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The Opportunistic storyline began in April 2023 and is an ongoing storyline. The storyline is focused in the Elven Nations in the city-state of Ta'Vaalor and the nearby port of Mistwatch.

Chapter 1 - Olaesta to Ivastaen, 5123

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  • On the 2nd of Olaesta, Lady Nueleth was missing a shipment for The Woodsman's Chisel. Local adventurers helped her locate the shipment in Mistwatch, where a band of thieves was attempting to lift the shipment from a trader. They were able to eliminate the threat and escort the trader and the shipment to the Ravelin.
  • Pirates harass the ports of Mistwatch, running afoul of several adventurers before fleeing on their ship.
  • High Legionnaire Aureliano encounters more pirates at the port, summoning the Crimson Legion Reserves and other defenders to his aid. They question the portmaster, who mentions that there has been a great deal of complaints about increased pirate activity in the nearby seas.
  • As an impending storm brewed over Ta'Vaalor, the road to Mistwatch was once again besieged by bandits. Simultaneously, pirates attacked Mistwatch. The defenders were able to subdue a bandit, and with the aid of Avawren's empathetic abilities, question him to find out he was part of a group called the Poisonous Lunatics who said they were simply capitalizing on the distraction of the pirate attack.
  • A brawl breaks out in the Airmen's Rest while Igges is working. Pirate Shteve has been accused of cheating at dice. After the offending pirates are removed, Shteve is questioned about his dealings with these pirates. He claims to have only been traveling with them, unaware that they were "those kind of pirates." After being vouched for by Yardie, he is released from Crimson Legion custody.
  • Adventurer Gwynek fends off another pirate attack at Mistwatch.
  • An unnamed contact reveals to Yardie that the Poisonous Lunatics fell apart due to heavy losses sustained during their raids, but indicates that there are numerous groups attempting to fill the void, most notably the Cobalt Viper Company.
  • Legionnaire Captain Tyavasinne states that her father, a Council of Regents member, is working on a defense proposal after being contacted by Teveriel.

Chapter 2 - Koaratos, 5123

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  • Heavy furls of smoke past Neartofar Forest lead Ta'Vaalor locals to find a band of cobalt-masked bandits harassing traders on Neartofar Road, near Mistwatch.
  • After a week of patrols, the cobalt-clad bandits strike again, continuing to assault traders. Legionnaire Captain Tyavasinne joins the bands of defenders and helps push back the attackers, who retreat for a second time into the forest. The defenders note that they seem to have grown in strength, employing the use of potent nature magic in their offense.
  • The Eastern Seaboard Collective of Traders writes a scathing letter to King Qalinor Vaalor.

Cast of Characters

  • Tyavasinne Ghiran - Legionnaire Captain, Crimson Legion
  • Shteve - a completely innocent bystander
  • Poisonous Lunatics - disbanded bandit group
  • Cobalt Viper Company - bandit group
  • "M" - an unnamed contact

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