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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: The Coin

Author: Opalina Jalcon

A cloaked woman walks into the engravers shop, her voice soft and quiet as she speaks to the shopkeeper. “I have a request. I will pay you handsomely to engrave images onto this coin for me.”

The shopkeeper looks up bored. “My fee is standard for everyone, 25,000 silvers.”

The woman slides a rusty coin across the counter with a paper of the description of the engraving. “This is what I want done. How soon can you have it completed?”

The shopkeeper takes the coin and examines the paper his expression changing dramatically with an eyebrow raised, “Well it’s still the same cost, work is work. I can have it done by the end of the week.”

The woman cautions, “This can not be shared with anyone this is extremely sensitive and life endangering, I’ll pay extra to keep it strictly between us.”

The shopkeeper waves her off, “ ya ya whatever, I won’t share, come back at the end of the week to pick it up.” With that the shopkeeper takes the old rusted coin and the paper and exits to the back of the shop.

A week later the same woman re-enters the shop and inquires about her item. The shopkeeper nods and disappears into the back only to return with a small package, “Here you go Ma’am. As you requested”

The woman tears open the package and examines the piece carefully, making sure it’s to her exact specifications, the shopkeeper coughs and extends his hand. The woman slides his fee across the table and adds double. “Please remember this was strictly between us.”

The woman exits the shop. Now to put this into play. She slides the coin into her pocket and rubs an armband attached to her arm. Her surroundings change, she makes her way through a different crowd of people no one even noticing her as moves about on her mission. Entering a non-descript building she orders a piece of mailing paper. She moves to a small table and begins writing furiously she glances at the door nervously. She adds her signature to the paper then folds it gently and adds her wax seal. She orders an envelope and slides the paper within and seals it. She orders a small package and places the envelope into the box. Getting the coin from her pocket she places it within the package securing it with the letter.

She summons the clerk and requests, “Please have the package delivered to High Legionnaire Aureliano Tiberius of Ta’Vaalor at once, High Priority!” “yes ma’am, who shall I say it’s from?” The clerk quizzed. The woman handed the clerk coins along with extra, “It came from no one.” she turns to exit and over hears the soft voice of the clerk dramatically say, “yes your Majesty”