Opportunistic Strife (storyline)/A Threatening Letter to the Sovereign (vignette)

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To King Qalinor Vaalor, Sovereign Commander of the Crimson Legion:

We, the Eastern Seaboard Collective of Traders, demand the issue with Neartofar Road be resolved posthaste.  It has become nigh impossible to traverse the road without being harassed by any manner of scoundrels.  We find it unlikely the problem has not already been noted and believe it is repugnant that no measures have been taken.  While you sit safely in your fortress, we must navigate a road left in ill repair and surrounded by untamed forest, we are forced to endure ambushes, thievery, and threats upon our lives if we wish to maintain our livelihood and businesses.

If this problem cannot be dealt with satisfactorily, we will be forced to reassess the trading contracts we have with the businesses that operate within the protective walls of the fortress of Ta'Vaalor, as well as any villages and hamlets around it.  There are ample ports with which we could conduct our business.

Lucetiaan Befalro
Warilloe Tynairre
Xaviasulla Loquetian
Emiellenne Turril
Dyanasia Resreave
Preasnat Forloruct
Satnamofi Tofust

Word of the threatening letter traveled swiftly through taverns across the City-State, carried by lips loosened by alcohol and dismay. Rumors abounded that some traders had already stopped bringing their wares to Mistwatch. Master Seamstress Ilmil was allegedly overheard lamenting an indefinitely delayed shipment of textiles from Ta'Loenthra, concerned that it would cause her to be unable to fulfill several orders.

Many citizens about the fortress continue to discuss among themselves the poor state of national security, though plenty of others insist it is hardly their responsibility to pay taxes to protect the privately owned port of Mistwatch. Some citizens are rumored to agree that the silence from the king is despicable, though only in whispers in the most secluded of areas.