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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: The One that Got Away

Author: Opalina Jalcon

Annoyed with the quaking land, Opalina dragged Falvicar off to the sea. To watch an explosion? To shake on the less uncertain waters? If waves were going to shake things up, might as well do it with grace and wind and the smell of the ocean and ice cool Icemulian air. But no.. not tonight nothing, but the stench of Krolvin are in our sea filled air tonight.

Roelon's voice carries on the wind to Opalina's ears, "Are ye peekin' fir the volcano?" She quickly responds with a thought of her own, "The ground is shaking it's kinda scary figured I'd go sailing."

We quickly patch the hull as another cannon hits, Falvicar working beside Opalina, banging in the nails as she holds the plank in place. "They are almost close enough to board us." Opalina yells out between explosions. The Krolvin ship engages ours, taking the lead, we push our gangplank onto the ship and board the enemy's. Yelling out, "Hello!" A towering krolvin paragon races in followed by a weathered krolvin warden who makes a rude gesture.

So much for peace!.. Falvicar and Opalina battle with the Krolvin as they storm in, avoiding clouds, smashing noses, swinging katana, a blur of bodies swarming to and fro with grace and death.

During the battle Opalina catches Roelon's voice on the wind. "Careful...Krovlin might be comin' on the waters..." Opalina responds "We found them!" Roelon's voice carries, "Sailor here heard tales they mae bring blood magic, See any with Red Sails?" Opalina responds, "I didn't see any sails, We've been too busy defending to notice"

The Krolvin Captain enters into the battle- Opalina pauses and attempts to speak, but the Captain just hurls herself at Falvicar.

We spend some time searching the enemy ship seeking possible hostages or slaves, but find none. Removing the goods from the invading ship, we light the ship on fire and disembark pulling our own gangplank back onboard.

We rest in the water finishing repairs, as we watch, two other ships enter the water, a battle worn sloop and a member of the Icemulean Fleet.

We make quick work of the Krolvin sloop who choose our smaller ship as prey, and steered back into port to unload. Talking with the dock master, we notice quite the crowd gathered. Opalina exchanged two crates with the dock master while boasting about their achievements out on the water and the influx of Krolvin ships that evening, aimlessly wiping the left over captains blood from her gloves across her pants, she doesn't notice the glares being sent in her direction.

Rushing off to deposit their new found wealth, Opalina receieves a whisper, "This Krolvin was a sole survivor"

Opalina returns to the docks and locates Roelon.

You say, speaking heartily to Roelon, "What do you mean survivor..."

Randsford nods in agreement at Jastalyn.

Roelon nods at Jkarog.

Roelon nods.

Roelon whispers, "He was on the ship that crashed."

You glance between Roelon and Jkarog.

You look at Jkarog, cautious not to let your gaze linger for too long.

You see Jkarog, the Krolvin Trader.
He is average height.  He appears to be middle-aged.  He has hooded dark blue eyes and dark blue fur.  He has a ragged mane of wild, silver hair with a blue streak running through it.  He has a weathered face and a twice-broken nose. He is wearing a faded sailcloth vest, an old leather bracelet dangling widowwood charms, and a pair of dark canvas breeches.