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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: The Seek for Help

Author: Opalina Jalcon

She paces along the South Road. Venders wave their goods and the smell of tarts thick in the air from the Bakers shop. But the smell did little to ease the tensions in her shoulder as she tries to look inconspicuous as she waits. She thinks to herself, Did he get lost? I know he’s not really familiar with our small town but, Just as she was about to turn her lizard nipped her ear hungrily. Thankful for the distraction she pulls out an iridescent quartz cricket box from her elesine sack. Pulling out one cricket she feeds it to her small lizard companion.

Just behind a young halfling girl passing by to deliver a message, He is revealed. Awe.. slight relief at seeing his face helps her relax slightly.

Quietly trying not to draw too much attention to herself she approaches the elf, “Good Afternoon, do you mind if I take us someplace more private?” She looks around the busy street nervously, but it doesn’t appear anyone is paying them too much mind as it’s a normal busy day in Icemule. The elf looks down at his informant and nods with agreement, “That seems appropriate.”

Taking his hand gently in hers she leads the tall elf through the streets toward White Haven. The doorman opens the entryway and waves the pair inside. Escorting the elf to the Meeting Room she closes and latches the door. A sense of privacy giving her a false sense of security. “Please have a seat, we will not be disturbed here.” The elf takes a seat and calmly watches the nervous woman as she starts to pace again absently. She finally settles herself into a chair and begins. “I have two letters I wish to share with you.” She removes a crisp white parchment from her eahnor-plated pack. She slides the parchment across the table to the elf with a slight sigh knowing she should not be sharing the document. The elf accepts the document and begins reading as the woman continues to speak..

“You know I do not want war.”

“I feel it is being thrust on us.”

“But not between us, From somewhere else.”

The woman bites her lip nervously waiting a response. As the letter is passed back to her.

The elf states coolly, “You risk much by showing me this letter. Some in your town might consider this treason..”

The woman flails her arms and exclaims, “I know!”

He continues carefully, “Are you sure you wish to continue, my friend? You know that I have my oaths that will keep..”

The woman interrupts and points to the letter, “But it’s words like this that lead to war!”

The elf nods slowly at the woman and plainly states, “I agree. I just want to be clear with you.”

The woman dripping with concern, “I want Vaalor to protect Icemule.”

She taps the crisp white parchment, “I feel this.. This is an act of war in itself… from our own Mayor!

The elf looks thoughtful, “I suppose it depends on what this project is. Do you have information on what this project is?

The woman shakes her head negatively, “I can not even presume to understand what is happening with this project. A group of us did travel to Hinterwilds to try and meet with the Mayor and ask him but when we got there he was no where to be found. We did however, see lots of smoke, heard trees exploding, and the ground rumbled like either something was digging or being built or something was happening with explosions. We were unable to locate the source of the smoke or the sounds.”

The elf inquires, “What do you propose, my friend, to head this off?”

The woman exhales and states, “Well I know stationing troops here is out of the question at the moment it would look bad .. But I wanted to discuss a sanction that would protect Icemule should this prove to be something more sinister than it is." The elf leaned back and speaks plainly, “How many of your council side with you on this, Councilor?”

She whispers almost too softly to hear, “none. I will be acting on my own .. Against a popular view.” She looks thoughtful, “I don’t want to put any of them in a bad position if I am completely wrong about everything.” The lizard on her shoulder in a show of agreement hisses in her ear

The elf advises, “I think you need some consensus to treat with my house. It is going to be challenging for us to take any position with a single councilor as it might look like w are trying to undermine a government.”

The woman mutters, "A government that appears to be corrupt mind you."

The elf plainly states, "I cannot speak for my House, but I have suspicions about how my commanders or Sovereign might respond. I think you need some consensus."

The woman lets out an exasperated sigh and quietly says, "Well at least be prepared for anything."

The elf continues, "In the interim, I have to report this information, and it made bring with it action, and I think we will have to gain further information on what is going on in the Hinterwilds."

The woman nods in understanding but looks agitated.

The elf says, "And I think knowing that there could be others scheming here will be useful to my Sovereign as he makes decisions."

Noticing the woman’s agitation, the elf asks, “What else do you think we can do now?”

The woman quietly says, "I was hoping to secure some protection for Icemule."

The elf tilts his head curiously, "What do you envision?"

The woman starts ranting, "If I can't achieve that with you the I will seek others until I get something. Grutak doesn't care who's killed in his goals. Sorlu has a vendetta against Vaalor, Only Koar knows what happening in Hinterwilds. I’m at a loss."

The elf tries to reason with the woman, "Councilor, I am not sure what you are asking for specifically from me. Can you clarify it?"

The woman’s eye’s flair with a wild flame, "I envision A rampage…. taking folks by storm and Icemule sitting in the way. This lich has destroyed two cities already. Icemule is just in his way."

The elf nods understandingly.

The woman continues, "Cut of her supplies, cut her off from her friends."

The elf still trying to get to the heart of her request prompts, "So tell me what you ask for specifically. I will tell you if I can provide it and, if not, I will tell you who I think could if it is possible and what you would need to get it."

The woman squares her shoulders, "I want Vaalor to protect Icemule from what's about to happen. Vaalor isn't the threat. It's what's coming."

The elf clarifies, "So are you asking for direct military support?"

The woman stares directly into the eyes of the elf, "Yes, I am asking for the Vaalorians to protect Icemule at any cost, with the use of military if need be if a foe is shown, because against popular belief Icemule and Vaalor are not enemies, and as the Treaty currently states Vaalorians are able to travel within our lands. I would like to Request Vaalorians to help to protect Icemule by not attacking it, and attacking those who are trying to incite war."

The elf sighs and explains calmly, "Intervening in Icemule militarily would require our Sovereign to make the decision. Right now, your leadership seems to want to undo the current treaty. You would need to convince our Sovereign for our House to act, and to do that I think you would need to show some consensus among the other leaders that this is what Icemule wants."

The woman sighs heavily, "'Which are few and far between and will not happen."

The elf continues, "House Vaalor would be in a precarious position to engage in the requests of one town councilor when it would directly oppose the position of other town councilors as well as the Mayor."

"That's so unfair!" The woman exasperatedly lays her head on the table.

The elf chuckles at her antics, "Is it, though? What if Sorlu came to us asking for something that opposed you?" He sighs softly, "Even though I agree with your position, I am not in a position of authority to make such a decision."

The woman turns her head so her cheek is against the cold table and practically whines, "What do I need to do to get some peace around here."

She laughs softly. “I am not doing this for my benefit my wealth or personal gain, I am doing this for the welfare of 1000's of people their children."

The elf pats her shoulder gently, "I understand and I think it is noble. But these politics are well above my rank and are also rife with pitfalls. You need consensus. You need a letter signed by multiple town councilors, at the least. Let us continue to keep our lines of communication open. I will do what I can to help you, and I will share what I can with you if you can continue to do the same."

The woman nods and sighs softly.

The elf continues, "What you have brought to me today is very concerning and I assure you I will see to it that my commanders know the information. My Sovereign is wise; he will know the best action to take."

The woman lifts her head from the table, “I am hoping you'll take precautions to protect yourselves and the interests here in Icemule including her people, and understand the threat of this letter is to everyone. here not just Vaalor.

The elf promises, “I promise you I will take all the precautions I can.”

The elf ends, “Thank you for raising these concerns. I will do what I can for you.”

As the woman then escorts her guest back to the streets of Icemule, “Thank you M’lord that is all I can really ask.” and they quietly part ways as if their discussion ended like it never took place.