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This log is from Ta'Vaalor on 01-21-2024 from the viewpoint of Uniana.

(Ambients prior to Vanathys' arrival)

A pair of well-dressed elven ladies converse beneath some maple trees. "I heard he's reluctant until all this business with that boy and Ardtin is resolved," the taller one says. After an understanding nod, the other adds grimly, "Hopefully the former isn't inadvertently our fault. I'd hate for that to complicate things." The pair glances around and then lowers the rest of the conversation into hushed whispers.
A bandon of soldiers marches west in pairs. Snippets of quiet chatter sound above the rhythmic pounding of their boots on the cobblestones. "--scouts to the south ran into a couple." "--socks are going to be wet for days from--" "--no answers yet from the one they--"

Vanathys just arrived.

You see Botanist Vanathys.
He appears to be a Vaalor Elf.
He is taller than average and has a lean, athletic physique. He appears to have come of age. He has darkly lined, almond-shaped indigo eyes and golden bronze skin. He has long, sun-kissed sandy blonde hair twisted into a loose, disheveled bun, with wavy strands escaping to frame his face. He has a gently angled face, a slim, upturned nose and a well-defined jawline. A pair of small scars cuts through the pale arch of his right eyebrow.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a neutral plaid scarf looped about his neck, a vine-carved sephwir longbow slung over his shoulder, a flora-branded myrtle suede back quiver with crossed chest straps, a hip-length taupe suede jacket laced to the elbows, a sage vicuna tunic with a central panel of foliated brocade, a rectangular brushed nubuck kit, a slim pair of chocolate leather pants riveted in ivory roses, and some cire leather boots lightly caked in soil.

You respectfully greet, "Good evening, Vanathys."

Vanathys greets, "Good evening, Lady Anduin."

Speaking to Vanathys, Krystalena says, "Good eve."

Krystalena smiles.

Speaking respectfully to Krystalena, Vanathys greets, "Legionnaire."

You cheerfully observe, "You've been hunting!"

Squire Legionnaire Aylysha's group just arrived.

Vanathys dryly remarks, "Not sure I would call it hunting."

You suggest, "Sporting? Birding?"

Laermeluion nods to Vanathys in greeting.

Speaking to Krystalena, Aylysha says, "There we go."

Orssus chuckles.

Vanathys ponders.

Vanathys says, "Guarding."

You curiously repeat, "Guarding."

You gaze with interest at Vanathys.

Vanathys says, "Mm. Some unwanted visitors yesterday."

Aylysha says, "True."

Speaking to you, Laermeluion says, "We did check the darkwoode area, and the area with the bobcats as well."

You worriedly ask, "Did they bother the shop?"

You nod understandingly at Laermeluion.

Aylysha says, "I would think not, that guard in the shop should deter most pirates."

Vanathys says, "Not the shop. They wandered onto my... ah, property. And from what Prisys has told me, into the compound."

You frown at Vanathys.

You quickly ask, "That's awful, is everyone alright?"

Vanathys adds, "Not sure where they thought they were going, but it was certainly a wrong turn from my point of view."

Vanathys nods to you.

Laermeluion says, "That is odd."

(Uniana glances at the longbow over Vanathys's shoulder.)

Laermeluion says, "The report was of some pirates being seen wandering around reading from a map."

You say, "I am sure they realized it was the wrong turn from their point of view too late."

Speaking to you, Vanathys says, "I'm not sure they had time to realize they made a wrong turn."

Vanathys quirks a half-smile.

Speaking to Vanathys, Laermeluion asks, "Does your property connect to the swamp lands of the Toadwort at all?"

Vanathys looks over at Laermeluion and shakes his head.

Laermeluion says, "That's were they were tracked to last night."

Vanathys says, "I'm a bit further east and on the north side of the road."

You notice Anarquendi moving stealthily into the area.

Laermeluion asks, "Would that be south of the weald?"

Speaking to Laermeluion, you say, "They could have been very lost, either the ones we found or the ones found about Vanathys' property."

Aylysha says, "Some people just don't know how to read maps."

Speaking to Laermeluion, Vanathys says, "Somewhere to that effect."

Vanathys says, "If they were meant to be going to the Toadwort, then they were rather lost."

Laermeluion nods . Laermeluion says, "I believe Legionnaire Tylanthriel mentioned seeing pirate on Aradhul road though."

Laermeluion says, "Or that might have just been peculiar bandits."

Vanathys glances northeast.

Vanathys curiously asks, "Really?"

You nod at Vanathys.

Speaking to Vanathys, Aylysha asks, "Would it possible to see where these Pirates fell?"

Laermeluion says, "So it is possible there are bandits and pirates roaming all over the lands."

You say, "He was patrolling and found them wandering."

Speaking to Laermeluion, you say, "With so much trade from Mistwatch it is not surprising that they might even blend in among the traders and crews."

Vanathys says, "I'd rather not have visitors, and they are... disposed of anyway."

Laermeluion says, "I would say they were scouting for a new location to set up camp."

You think to yourself, "Fertilizer."

Laermeluion says, "But I'm not sure if that makes sense with a map in hand."

(OOC) Vanathys's player whispers, "LOL."

Laermeluion says, "Unless they are using the map to chart the areas in detail."

Seem just arrived.

Seem walks over to the bench and settles down.

Speaking to Laermeluion, you say, "When I heard the calls yesterday it sounded like they had a specific destination in mind. And then Lady Akenna saw one with a map."

[Ta'Vaalor, King's Court - 3519] (u14100047)
Maple trees line the edges of the court, filtering the moonlight cast over the orderly cobblestones. Several elven guards stand beside a lasimor-framed board, chatting quietly amongst themselves as they scan the gathered crowds. Darkly stained wooden benches, spaced between gilded pots of dragonstalks, provide a chance for a brief respite from the bustle of the city. You also see the Seem disk, a sleek golden ferret that is lying down, a blue wolf, a peak tiger, a pile of freshly fallen snow and a wooden barrel.
Also here: Seem who is sitting, Orssus, Squire Legionnaire Aylysha, Botanist Vanathys, Legionnaire Krystalena, First Legionnaire Laermeluion
Obvious paths: north, east, south, west

Vanathys says, "It would seem this isn't as isolated of an incident as we were hoping."

Vanathys frowns.

Speaking to Vanathys, you ask, "The compound is on guard now as well?"

Vanathys says, "Though it was a bit odd that a couple of sea-faring types were so deep in the woods, on both counts."

Vanathys nods to you.

The voice of Anarquendi asks, "When the pirates first appeared; weren't they, and the Cobalt Vipers, trying to find something?"

Speaking to you, Vanathys assures, "They did not get far."

You let out a sigh of relief.

Vanathys says, "You do not want to be on the wrong end of a Greengair trap."

Laermeluion says, "The pirates first appeared as a means to distract from the cobalt vipers I believe."

Laermeluion says, "The pirates were cooperating to potentially smuggle goods off shore that the bandits stole from the merchants arriving in Mistwatch."

Speaking to Laermeluion, Vanathys asks, "You destroyed the Cobalt Vipers though, yes?"

The voice of Anarquendi says, "Hopefully those little gnomes that stayed with me will be able to cause enough trouble..."

You glance over your shoulder.

You unsuccessfully try to stifle your grin.

Vanathys gazes up into the heavens.

Laermeluion says, "We destroyed the camp we founds, and killed their leader."

The voice of Anarquendi says, "The leader of the Cobalt Vipers was killed, but who knows if another bandit took their place."

Vanathys says, "If I get hit with one more tornado of leaves, I will personally hunt you down, Watcher."

The voice of Anarquendi says, "There was a pirate captain present, but they got away."

Laermeluion says, "But there was word of three Captains if I remember correctly."

Anarquendi clears his throat.

Anarquendi says, "I claim no responsibility for their actions."

Vanathys shakes his head.

Speaking to Laermeluion, Vanathys says, "Well, perhaps the pirates are picking up where the bandits left off, if they were in league with them, as you all say."

Vanathys allows, "Or it's entirely unrelated."

Laermeluion says, "Off the top of my head Cooper was the name of the pirate captain we encountered."

Laermeluion asks, "'or was it Copper?"

You muse, "Terrible name for a pirate captain."

Laermeluion says, "It was mentioned the pirates were masked."

Laermeluion says, "But they weren't wearing the cobalt viper colors."

Vanathys nods in agreement.

Speaking to Vanathys, Laermeluion asks, "Did you get a good look at the clothe the pirates that tresspassed on your property were wearing?"

Vanathys nods at Laermeluion.

You cock your head at Vanathys.

Laermeluion says, "The ones encountered last night were wearing black."

Vanathys says, "No cobalt, if that's your question. I went through their things, but there was nothing of note."

You nod understandingly at Vanathys.

Laermeluion says, "I wonder if we are seeing potential recruits to this new outfit."

Laermeluion says, "Maybe prospects are given a vague map and if they make it there, they are allow to join."

Vanathys asks, "They just simply seemed... Ah, I don't know. Out of place?"

Orssus says, "That's most pirates on dry land."

Vanathys says, "Not very good in the woods. I could hear them coming from quite a distance."

Vanathys nods at Orssus.

Speaking to Vanathys, Orssus says, "Seen Krol pirates all the way up in the mountains before."

You say, "They certainly did not seem inclined to be stealthy."

Aharil suddenly fades into view.

Aylysha says, "They seemed to be recruiting a few months ago as well."

Vanathys says, "You said you tracked them into the Toadwort? They may not be stealthy, but they know how to lose a trail. Or it was sheer luck."

Laermeluion asks, "Have there been any further reports of merchants being harassed?"

Anarquendi asks, "Forgive me if it has been mentioned, but we came a little late. There was mention of a map, was that ever recovered?" . Speaking to Vanathys, Laermeluion says, "The search party last night say tracks toward the toadwort, Squire Legionnnaire Stavio encountered a few pirates in the swamp of the Toadwort."

You look at Anarquendi and shake your head.

Speaking to you, Vanathys says, "It's very difficult to track through water and swamps."

Laermeluion says, "But by the time the captive was taken into custody and I was able to join Legionnaire Tylanthriel and Krystalena to search the area it was all too much of a soupy mess out there."

Aylysha nods.

As the hooded crow bobs her head and lets out a series of percussive, two-toned chirps, threads of smoke drift from her open beak.

Anarquendi works his fingers under his sephwir circlet and scratches his head.

You nod understandingly to the hooded crow.

Vanathys says, "It throws off the scent if you're using tracking animals, and the terrain reforms quickly or fills with water when it's disturbed."

Vanathys shakes his head.

A peak tiger blinks impassively and lets out a raspy utterance of hunger.

As Anarquendi scratches the peak tiger behind the ears, the feline tilts her head into Anarquendi's hand. Laermeluion says, "And there's a bunch of frenetic goblins out there doing all manner of chaos."

Vanathys says, "It'd be difficult to tell what way they went."

Vanathys nods at Laermeluion.

Aylysha agrees with Laermeluion.

You say, "It seems they have gone well beyond simply bothering merchants, that much can be assumed."

Vanathys says, "I mean, there's still some harassing happening at the port, from what the guards at the shop tell me, but that's been going on for months now. I've not seen much activity on Neartofar Road."

Laermeluion says, "Most of the harassing I imagine is coming from the riots."

Vanathys says, "Well..."

Vanathys says, "I don't think that's always the case."

Laermeluion says, "Oh, captives were mentioned as well."

Aharil frowns.

Laermeluion says, "Legionnaire Tylanthriel said something about seeing captives last night."

Lowering her head, a smoke-swirled hooded crow rocks her body and caws three times in succession.

Laermeluion says, "But I'm not sure of the details of that."

Uniana is beginning to wonder if this is giving Illistim a case not to want to treaty with House Vaalor. It comes off as very messy.

Laermeluion says, "I know we saw someone being pushed aboard a ship a few weeks ago."

Speaking to Laermeluion, Vanathys asks, "Drunk urging or against their will?"

Vanathys glances at a smoke-swirled hooded crow.

Vanathys pets a smoke-swirled hooded crow, which nuzzles his hand softly.

Speaking to Laermeluion, Anarquendi asks, "That was when the handkerchief was found, yes?" Laermeluion says, "Looked like a young male elf, malnourished could be how you might describe him."

Laermeluion says, "And he was being partially dragged aboard as the pirates fled our defense of Mistwatch."

Laermeluion nods at Anarquendi.

Aylysha blinks.

Vanathys says, "Well, I've dragged people off before because they were too slow."

Vanathys ponders.

Speaking to Vanathys, you explain, "It was quite hard to see, it was dark and they were far away."

Laermeluion says, "We found the torn gentian blue silk handkerchief with the letter G embroidered on it at the end of that same pier."

Vanathys glances east.

Vanathys mutters, "I hope I do not regret buying a shop in that port."

Aylysha ponders.

Speaking to Vanathys, you reassure, "The Gilded Talon has a business office in the port. They have never had any trouble."

Speaking to Vanathys, Orssus asks, "Do you think Ta'Vaalor should try and negotiate ownership of the port?"

Vanathys nods to you.

Vanathys casts a quick glance toward the keep.

Speaking to Orssus, you say, "There is a lot of freedom in keeping the port privately owned."

Speaking carefully to Orssus, Vanathys says, "I don't think it should have been allowed to be built under private ownership in the first place."

Uniana was trying to be diplomatic. She isn't sure Vanathys' feelings about Qalinor, even given his closeness with Oirisu.

Aylysha says, "That would certainaly would make things easier."

Speaking amusedly to you, Vanathys remarks, "Freedom for who, though?"

Laermeluion says, "If the port was owned by Ta'Vaalor there would likely not be the pirate problem currently."

Speaking to Vanathys, you say, "For the crews and companies who do business there. For the government, who can levy taxes against the private industry and take little to no responsibility for the problems."

Speaking to you, Vanathys says, "Freedom for the pirates of the seas, too, it would seem."

Aylysha ponders.

Vanathys says, "Even still, one can't just go around taking other people's things like a child plucking a toy out of another's hand."

Aylysha says, "Yes there needs to be rules."

You say, "The Sea of Mists must be one of the most dangerous due to the protection of the Gilded Talon, at times the Sentinel Fleet and not to mention getting through Nalfein's naval presence to the south, and including the natural defenses of the fog and low banks. There has to be something greater than simple piracy at hand. They would have a much easier time with some of the less guarded outposts, even if the plunder is not as grand. They would at least likely leave with lives intact."

Laermeluion says, "The issue is the port doesn't have the means to currently defend themselves effectively."

(Uniana strokes the tip of her origami thorn thoughtfully along her jaw.)

Hucko just arrived.

Hucko chuckles.

Hucko asks, "Party?"

Vanathys allows, "They do seem rather persistent, considering the consequences continually inflicted upon them."

As Hucko drops his sonic tiger-claw, it hovers in mid-air and gently bobs up and down.

Aylysha says, "Not realy a party."

Speaking kindly to Hucko, you explain, "We are discussing the presence and persistence of pirates as of late."

Hucko says, "Its pretty crowded."

Hucko nods to you.

Aylysha says, "Just a tad."

Speaking to you, Vanathys says, "I do not mean to disparage the efforts of the Gilded Talon, of course. I imagine it would be worse without it."

You look at Vanathys and shake your head.

Vanathys says, "But the First Legionnaire is likely right. The port does not have the means to defend itself effectively."

Anarquendi reaches over and leans a hand on the peak tiger's back, rubbing her gently. The peak tiger looks toward him and purrs in response.

Speaking to Vanathys, you reassure, "Not at all, you and the First Legionnaire are right. My lord husband agrees. I believe he means to send a proposal to the keep regarding his suggestions of safety measures."

Squire Legionnaire Stavio just came marching in.

Vanathys nods slightly.

Anarquendi nods to Stavio in greeting.

Stavio and Anarquendi clasp forearms in greeting.

Stavio gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Vanathys says, "I wonder how much of it is our responsibility, though."

Vanathys glances east.

Speaking to Vanathys, you say, "But even still, all of that requires funding and ---yes."

Aylysha ponders.

You pleasantly quip, "The freedoms of a private port." Hucko just went east.

Vanathys says, "I return to that it should never have been allowed in the first place. Now resolving the issues is more complicated, I imagine."

A pair of young reservists walk by, their hands resting on their swords with pride.

Vanathys says, "I generally stay out of politics, but I would prefer I did not have pirates stumbling onto my property."

Speaking to Vanathys, you say, "Any intervention will mean more than just that of the port itself too."

You disapprovingly murmur, "That road."

Speaking to you, Vanathys agrees, "I have been complaining about the road for years."

You tilt your head up.

Squire Legionnaire Stavio just marched off to the south.

Speaking gently to Vanathys, you say, "I hope your household was none too bothered."

Speaking to you, Vanathys admits, "Not much of a household to speak of, in truth. I don't like all the..."

Vanathys ponders.

Aylysha glances at Vanathys.

Speaking to Vanathys, Anarquendi says, "Clutter."

Anarquendi appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Vanathys chuckles.

Speaking to Anarquendi, Vanathys says, "I was going to say bother, but I don't like that either."

A unit of Vaalorian soldiers, resplendent in their crimson and gold armor, marches through at a rapid pace.

You curiously ask, "No guests to worry about then?"

Vanathys glances at you.

You swap your origami thorn from your left to your right hand.

Vanathys smirks.

(Uniana uses the tip of her nails to adjust the point of her origami thorn.)

Vanathys says, "No one was bothered. The intruders were dispatched of quickly enough."

You nod slightly.

Aylysha says, "All roads have issues."

You gaze up into the sky and see stars sparkling in the darkness...

Twelve stars form a faint but jagged pattern in the skies, the vague outline of a six-talon claw barely visible in the inky darkness of the night.

Aharil cleans his spidersilk cloak. Aharil picks a mummified cricket off of his spidersilk cloak and drops it. Aharil picks a silk-wrapped grasshopper off of his spidersilk cloak and drops it. Aharil picks a silk-wrapped beetle off of his spidersilk cloak and drops it. Aharil picks a silk-wrapped butterfly off of his spidersilk cloak and drops it. Aharil picks a dried fly off of his spidersilk cloak and drops it. Aharil picks a silk-wrapped butterfly off of his spidersilk cloak and drops it. Aharil picks a mummified moth off of his spidersilk cloak and drops it. Aharil picks a dried cricket off of his spidersilk cloak and drops it. Aharil picks a silk-wrapped butterfly off of his spidersilk cloak. Aharil dusts himself off. Aharil drops a silk-wrapped butterfly.

Anarquendi glances at Aharil.

Laermeluion glances down.

Anarquendi shakes his head, clucking his tongue.

Vanathys pointedly says, "We didn't used to have issues."

Aylysha says, "Thats alot of bugs."

Aharil holds up his hand and tilts it side to side in a so-so gesture.

Uniana notes which side of the Sovereign debate Vanathys' bread is buttered.

Anarquendi whispers something to Aylysha.

A complete and utter feeling of smugness envelops you.

Vanathys says, "We've too many roads in disrepair."

Aylysha says, "Only in dire straits would I eat those."

Vanathys shakes his head.

You diplomatically ask, "Running on a platform of trade should mean an increase in state coffers, shouldn't it?"

Speaking to Vanathys, Aylysha asks, "How would you pay to maintain the roads?"

Vanathys says, "Well, I stay out of politics, but I would imagine so."

Speaking to Aylysha, Vanathys replies, "We are not exactly hurting economically."

You think to yourself, "You mean ceasing trade with the shanty halfling gambling town didn't financially ruin an elven City-State? I for one am *shocked*."

Anarquendi glances down. Anarquendi gestures while summoning the spirits of nature to his aid... Anarquendi gestures. A strong breeze suddenly picks up and begins to blow around in different directions through the area! A silk-wrapped butterfly is suddenly picked up by the wind and blown west! A silk-wrapped butterfly is suddenly picked up by the wind and blown west!

Anarquendi dusts off his hands.

Vanathys glances at Anarquendi.

A strong breeze continues to swirl through the area.

A dried cricket is suddenly picked up by the wind and blown north!

Anarquendi clears his throat.

Squire Legionnaire Stavio just came marching in.

Stavio checks his equipment, adjusting and rearranging his gear.

Speaking to Anarquendi, Vanathys asks, "Nothing to do with the children's behavior, you said?"

A silk-wrapped beetle is suddenly picked up by the wind and blown west! Anarquendi makes a simple gesture, and the strong breeze stops as suddenly as it arrived.

Krystalena says, "Critters flying everywhere."

Speaking to Vanathys, Anarquendi says, "Just because I showed them out to do something, doesn't mean I can control WHEN they do it."

Anarquendi rocks back on his heels.

Aharil takes a slow, deep breath then pinches the bridge of his nose.

The hooded crow ruffles her feathers.

Speaking to Anarquendi, you warn, "If one of those ends up in my hair."

Anarquendi picks up a silk-wrapped grasshopper.

You narrow your eyes.

Anarquendi offers you a silk-wrapped grasshopper. Click ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

Anarquendi flashes a wide grin.

You feel the blood drain from your face.

Anarquendi says, "It's probably dead."

You accept Anarquendi's offer and are now holding a silk-wrapped grasshopper.

You swap a pristine blush rose origami thorn to your left hand and a silk-wrapped grasshopper to your right hand.

You feed your hooded crow a bite of your silk-wrapped grasshopper. Roundtime: 3 sec.

You nod to the hooded crow.

Speaking to Vanathys, Aylysha says, "Yes but wagons, carts and mounts damage roads."

Speaking to Anarquendi, Vanathys laughs, "It is amazing they still let you in the gates. Or do you have to sneak in?"

s>feed crow You feed your hooded crow the last of your silk-wrapped grasshopper. Roundtime: 3 sec.

Speaking in Elven to Laermeluion, Stavio says, "When you search toadwort did you see the shed , it could be someone held or hiding in it."

Laermeluion nods at Stavio.

Laermeluion says, "I noticed it the other night."

Speaking to Vanathys, Anarquendi says, "On occasion I have been... encouraged to not come inside."

Laermeluion says, "It looks ramshackled and destroyed."

Anarquendi says, "But most of the time it was mostly suggestion."

Speaking to Anarquendi, Aharil says, "Most of the time."

Anarquendi holds up his hand and tilts it side to side in a so-so gesture.

Vanathys plucks a silk-wrapped bug out of one of the pots of dragonstalks, then pinches a couple of dead buds off the plant.

Stavio nods.

Speaking to Aylysha, Vanathys says, "Roads can have regular repairs done to them when they are damaged."

You hear very soft footsteps.

You notice Anarquendi moving stealthily into the area . Anarquendi carefully inspects his mummified moth.

Ribbons of smoke lazily drift from the hooded crow's feathers and coil sinuously on the air before dispersing.

Anarquendi feeds a smoke-swirled hooded crow a bite of his mummified moth.

Anarquendi nods once.

You remove a sea blue and green-striped roly poly from in your charmeuse mantle.

You show Anarquendi your green-striped roly poly.

Anarquendi grins at you.

Vanathys says, "We used to take more pride in our roads."

You listen carefully to Vanathys.

Speaking to Aylysha, Vanathys asks, "Why settle for less than that?"

(Aylysha gives Lady's Anduin's a hair a quick check for unwanted items.)

You gratefully say, "Thank you, dear."

Anarquendi whispers, "Be careful not to get too close to Aharil, his cloak will snatch up your little roly poly."

Speaking to you, Aylysha says, "Your welcome."

Aharil leans in toward the cloak, his pointed ears raised ever so slightly.

A raven black spider-shaped clasp crawls up to Aharil's ear for a moment before returning to his throat.

Anarquendi nods once.

Anarquendi shudders. A sourceless breeze ruffles the hooded crow's feathers, scattering smoke.

Uniana realizes that Vanathys is probably a bit unhinged given his evening of murdering brigands and she loves to see him unrestrained. This doesn't bode well for Qalinor *at all*.

Speaking to Anarquendi, you say, "All the way from Niima's temple at Kraken's Fall."

You tilt your green-striped roly poly side to side, making the light play off it.

Speaking to you, Vanathys says, "Interesting specimen."

Stavio removes an ornate delicate case painted with a resplendent sun on the top from in his sturdy leather pack.

Stavio carefully examines his delicate case.

Anarquendi says, "Insects are not really my area of interest..."

Anarquendi says, "It is fun to assume their aspects though."

You offer your green-striped roly poly to Vanathys, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Click CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.

Vanathys has accepted your offer and is now holding a sea blue and green-striped roly poly.

Vanathys gazes thoughtfully at his green-striped roly poly.

Squire Legionnaire Stavio just marched off to the east.

Anarquendi scratches his chin.

Anarquendi says, "Although I guess spiders aren't inspects."

Anarquendi makes a nearly imperceptible motion while whispering a soft phrase...

You say, "Given the coloring, it is hard to imagine it is not blessed by the Wavedancer herself. It looks like the color of the ocean."

Anarquendi gestures. Gold-traced pale green ribbons of energy swirl about and coalesce upon Anarquendi.

A dull black sheen forms over Anarquendi's eyes, accompanied by numerous spindly fibers sprouting from his limbs.

A peak tiger butts up against Aharil, whiskers twitching as she blinks up at him trustingly.

Aharil glances at Anarquendi.

Vanathys says, "It is a rather unusual color for its type." Vanathys offers you a sea blue and green-striped roly poly. Click ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

You accept Vanathys's offer and are now holding a sea blue and green-striped roly poly.

The wind picks up, causing a weathervane to creak as it adjusts to its new heading.

You nod in agreement at Vanathys.

Vanathys says, "All the ones in my garden are just regular grey."

Vanathys amusedly adds, "Sometimes a light grey."

You say, "I cannot decide if I want to put its likeness on a hat for Lady Bayvel's Rolton Racing."

Vanathys asks, "When is that this year?"

You lament, "Not until later, in the spring."

You put a sea blue and green-striped roly poly in your charmeuse mantle.

Vanathys says, "Perhaps I'll take Oirisu..."

Aylysha says, "I fear the hour has gone late, I must retire for the evening."

Anarquendi nods at Aylysha.

Vanathys asks, "Though, she will make me wear a horrible hat, won't she?"

You nod understandingly at Aylysha.

Her hand lowered, Aylysha gives you a subtle wave.

Speaking to you, Vanathys says, "Perhaps you should take her instead."

You wish, "Rest well."

Aylysha nods to you.

Speaking to Vanathys, you ask, "I most certainly could but then you would miss the grounds of Veythorne. I imagine you and the lord are somewhat well known to each other given your common interests?"

Orssus says, "Unfortunately I think Krystalena and I need to head home for the evening."

Anarquendi nods at Orssus.

Laermeluion says, "Oh, it is getting rather late."

You agree, "The hour has grown late."

Anarquendi waves to Krystalena.

Vanathys says, "We may have had more than one chat in the past."

Anarquendi chuckles.

Vanathys gazes up into the sky.

Anarquendi agrees with you.

The hooded crow cocks her head to one side, the feathers of her hood briefly lifting into a spiky brush.

Orssus says, "Have a good night everyone."

Orssus waves.

Anarquendi waves to Orssus.

Vanathys says, "Oh, yes. It has. I should head back to the... well, I should go make sure that my guest hasn't had to throw fans at anyone."

Anarquendi begins chuckling at Vanathys!

You say, "I should check to see if Lord Anduin has taken a break from his guiding the fleet."

Orssus's group just went west.

Speaking to Vanathys, you say, "He's been relentless since last night."

You shake your head.

You stand back up.

Vanathys nods to you.

Anarquendi joins Aharil's group.

Vanathys says, "I have not slept much."

Speaking to Aharil, Anarquendi says, "Tomorrow we should check out the Toadwart and the Weald..."

Aharil glances at Anarquendi.

Speaking to Anarquendi, Aharil says, "Why? It's already been searched."

Anarquendi shrugs at Aharil.

Aharil takes a slow, deep breath then pinches the bridge of his nose.

Speaking kindly to Vanathys, you say, "Indeed, and not for the common reasons, hrm? Give my regards to your very empty household."

Vanathys glances at you.

Aharil says, "Have a nice evening everyone."

Anarquendi waves.

Vanathys clears his throat.

You perform a bow characteristic of the Nalfein.

Anarquendi hums distractedly to himself.

Aharil's group just went west.

Speaking to you, Vanathys says, "I am too tired to offer a witty retort."

Laermeluion chuckles.

You say, "A victory, is a victory."

Vanathys shakes his head.

Uniana is very Nalfein that way.