Orbean's Outlooks

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Orbean's Outlooks is a Premium Home Window shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located north and northwest of the main entrance to the Teras premium furniture emporium.

[Orbean's Outlooks] RNUM: 12434
Soft golden candlelight flickers and reflects from countless showroom windowframes which line the walls of Orbean's glazing gallery. In the center of the store, a series of faux walls displays his wares in a variety of home-like settings, allowing customers to amble unhurriedly between them while window shopping. You also see Orbean.


      Price  Item
1.)  750000  a handsome leaded glass window
2.)   80000  a heart-shaped willow-framed window
3.)  900000  an opaque blue glaes window
4.)  900000  an opaque dark glaes window
5.)  900000  a translucent black glaes window
6.)  900000  a narrow oak-framed window
7.)  750000  a small round glaes window
8.)   45000  a long oak-framed window
9.)  200000  a wide ebony oval window
10.)  75000  a graceful bay window
11.)  36000  a warped maoral window
12.)  35000  a cracked picture window
13.)  37000  a sanded haon-framed window
14.)  40000  a narrow mithril-framed window
15.) 500000  a cracked stained glaes window
16.) 200000  a massive bay window
17.) 750000  a beveled glaes window
18.) 200000  an oak-framed picture window
19.)  50000  an etched oak-framed window
20.)  42000  a polished tanik-framed window