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This log is from the Ravelin on 02-06-2024 from the viewpoint of Teveriel Anduin Vaalor.

[Dragonstalk Landing, Reception - 32816] (u14121200)
Gilt-threaded banners of crimson velvet decorate the walls of the pavilion, the stylized wyverns standing rampant above a fortress adorned in a row of rounded shields. A circular table of carved mahogany splits the center of the room, surrounded by high-backed chairs padded in leather, each one given equal space across the wood-planked floor. Spherical lanterns are scattered along braided ropes strapped across the ceiling, each piece caged in brilliant eahnor.
You also see a pooling crimson velvet curtain.
You see Lord Regent Phinalren Ravistel the High Lord of Vaalor.
He appears to be a Vaalor Elf.
He is tall and has a lean build. He appears to be advanced in years. He has almond-shaped dark blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. He has short, fine white hair neatly combed into a faint wave and receding at the temples for a sharp widow's peak. He has a wrinkle-creased face, a thin, vaguely crooked nose and a lingering hint of a once-sharp jaw.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a tonal onyx brocade cloak mantled in a golden lion mane, a wine-dark aqilorn tunic styled along the hem in gilt foil dragonstalks, a gold-chased lasimor signet worn on the right pinky finger, a pebbled leather scabbard worked in blacked vaalin thread, a pair of charcoal twill trousers, and a pair of highly polished knee-high boots capped in gilded points.
You see Lord Regent Ilvisar Ghiran the High Lord of Vaalor.
He appears to be a Vaalor Elf.
He is very tall and has a muscular, able-bodied physique. He appears to be in the meridian of life. He has muted pale grey eyes and fair skin. He has shoulder-length, straight gilded hair fading into sterling silver across the temples and throughout the thin leather-woven plaits gracing each shoulder. He has an angular face and sharply curved, pointed ears.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a lapel-chained pewter brocade coat affixed in an octet of iron-forged toggles, a blackwork-stitched crimson aqilorn vest over a stiff-collared cream linen shirt, a shield-cut eahnor signet set upon the right pinky finger, an iron-fluted scabbard of leather-strapped lasimor, some thin-belted brushed sable wool trousers, and a pair of well-oiled ashen leather boots ending in angular eahnor toes.

Speaking in Elven, you formally greet, "Lord Regent Ghiran; Lord Regent Ravistel. I am Lord Teveriel Anduin, and thank you for the kind invitation."

Speaking in Elven to you, Phinalren says, "I know who you are, Lord Anduin."

Speaking in Elven to you, Ilvisar says, "If you're willing to listen to Lord Ravistel prattle on, you are a far braver lord than I."

Speaking in Elven, you apologetically amend, "Forgive me for standing on ceremony, then."

Teveriel smiles wryly.

Speaking formally in Elven to you, Ilvisar corrects, "We are better for your presence, Lord Anduin."

You incline your head.

Speaking in Elven, Phinalren says, "Please make yourself comfortable, if you so wish."

Phinalren nods to a high-backed leather chair.

Vesaria walks over and pulls out a high-backed leather chair, seating herself at the table.

Ilvisar bows low, rising slowly with a polite nod towards all those present.

Speaking in Elven, you casually note, "My lords are too kind."

You extend open hands while gracefully scraping your right leg behind to lean forward in a subtle bow of esteem.

Agathilea politely greets, "Good evening, this is a lovely pavilion, and thank you."

Agathilea smiles at Ilvisar and Phinalren.

Phinalren stops Vanathys on his way to take a seat, placing a hand on his shoulder and whispering something brief.

Vanathys gives a sidelong glance at Phinalren.

Vanathys nods slightly at Phinalren.

Speaking in Elven to Agathilea, Ilvisar agrees, "My daughter's bethrothed is quite the hostess."

Vanathys frowns.

Vanathys walks over and pulls out a high-backed leather chair, seating himself at the table.

Khobra leans to her right slightly.

Speaking in Elven, you politely request, "If it is not too bold, may I suggest we shift to the use of Common for this meeting? We have some among our number who have varying degrees of unfamiliarity with the elven tongue."

Phinalren glances inquiringly at Ilvisar. Speaking to you, Ilvisar says, "I am not opposed to such."

Ilvisar raises an eyebrow in Phinalren's direction.

You nod gratefully at Ilvisar.

Phinalren concedes, "If we must."

You appreciatively say, "Thank you, my Lords."

Speaking amusedly to Phinalren, Ilvisar says, "Think of it as an exercise of the mind."

Orssus says, "I wouldn't ask you to speak in common for my sake."

Phinalren says, "If everyone is settled, then we will begin, I think."

Ilvisar observes, "As quiet as the mice in the Keep."

Ilvisar pours himself a fluted glass of citrus-immersed blackberry wine.

Phinalren says, "For those of you that are uneducated or uninformed, I am Lord Regent Phinalren Ravistel, High Lord of Vaalor. This is Lord Regent Ilvisar Ghiran, High Lord of Vaalor."

Ilvisar raises his wine in greeting.

Khobra raises her hand.

Vanathys frowns more deeply.

Phinalren raises an eyebrow in Khobra's direction.

Speaking to Khobra, Phinalren asks, "Certainly you can't have a question already?"

You glance inquiringly at Khobra.

Speaking softly in Elven to Phinalren, Khobra admits, "Indeed I do, but a question vill be simple yet to the point. Vill you ansver further questions asked of you, despite you not vishing to asking them?"

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar reminds, "Exercise of the mind."

Speaking to Khobra, Phinalren says, "Perhaps you should wait until I have done more than introduce myself beofre you start making assumptions about what I wish."

You knead at your forehead with the redoubtable fingers of one hand, trying to keep your exasperation off your face.

Speaking to Khobra, Phinalren says, "If you are going to be disruptive to the meeting, I will ask you to leave. Please hold any further thoughts until we ask for them."

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar says, "Do continue, Ravistel."

Phinalren nods at Ilvisar.

Phinalren says, "It is no secret that Mistwatch has presented an ever-growing problem to our city-state ever since it was opened to the public by its... private owners."

Vanathys smirks.

Phinalren says, "This is not something that can be ignored, but there are differing opinions among the Council about what should be done about it. We've come tonight to discuss the two main proposals to deal with the issue and hear thoughts from the people."

Phinalren says, "Some of you have already taken it upon yourselves to write to some of the council..."

Phinalren glances at you.

Ilvisar nods firmly to you.

You incline your head.

Phinalren says, "And we will likely ask you to share those ideas outloud, as well."

Ilvisar whispers, "Is your mechanically inclined partner present as well?"

You quietly whisper to Ilvisar, "He appears to be indisposed this evening, my apologies."

Speaking to Ilvisar, Phinalren asks, "Would you like to share your plans first?"

Ilvisar whispers, "No apologies are necessary, Lord Anduin, they were splended and I simply wanted to extend my thoughts."

Ilvisar looks thoughtfully at Phinalren.

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar asks, "So you may argue them into the bottom of the Lake of Fear?"

Ilvisar grins wryly at Phinalren.

Vanathys clears his throat.

Phinalren squints at Ilvisar.

Ilvisar takes a drink from his blackberry wine.

Ilvisar looks rather relaxed.

Speaking to Ilvisar, Phinalren says, "I will do that whether you go first or second. I was merely extending a courtesy."

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar says, "Then I shall take advantage of it."

Ilvisar approaches the table, finding an empty curve as he clears his throat.

Ilvisar formally says, "My opinions on Mistwatch are not quite as... targeted as Lord Ravistel." Phinalren says, "Enlighten us with your opinions, then."

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar says, "Patience, I simply am enjoying this wine."

Ilvisar takes a drink from his blackberry wine.

Ilvisar looks rather relaxed.

Vanathys twitches an eyebrow.

Ilvisar says, "And."

Ilvisar grins.

Ilvisar continues, "Despite it's currently ownership, I do agree that we must seek fortifications in order to serve our needs here within the fortress."

Phinalren frowns.

You nod firmly.

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar says, "Yes, we would dip into the coffers, as it were."

Ilvisar argues, "But the benefits of such fortifications would be returned to us tenfold in the end."

Ilvisar says, "We must also focus our repairs upon that dreadful road."

Phinalren allows, "I will not argue with you on that point."

Vanathys nods in agreement.

You clarify, "You speak of Aradhul Road."

You ask, "Or the one through Neartofar?"

Speaking to you, Ilvisar says, "Neartofar, actually."

You nod understandingly at Ilvisar.

Ilvisar thoughtfully says, "Although the other one should be discussed another evening."

Orssus whispers, "Got me excited for a second there."

You glance at Orssus and unsuccessfully try to stifle your grin.

Phinalren says, "Should it? I would need to amend my proposal, then."

Phinalren raises an eyebrow in Ilvisar's direction.

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar asks, "Do we want to keep these good people captive well into morning?"

Ilvisar says, "As I was saying."

Ilvisar says, "Fortifications for Mistwatch itself, alongside fortifying Neartofar, is of utmost importance."

Ilvisar firmly says, "And should be a priority regardless of ownership of the port itself."

Vanathys looks thoughtfully at Ilvisar.

Speaking to you, Ilvisar says, "Your proposal, Lord Anduin."

Uniana tilts her head up.

You incline your head.

Thrassus whispers, "Nice to see the authorities on this side of the Spine have to deal with the same headaches."

Phinalren says, "I suppose we should let him go first since he is more closely aligned with you than I am."

Speaking curiously to you, Ilvisar says, "Would you be willing to share a part of it... after we allow my partner to speak."

Speaking to Ilvisar, you assure, "It would be my honor. Though I am admittedly curious to hear Lord Regent Ravistel's proposal."

Speaking graciously to you, Phinalren says, "After you, Lord Anduin."

Speaking amusedly to you, Ilvisar agrees, "I am too, truth be told."

Speaking to Phinalren, you concede, "If you insist, my Lord."

(Teveriel moves from his place beside Uniana to address the aseembly at large alongside Phinalren and Ilvisar.)

You admit, "I am not the sole author of my proposal. Many of the technical particulars were worked out by Master Illithek Sprocketspinner, a Witchycombe machinist whom has my respect."

You continue, "Regrettably, he could not join us this evening, and so I will share what I may without the benefit of his diagrams."

Phinalren nods to you.

You say, "At any rate, what I propose is a series of four redoubt towers, strategically arranged for defense. These would be constructed along the beach and coastal cliffs that flank Mistwatch from a northerly and southerly direction."

Ilvisar nods encouragingly to you.

You say, "The northern and southern-most towers would be mainly for surveillance, while the innermost towers would make up the bulk of Mistwatch's defenses."

Vanathys gazes with interest at you.

You clarify, "All would be armed with magical and mundane artillery, but the main defense I envision for the port proper would be a network of connected underwater chains. By Master Sprocketspinner's calculations, these could be lifted within seconds, trapping antagonistic vessels within the harbor. I have taken to calling this feature 'The Wyvern's Maw.'."

Ilvisar nods approving as he gazes over at Phinalren.

Vanathys adopts a thoughtful expression, his fingertips drumming on the armrest of his chair.

You add, "If resources allow, this 'Maw' could be made even more deadly via Drake technology--similar to that which we employ at Annato Gate. Ideally, these would lord over each slip."

Phinalren glances at Ilvisar.

You stress, "I believe that these fortifications would require minimal allocation of Legion resources."

You say, "A single troupe of Thaumature Legionnaires would suffice for each surveillance tower."

You continue, "The inner towers, at most, a battery comprised of Warrior and Thaumature Legionnaires."

You say, "This would allow them to be deployed in the event that an immediate need for ground troops should be required."

Phinalren frowns as he paces thoughtfully.

You smoothly conclude, "Naturally, these Vaalorian forces would be complemented by the fortified vessels of the Gilded Talon Consortium, along with any other independent fleets or vessels aligned with House Vaalor which patrol the Sea of Mists."

Speaking to you, Phinalren says, "I have to admit, that is a well planned proposal, Lord Anduin. It certainly sounds formidable."

You incline your head.

Ilvisar praises, "An effort supported by all allies and citizens of the fortress."

Speaking gratefully to you, Ilvisar says, "Thank you."

Ilvisar turns to face Phinalren.

(Teveriel rejoins his wife at her seat.)

Phinalren says, "As with High Lord Ghiran's proposal, however, I argue that it sets a dangerous precedent."

Ilvisar counters, "No less dangerous than allowing those bandits and pirates run amok."

Phinalren says, "It seems it would be better served being put together by the people of Mistwatch, rather than the funds coming out of not the coffers, but the citizens' pockets to protect private property."

Phinalren asks, "If we allow that, then are we to establish a military presence every time someone's stealing chickens off a farmer's land?"

Phinalren raises an eyebrow.

Phinalren asks, "What is the line that we draw that tells someone that their land is worthy of paid citizen protection or that it is not?"

Ilvisar amusedly says, "I've never heard of our mercantile allies as chickens."

Speaking to Ilvisar, Phinalren says, "It is an example."

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar says, "And a poor one, to boot."

Speaking to Ilvisar, Phinalren says, "It is not a poor example. You know there will be someone who tries to use it as a precedence for why we should put our funds into their land."

Phinalren quickly adds, "By "our" funds, I mean the taxes collected from our citizens."

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar argues, "But what of the businesses already established at Mistwatch? Shall we tell them that their safety isn't worthy of contribution?"

Speaking to Ilvisar, Phinalren says, "We should tell them to talk to the owners of the port."

You respectfully interject, "The 'people' of Mistwatch. Which people are those, my lord? The retired airship captain Jeryme himself? His.. wait staff? Mistwatch in its current state can barely be called a town, by population."

Speaking to you, Phinalren says, "All the people that work there on the docks, I suppose."

Phinalren asks, "If we can hardly call it a town, by population, why would we put so many funds into the private port?"

You stress, "Those people who do reside there--dockworkers, tavernkeepers--are Vaalorian. That port has brought sea trade to Ta'Vaalor by way of Neartofar Road."

Speaking to Vanathys, Ilvisar asks, "I do believe you've purchased a shop by the piers, am I correct?" Vanathys nods at Ilvisar.

Phinalren glances at Vanathys.

Speaking to Ilvisar, Phinalren says, "As I understand it, he hired private security."

Speaking to Phinalren, Vanathys says, "I'm sure I could explain that."

Phinalren frowns at Vanathys.

Laermeluion whispers, "Perhaps an initial investment by Ta'Vaalor with the promise that Mistwatch pay back the investment with interest?"

Speaking to Phinalren, you ask, "We have benefited from their service. Should we not, then, offer protection to them? To our own vested interests?"

Speaking curiously to Vanathys, Ilvisar asks, "Would you feel more confident in conducting business if there were better fortifications throughout?"

Agathilea suggests, "Perhaps this could be sold as a temporary defense strategy until such time as we clear the waters and Mistwatch of pirates and bandits? Perhaps even making the defense towers themselves mobile?"

You respectfully say, "Forgive me for speaking out of turn."

Speaking to Ilvisar, Vanathys says, "I am probably the wrong person to seek for your side, although I understand you would expect me to be on yours, as I... Well..."

Vanathys waves his hand dismissively.

Agathilea glances at you.

Agathilea whispers, "I spoke out of turn as well."

Vanathys says, "I agree with the Lord Regent Ravistel."

Speaking to Ilvisar, Vanathys adds, "As shocking as that may be."

Ilvisar inclines his head.

Uniana cocks her head at Ilvisar.

Speaking to Vanathys, Ilvisar says, "You are entitled to your opinion, of course."

Khobra yawns.

You give a sidelong glance at Vanathys.

Phinalren glances at Vanathys.

Vanathys says, "I hired my own security. I protect my own land. I don't think that it is my place as a citizen to pay for the protection of a private port."

You quietly whisper to Agathilea, "Understandable, I think, to be outspoken about that which we feel strongly."

Vanathys says, "I think it's the responsibility of that property to handle their own issues, and if they are a security risk, then the status of the land as a private domain should be reconsidered."

Agathilea whispers, "It is true."

Phinalren raises both his eyebrows.

Ilvisar appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Uniana whispers, "If only we knew why the Sovereign granted it as a private enterprise in the first place."

Agathilea whispers, "Perhaps the solution is to annex Mistwatch and then provide adequate defenses."

Phinalren whispers something to Ilvisar.

Ilvisar looks thoughtfully at Phinalren.

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar admits, "I hadn't considered that route."

Orssus asks, "Allow the port to fall, then claim the wreckage?"

You say, "Surely such drastic measures are unnecessary."

Phinalren says, "Well, as of right now, it is a private property, and I think that rather than funnel our funds into something that can hardly be called a town..."

Agathilea agrees with you.

Krystalena asks, "Wasn't there a discussion at one time of Ta'Vaalor Annexing the harbor?"

Agathilea says, "There was, briefly. I believe it was suggested."

Speaking to Orssus, you say, "We need only convince Jeryme and whatever investors he has to consider relinquishing control of the port to the Crown."

Phinalren says, "We focus our coffers on repairing and securing the roads, to ensure that trade can flow smoothly and easily, and in the event that places such as Mistwatch do need assistance, it is easier to get there."

Phinalren says, "By roads, I do mean Aradhul." . Orssus says, "I'm sorry, but if you don't protect Mistwatch now, you'll be left with a pirate port on our doorstep."

Speaking to Orssus, Phinalren says, "If it's a pirate port, then it is not owned by a private citizen, and we can take it as we see fit."

Agathilea quietly says, "There are fleets for hire....for protection..."

Phinalren says, "Besides, I am not arguing that we as a group of citizens should not protect the port if we feel the call."

Phinalren says, "If you wish to protect it as a private citizen, that is your choice, but to use taxes to fund the protection of a private property is a slippery slope, as they say."

You evenly say, "The Gilded Talon, for our part, are not 'for hire.' We are loyal to Ta'Vaalor. It is that simple."

Agathilea nods in agreement to you.

Agathilea adds, "Other than the Gilded Talon."

Agathilea grins at you.

Phinalren says, "Instead, those funds should go to infrastructure that belongs to all people of the city-state."

Speaking nervously to Orssus, Yardie suggests, "Intel should help with that regard. You're dealing with unconventional fighters. The more you can disrupt their collaborations, the better it would be."

Speaking to Ilvisar, Phinalren asks, "Am I not talking loudly enough?"

Vanathys clears his throat.

Speaking jokingly to Phinalren, Ilvisar asks, "Pardon?"

Speaking charmingly to Phinalren, Uniana asks, "May I ask a question?"

Speaking to Phinalren, you say, "I believe your point is clear, Lord Ravistel."

Speaking to Uniana, Phinalren says, "I will come to you first when I am finished my proposal, if anyone cares to listen."

Uniana nods respectfully at Phinalren.

You invitingly say, "But please continue with it."

Phinalren glances at you.

Phinalren says, "As I was saying, since the status of our treaty with Ta'Illistim is in question, we have to consider more than just that one entry point to our city-state."

Ilvisar murmurs, "All this talk of annexation, you're going to provide new worries for our cousins."

Phinalren says, "The funds could instead be used to repair Aradhul Road, rebuild the bridge and lift, and fortify the road."

Orssus whispers to the group, "If we're just waiting for the port to no longer be private property I can accomplish that by Feastday."

Speaking to Ilvisar, Phinalren says, "I have no desire to annex Ta'Illistim."

You whisper, "How do you mean?" to your group.

Phinalren waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

You murmur, "Now -that- would be a poor use of resources."

Phinalren says, "Neartofar Road, as Lord Regent Ghiran said, is also in dire need of repairs and fortifications."

(Teveriel nods in acquiescence to that point.)

Phinalren says, "Guard towers, perhaps a ballista on the public side of Mistwatch."

Tylanthriel whispers, "So his fear of Illistim being a second front leads him to repair the road that would give them quicker access to us?"

Vesaria whispers to the group, "It makes sense to not put money into something you don't even own, even though it would help with making things safer. There must be a way for Ta'Vaalor to claim the port first."

You quietly whisper to Tylanthriel, "I do not think his fear is Ta'Illistim as a second front, but rather a step towards amending those relations."

Orssus whispers, "Merely trying to prove a point, I would not harm the innocent people working in Mistwatch."

Phinalren says, "The roads would allow better trade between the port and our sister city of Ta'Illistim."

Ilvisar says, "Admittedly, Ravistel and I are of the same mind in regards of Aradhul."

Khobra's crimson-scaled python raises its head slightly from its pose, its tongue flickering as it tastes the air. After a long moment, it settles back into its pose, its gaze steady and unblinking.

You quietly whisper to Tylanthriel, "Bringing the two together, so to speak."

Tylanthriel whispers, "Those were not his words and he is using the stalled treaty as a defense towards not defending the port. It makes no sense."

Vesaria whispers to the group, "The road, however, is owned by Vaalor, correct? I see a good reason to invest funding there. I could be wrong on that though, the ownership."

Speaking to Ilvisar, Phinalren says, "Well, you can't dip into the coffers for every side project you are interested in, so perhaps you should concede on the Mistwatch proposal."

Ilvisar gazes in amusement at Phinalren.

Phinalren says, "Though, inarguable the sea is not owned by Mistwatch, so the Withycombe gnome's invention is still of interest."

You quietly whisper to Tylanthriel, "Bureaucrats, to be blunt. Any dip in the coffers is measured and remeasured." Phinalren glances at you.

You nod appreciatively at Phinalren.

Speaking pointedly to Phinalren, Ilvisar says, "This could reflect poorly with the Nalfein, as their shipments do enter in through Mistwatch."

Phinalren pleasedly says, "That sounded very formidable."

Uniana briefly conceals her face behind her aqilorn fan, coyly looking past the triad of blades set within it.

Khobra sashays gracefully to stand behind Phinalren.

Khobra surveys her surroundings carefully.

Phinalren glances at Khobra.

Speaking to Khobra, Phinalren says, "Please step away from me immediately."

Khobra glances at Phinalren.

Vanathys stands up.

Tylanthriel stands up.

Vanathys calmly says, "I would move away from the Lord Regent."

Speaking to Khobra, Tylanthriel says, "Your actions are not becoming. I would ask kindly that you return to your seat and fix your actions."

Khobra takes a few graceful steps backward.

Phinalren holds a hand up to Vanathys.

You admit, "I can find no fault in the proposed reinforcement of Neartofar Road," pointedly ignoring the display. "Though I would stress that we ignore the Sea of Mists at our own peril."

You say, "The world at large sees those as Vaalorian waters, whether they are in truth or not."

You grimly say, "And I would not have the most well-trained military force on Elanith be perceved as being humiliated by mere pirates."

You dryly say, "I trust I am not alone in that sentiment."

Vanathys does not take a seat again, instead folding his hands behind his back as he stands still.

Phinalren says, "...You are not, but I believe it can be managed by better control of the roads."

Phinalren says, "Whether or not I am more successful in convincing our Sovereign of that than Lord Regent Ghiran is of his proposal is another thing entirely. Though it seems we have mixed opinions from the people."

Speaking to Uniana, Phinalren asks, "You had a question?"

Speaking to Phinalren, Uniana asks, "It sounds as though the investment is the chief concern? But could you walk me through a scenario," flashing a smile, "a levee on private property threatens to break due to heavy rains and spoil lands owned by the Crown, what would be the procedure to handle such a matter with the owner of levee?"

Phinalren looks thoughtfully at Uniana.

Speaking to Uniana, Phinalren says, "The ultimate decision on that would be out of my hands, but historically speaking, we would expect the owner of the property to resolve it. If they could not, we would resolve it for them, and they would be expected to pay the cost back."

Phinalren says, "While I see the parallel you are making, I do not know what Mistwatch could afford to pay back and there's a difference between paying for a levee and establishing military presence."

Speaking to Phinalren, Uniana queries, "What if the cost of building fortifications for Mistwatch *could* be paid back in full, with interest?"

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar suggests, "We could simply use the available buildings as payment."

Phinalren says, "If it could be paid back, I am not opposed to building fortifications. I continue to be opposed to establishing military presence htere."

You note, "The Dragon's Maw, which you do favor, relies on a minimal military presence to operate effectively."

Ilvisar says, "I still believe that a military presence would instill more confidence in those who use the waters for business."

You dryly correct, "The Wyvern's Maw. An important and most patriotic distinction."

Laermeluion asks, "If I may, A Suggestion?"

Speaking to Ilvisar, Uniana explains, "We are currently sitting on vast empty real estate as it stands. Prime and within the Fortress, if we could create a luxury shopping plaza and make the vendors buy in, it would pay for the construction. If there were tariffs placed on the goods sold specifically at that location, whatever was leeched from the Crown's coffers could be paid back."

Speaking to Ilvisar, Phinalren exclaims, "Or make people uncomfortable!"

Uniana adds, "With interest."

Ilvisar nods in agreement at Uniana.

Phinalren looks thoughtfully at Uniana.

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar says, "Then tell those legionnaires to smile more."

Ilvisar grins wryly at Phinalren.

Phinalren glances at Ilvisar.

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar says, "Establish better rapport with the citizens and visitors."

Speaking to Uniana, Phinalren says, "That is a thought."

Speaking to Laermeluion, Phinalren says, "Please share your thoughts. We are at that portion of the evening, I think."

Speaking to Agathilea, Ilvisar states, "You have a very welcoming smile."

Agathilea inclines her head.

Yardie grins at Agathilea.

Laermeluion says, "If the large issue at hand is the continued military presence, perhaps an investment into the construction of these defenses, due to be returned to the fortress by the town of Mistwatch, and we could offer basic military training to their workers for which they could use to man the defenses."

Phinalren looks thoughtfully at Laermeluion.

Agathilea says, "It would be inclusive, and give them a sense of ownership of their own destiny, as it were."

Agathilea nods in agreement at Laermeluion.

Speaking to Laermeluion, Phinalren allows, "I am a proponent of teaching others rather than doing for them..."

Laermeluion says, "Being a port town, they should be accustomed to being taught how to fish... as it were."

Speaking to Ilvisar, Phinalren says, "If the Sovereign leans toward your proposal, that might be something to amend."

Speaking to Phinalren, Vesaria asks, "I have a question, this may be something already well known but I only arrived here a few days ago. Has Mistwatch even asked for aid from Ta'Vaalor?"

Laermeluion nods at Vesaria.

Speaking to Vesaria, you explain, "Mistwatch has beacons to that effect, and yes."

Vesaria nods understandingly.

Vesaria says, "So they asked for aid with fortifications."

Laermeluion says, "More so with military presence."

Phinalren says, "They did not ask for aid with fortifications so much as occasionally requested aid. We have sent patrols down to the port before."

You amend, "They have not asked for fortifications. Nor are they present at this meeting."

Speaking to Phinalren, Vesaria says, "That's good to know, thank you."

Vesaria nods once.

Phinalren asks, "Was there anyone else with commentary, suggestions, or thoughts?"

Laermeluion says, "I believe there was a misunderstanding that our voluntary patrols were equating to official military support."

Speaking to Laermeluion, Phinalren says, "There was official support at one point. Legionnaire Captain Tyavasinne had patrols stationed there last year."

Speaking to you, Vesaria says, "I find it strange that they are not present at such a meeting."

You agree, "I find it strange, but not surprising."

Khobra sashays gracefully to stand behind Phinalren.

You say, "Nor the beginning of their blatant mismanagement of the port."

Agathilea casts a warning glance at Khobra.

Vanathys moves between Phinalren and Khobra.

Speaking to Khobra, Vanathys says, "Back up."

Uniana whispers, "Keep going."

Speaking to Khobra, Vanathys says, "Or I will remove you myself."

Phinalren glances over his shoulder at Vanathys.

Khobra nods slowly at Yardie.

Agathilea places her hand on her leather thigh-sheath, as if to indicate she is ready to draw her weapon at a moment's notice.

Speaking to Yardie, Laermeluion says, "The military training I would suggest would be more how to man and effectively utilize implaced defenses."

Khobra sashays gracefully to stand behind Yardie.

You ask, "Much like her constant outbursts, at what point do we hold them accountable? At risk for adverse possession due to such mismanagement of their assets?"

You remind, "Which were constructed with permission granted by the Crown."

Phinalren nods to you.

Vesaria nods in agreement to you.

Uniana nods firmly to you.

Tylanthriel nods.

Vanathys exhales a long, slow breath, now standing behind Phinalren.

Phinalren whispers something to Ilvisar.

Ilvisar nods in agreement at Phinalren.

Speaking to you, Vanathys says, "I suppose that is my question, as well... having been directly affected by the breaches of Mistwatch, as it were."

You nod sympathetically at Vanathys. . Phinalren says, "...It is a delicate thing, to repossess land, but I suppose there is a line that must be drawn eventually."

Speaking carefully to Phinalren, Ilvisar says, "But we need to tread lightly."

Speaking to Ilvisar, Phinalren whispers aloud, "Some of these arguments would give the rest of the Council something to chew on, as they say."

Phinalren nods at Ilvisar.

You quietly reassure, "It is not a suggestion I would make lightly. Many of us were present when Jeryme made his dream known."

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar whispers aloud, "Very much so, it should make for a delightful evening."

Speaking to you, Phinalren says, "And yet we had that disturbance in the Fethayl Bog."

Speaking to Phinalren, you say, "What happened in Fethayl Bog was due to the actions of the selfsame pirates who attacked Mistwatch."

Phinalren nods to you.

Speaking to Uniana, Phinalren says, "I admit, I would like to hear more about your other idea, which I suspect you have a full plan for, even if it is not to go to Mistwatch funding. Perhaps you can send a proposal to the Council."

Phinalren says, "Beyond that, I think you have all given us a great deal to consider. I would like to take a swift vote to get a general idea of how people are feeling."

You nod understandingly.

Speaking to Uniana, Ilvisar urges, "Please, you Anduins have such delightful ieas."

You simply say, "For my part, I am pleased to note that we appear to have more common ground than not."

Phinalren says, "Please raise your hand if you believe we should fund the protection of Mistwatch."

Speaking brightly to Phinalren, Uniana says, "It would be my honor. I am bound for Ta'Nalfein tomorrow to discuss the build with an architect who is in my cousin's circle."

Phinalren glances around the room.

Ilvisar raises his wine and murmurs, "Although this other idea has merit."

Speaking to Phinalren, Tylanthriel asks, "If I may, do you mean fund fully or have them pay back the funds?"

Phinalren says, "Fund with your taxes."

Phinalren says, "Please raise your hand if you believe we should assist with building the protections in Mistwatch, but as a loan only."

Vellani raises her hand.

Tylanthriel raises his hand.

Aylysha raises her hand.

Yunni raises her hand.

Uniana touches her open aqilorn fan to her left eyebrow for a moment.

Agathilea raises her hand.

Ilvisar raises his wine again with a grin towards Phinalren.

(Uniana raises her aqilorn fan hand a little higher.)

Phinalren says, "Raise your hand if you believe we should be considering the private status of the port and whether that should remain."

Vanathys raises his hand.

Agathilea raises her hand.

Phinalren glances over his shoulder at Vanathys.

You raise your hand.

Aylysha raises her hand.

Vesaria raises her hand.

Yunni raises her hand.

Uniana says, "Those do not need be mutually exclusive."

Phinalren says, "I see there is overlap."

Phinalren nods at Uniana.

Khobra raises her hand.

Vellani nods slowly.

Vellani raises her hand.

Phinalren whispers something to Ilvisar.

(Uniana continues holding her aqilorn fan high.)

Ilvisar whispers something to Phinalren.

Phinalren nods once.

Vesaria says, "I agree with both, really."

Phinalren whispers something to Ilvisar.

Vesaria says, "The first, while working on the second."

Phinalren nods understandingly at Vesaria.

You reason, "If the port is under control of the crown, there should be no reason to second guess the allocation of funds to support it. No?"

You give your eyebrow a little workout.

Phinalren nods to you.

Tylanthriel says, "But I do agree it can set a difficult precedent if done so."

Agathilea nods in agreement to you.

Agathilea nods in agreement at Tylanthriel.

Laermeluion asks, "Does Mistwatch have a leader?"

Speaking to Tylanthriel, Phinalren says, "That is also a concern. We will bring this thought to the Council, since it seems so widely considered."

Tylanthriel says, "Although if they are not able to defend it and it causes the fortress issues that may be a different conversation entirely."

You say, "Not formally, but it all sprung around Jeryme's tavern."

Phinalren nods to you.

Tylanthriel nods at Phinalren.

You say, "A port by happenstance, as it were."

Vanathys mutters, "A security risk at this point."

Phinalren asks, "I believe we can conclude this conversation, unless there is any other pressing issue?"

Phinalren glances at Thrassus.

Aylysha asks, "If I may, could we not suggest Jeryme a mayor pro tem?"

Thrassus ponders.

Laermeluion says, "Should there not be an attempt to negotiate with Jeryme then, perhaps an agreement can be reached as to the encorporation of Mistwatch into the Crown's overall ownership."

You politely say, "I have nothing else, my lords."

Laermeluion nods at Aylysha.

Thrassus says, "I had hoped to see Lord Commander Jarainzair at this meeting as my concern would be more in his wheelhouse, as it were."

Phinalren says, "It is as Lord Anduin said, however, that it can hardly be considered a town. At this point it is essentially a private business."

Speaking to Phinalren, Tylanthriel asks, "Is it agreed to suggest repairs of both roads?"

Speaking to Thrassus, Phinalren says, "Lord Legionnaire Commander Jaranzair finds our conversations terribly dull."

Phinalren raises an eyebrow in Ilvisar's direction.

Phinalren says, "I think we are of the same mind on both roads."

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar says, "The Lord Legionnaire Commander is more apt to cancel his visits to our chats than actually attend."

Speaking to Vesaria, Tylanthriel says, "Of course, but that does not mean it has been decided to do so."

Uniana blithely says, "It should be suited to its namesake."

Speaking to Thrassus, you ask, "Would you be amenable to sharing your concern regardless?"

Ilvisar says, "But yes, both roads must be repaired."

Thrassus nods to you.

Thrassus says, "I suppose it could not hurt."

Speaking to Thrassus, Phinalren says, "Please, if you have a concern, emissary."

Thrassus says, "My concern was dealing with the territory owned by the Fortress on the western side of the Spine." Phinalren glances at Ilvisar.

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar rambles, "Although, if we repair Neartofar first, it would improve travel of Illistimi imports and exports and they could, possibly, in turn assist with Aradhul."

Phinalren nods at Thrassus.

You admit, "I thought as much."

Thrassus says, "It is, if I may say, rather undefended."

Phinalren whispers something to Ilvisar.

You smoothly add, "And my opinion on the matter of Mistwatch extends to the village bordering the Vipershroud. If these are Vaalorian citizens, they are due our protection."

Ilvisar whispers something to Phinalren.

Speaking to Thrassus, Phinalren says, "Go on."

Thrassus says, "I had already written to the Lord Commander proposing fortifying the area and offering assistance from the Landing on construction materials and the like."

Ilvisar vaguely says, "Yes, the treaty and such."

Ilvisar surreptitiously glances at Phinalren.

Phinalren says, "He had mentioned something to that effect."

Thrassus says, "I think it would help with securing any trade routes that could develop overland."

Speaking to Thrassus, Phinalren asks, "What interest does the Landing have in us fortifying the village?"

Thrassus says, "It would also help bring more order in an area that sorely needs it."

Phinalren says, "There is concern that the fortification could be seen as a threat."

You carefully say, "There is precedent in that concern. A mere base to serve as a waypoint with our former trading partner, Briarmoon, was viewed with.." he sets his mouth in a firm line. "..suspicion."

Thrassus says, "I have discussed this already with the mayor of the Landing and they support the idea."

Phinalren notes, "So did the mayor of Icemule."

Vanathys clears his throat.

Ilvisar dryly says, "Let's not speak of that... moment."

Thrassus nods.

Speaking to Thrassus, Phinalren says, "I will consider your suggestion, however. Perhaps we can have another discussion around the fate of the village, after we have spoken as a Council."

Speaking to Phinalren, you say, "While it is true that Mayors come and go, as a rule, I do believe the differences in scenarios matter."

Thrassus nods.

Speaking to Thrassus, Phinalren says, "I will be sure you are sent an invitiation."

Thrassus says, "That would be most welcome."

Phinalren says, "I believe we can conclude now."

Phinalren says, "Thank you for coming and sharing your opinions on this pressing matter."

You say, "Your enthusiasm in hearing the citizenry is to be commended, my lords. I thank you both for your insights."

Speaking appreciatively to you, Ilvisar says, "Thank you for proposal, I believe we will enter our meeting with the King with a bit more... reinforcements."

Nodding slightly, you bow in recognition.

Thrassus says, "I wouldn't expect you to understand."

Thrassus glances at Yardie.

Tylanthriel whispers, "More of a presence in the west could have more people screaming we plan to invade.....again."

Tylanthriel sighs.

Tylanthriel whispers, "But our people should be defended."

Speaking to you, Phinalren says, "It is of some people's mind that we are too insular."

Phinalren glances at Ilvisar.

Phinalren says, "I have to admit, this was more enlightening than I expected."

You quietly whisper to Tylanthriel, "My thought is that so long as those villagers are considered citizens, they are due our protection. If we cannot or will not provide that, they should not be our citizens."

Speaking proudly to you, Ilvisar says, "Guilty as charged."

Tylanthriel whispers, "Agreed."

Phinalren kisses Vanathys on the temple, eliciting a scowl from the younger elf as Vanathys pulls away.

Vanathys squints at Phinalren.

Vanathys waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

Uniana looks at Vanathys and hums.

Vanathys says, "Good evening."

Vanathys walks out, looking somewhat mortified.

Speaking to Agathilea, Aylysha says, "Go do something fun."

Vellani gazes out.

Thrassus snickers.

Agathilea glances out.

Agathilea chuckles.

You glance over your shoulder.

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar says, "You didn't even pinch his cheek."

Speaking to Ilvisar, Phinalren says, "I do not press my luck."

Speaking to you, Phinalren says, "I am disappointed that your gnome friend was not able to attend."

Speaking to Ilvisar, Phinalren asks, "Did he send schematics for the Wyvern's Maw?"

Speaking to Phinalren, you say, "As am I, though I find it not very surprising."

Speaking to Phinalren, Ilvisar says, "Just the initial sketchings, I am truly interested in the workings of such a marvel."

You say, "He has a number of projects of which he is most enthusiastic."

Phinalren says, "I trust our Sovereign would be, too."

Speaking to you, Ilvisar says, "If his sketchings are just a sample of his genius, I look forward to meeting him."

Speaking to you, Thrassus asks, "You said it was of gnomish design?"

Speaking to Thrassus, you clarify, "The system of chains was an idea of mine that was put in an executable form by Master Illithek."

Thrassus nods understandingly.

You say, "I am no engineer. What I have are ideas."

(With that, the Lord Regents say their goodbyes and depart for Guardian Keep.)