Opalina (prime)/Vignette: A Free People with Options

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: A Free People with Options.

Author: Opalina Jalcon

Taking a walk through the White Haven House and seeing it filled with groups of people sitting at tables, lounging in the foyer, resting together at the hot springs, this is what it means to bring hope to others. The faces finally looking less in shock and more relaxed as they start to find a semblance of balance in their lives again. It’s not over for them, but they aren’t running for their lives. Stopping at the entrance to the kitchen I notice a young woman watching the cook with great interest and bantering carefreely about the differences between Krolvin and Halfling cuisine. A small tug on my shirt snags my attention, looking down, a young krolvin child looks up with wide innocent eye’s, she opens her mouth and asks, “Can I have a peanut butter bar?” Striding over to the pantry I reach in and snag two and hand them to the child, who’s eyes light up with delight. She giggles merrily and runs off. I am so grateful that I can understand the Krolvin language one of the benefits of long-time interaction with their kind. I wish I could speak it, but alas my voice just can’t make the same barking sounds accurately enough to be of any good. Still watching the child, I chuckle to myself, as she joins another child and passes along the second peanut butter bar. That’s a good girl. Share that which is shared with you. These Krolvin are not like the ones at sea. They are kind and gentle and innocent.

I seek out one of the elders who I know speaks common, “Do you have a moment?” The elder woman nods her head and excuses herself from the group she was with to join me. We start walking together on the White Haven Grounds, taking a big breath, I being, “I hope your people are feeling better and are finding your accommodations satisfactory?” The Krolvin woman nods, and I continue. “We received news from Landing and SolHaven inviting Krolvins to settle in their towns. We wanted to ensure your people were aware that you have… “options” in where you choose to settle down and rebuild your community. We would also welcome your people here in Icemule as well. I know change is difficult. especially when it’s forced on you through circumstances beyond control.” I pause and take another big breath. The elder woman listens, periodically looking at me with studious eyes like she can see my inner thoughts. I look away quickly. “You are a free people, and you are able to choose your future like anyone else. You don’t owe us; we choose to help…IF anyone ever says you ‘owe’” my voice trails off as I shift my eyes and look out at the garden we are strolling through, the snow blanketed ground is tussled by the numerous feet that have kicked it around these past few weeks. I continue, “You are welcome here in Icemule, I won’t lie we need your people. We are trying to build a community that can stand as one united. Your people are strong and we need strong we need unity.” I hang my head knowing I am not one of those strong people, not really not in my heart. I may seem strong on the outside a stone face taking the punishments of accusations the slurs on my faith and the fractured trust that some folks have imposed, that I don’t care for Icemule. My hands clench and unclench as I almost get lost in my own heart wrenching disease that seems to be eating at my soul. The elder’s hand rests on my arm bringing me back from the depths of my thoughts and drags my attention to her. She looks at me with a gentleness that I was unaware that I needed and my eye’s start to fill with pools of liquid, I blink rapidly and smile. The elder speaks gently, “We have a lot to consider Thank you.” She gives my arm a squeeze and walks away leaving me to my thoughts.