has a delicate face, a straight nose and a rosebud mouth.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a silver-plumed sapphire velvet cap, a stiffly collared short velvet capelet, a velvet tabard with a hip-length silver silk cotehardie underneath, a pair of argent hosen, and some pointy-toed sapphire velvet slippers.

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