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Storyline Caligos Isle
Gender female
Race elf
Status Alive
Alias/Title a lithe indigo-robed Ezreshi
Affiliation(s) Ghezresh


Spilling from a crown of loose indigo bead and shell-adorned braids, the elven Ezreshi's silvery blonde hair falls unfettered down her back.  Delicate strands of hair slip free from a silver ferroniere inset with a limpid dark indigo tidal pearl to create a halo around her head, which only serves to make her kohl-outlined eyes seem darker and more exotic in her luminously white face.  Her loose, gauzy elesine robes of indigo trail over her spindly arms, while silver bangles and rings, adorned with black coral and indigo cowrie shells, decorate her hands and wrists.  Her feet are completely unadorned by jewelry or shoe.


  • Slipping each hand into a sleeve of the opposite arm, the elven Ezreshi stands poised and serene for several moments. Her lips move as she mouths a prayer, and indigo mists swirl around her bare feet.
  • Collecting her elesine robes at her waist, the elven Ezreshi crouches low to the ground and picks up a shiny indigo seashell. As she rises, a beautific smile blossoms upon her face.