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The Ord an Dragan is a clan primarily dedicated to helping other adventurers, upholding justice, and exemplifying honor in the lands.


Baile Dragan, which is the home of the clan, opened in November of 2010 just south of the town of Wehnimer's Landing. After you cross the bridge on the way to the Graveyard, head south, go down the tree-lined cobblestone road and then into their courtyard. Various members and non-members can usually be found resting through the tankard-carved door.


The Ord has meetings on the first Restday(Sunday) of the month at 10 PM Eastern in the Wyrm's Rest at Baile Dragan. Meetings are open to everyone, and free spell ups are offered at the conclusion.


Our members are always on the lookout for those who exemplify our ideals without being in the order. Your name will usually be known to us before you become a member by your own deeds. Should you wish to join our group, speak with a member within the order who will pass along the request.


The Ord puts on many events during the year, but we have some traditional events that we plan far in advance

Event Name Prior Date Upcoming Date Description
Dancing on Darkstone Bay: SnowBall Formal January 22, 2021 January 29, 2023 A Winter celebration where members dressed in their finest dance the night away.
Dancing on Darkstone Bay: Green Spring Fling March 17, 2022 March 17, 2023 10pm A celebration of spring, with a touch of hooliganism in the Landing.
Under the Mountain Stomp May 13, 14 & 15, 2022 May 2023 A 3-day rabble-rousing affair where we invade Zul Logoth to celebrate the Dwarven race and enjoy all they have to offer.
Dancing on Darkstone Bay: Summer Sandal Soiree July 24, 2022 10PM July 23, 2023 10PM A dance celebrating the change to more comfortable weather and wearing more comfortable clothes! Prizes are awarded for best summer outfits and for wearing sandals.
Rock the Boat September 11, 2022 10PM September 17, 2023 10PM Takeover of the Ferry on the way to Zul Logoth for a Birthday celebration in honor of the Ferryman.
Spirit Night October 31, 2021 October 31, 2022 10PM Spooky stories and treat giveaway
Dancing on Darkstone Bay: Howling at the Harvest Moons November 7, 2021 November 20, 2022 10PM An autumn-themed event with a nice bonfire. Dancing, food, and fun! Warm clothes and food are being collected in our donation bin for the Wellington House orphans. Guests will LEAF with something they didn’t have when they arrived.
Thrakmas Eve December 24, 2021 December 24, 2022 10PM A get together reminiscing over the past year around a campfire telling stories and sharing laughs.


Thane (Chairman) Chamorr
Reeve (Co-Chairman) Isophenee
Secretary Aoife
Master at Arms Goldeath
Officer Siggurd
Officer Bluey
Officer Gelfander


  • Tykeara
  • Goldeath
  • Kreager
  • Haliste
  • Panndoris
  • Leaena
  • Chamorr
  • Aoife
  • Isophenee
  • Siggurd
  • Yenko
  • Sheexor
  • Shanng
  • Trallihn
  • Orsu
  • Rivienne
  • Leatrix
  • Brokkrsten
  • Soldavi
  • Faytyln
  • Tonleaf
  • Shea
  • Farsia
  • Brakian
  • Anyauma
  • Tanivar
  • Hakosuka
  • Soneiken
  • Jadiana
  • Sincerae
  • Tabbecca
  • Ursine
  • Chemaine
  • Gumpboot
  • Antonette
  • Pugot
  • Sareyna
  • Irsila
  • Barreaus
  • Panterax
  • Ilnock
  • Myniart
  • Meeranda
  • Bekke
  • Sarina
  • Khristal
  • Rizel
  • Aeavenne
  • Catasia
  • Baencounter
  • Forestall
  • Cathlyn
  • Hlobane
  • Berrasi
  • Sorvey
  • Apocalypticuss
  • Qweetzyl
  • Sekoridin
  • Phransisco
  • Reapz
  • Khylynnia
  • Meeshach
  • Featherstripe
  • Myasarie
  • Zosopage
  • Illila
  • Lochness
  • Vanhadenthor
  • Vulgolos
  • Selaesia
  • Vrom
  • Jotal
  • Terax
  • Starmizt
  • Balley
  • Zosozpage
  • Xixtrataa
  • Klezarith
  • Smurch
  • Tavykah
  • Leafiara
  • Mongonator
  • Wintersylph
  • Faitedeiona
  • Dwi
  • Waq
  • Giogionni
  • Gylmour
  • Meggiemae
  • Saraphenia
  • Saranja
  • Hiina
  • Rahynor
  • Eldanari
  • Iseo
  • Kaseopea
  • Katze
  • Whisp
  • Nairena
  • Darkkstormmer
  • Morofinwe
  • Brandilor
  • Kobane
  • Poxs
  • Lyrna
  • Kassyopia
  • Achernar
  • Sammoon
  • Razanetika
  • Persistance
  • Palfin
  • Ensayn
  • Spoetzel
  • Schultz
  • Farseeker
  • Medicius
  • Soliere
  • Polveiss
  • Villorn
  • Aeryi
  • Eledryn
  • Nedish
  • Regwen
  • Fyrus
  • Alisette
  • Ellianna
  • Encrease
  • Loham
  • Jastalyn
  • Gelfander
  • Bbee
  • Aspyre
  • Loscar
  • Caask
  • Kaeldorien
  • Bluey
  • Deysi
  • Opalina
  • Nochternus
  • Astryd
  • Severine
  • Kathralynn
  • Pukk
  • Pietra
  • Kayani
  • Starkitty

Tale of the Founding of Ord an Dragan

In Elanthia’s history there has been four different ages from beginning to present. Throughout these four ages (the time of The Drakes, the Elves, Time of Chaos, and the Modern Era) the land has experienced much struggle and strife that has tested the survival of all the races, from the mighty Drakes and Arkatis down through the ranks. Regardless how powerful one particular group had been their time eventually came. The Drakes for all their power and glory were severely crippled by the Drake/Ur-Daemon war. They fought by themselves and did not unite the other races behind them. The Arkati, even though they healed the land from the Drake/Ur-Daemon war and empowered the lesser races, failed to unite them. The Elves, for all their wisdom and might saw their empire fall with their war against Despana and the undead legions which ushered in the age of Chaos. Time and again the strength of one particular group has never been enough to guarantee peace.

The Drakes learned a valuable lesson at their end: “What affects one race affects us all!” They sought to create out of the ashes of the Age of the Drakes, a small group of individuals that shared the same vision as those of the ancient ones. A group of individuals who would carry the virtues of Justice, Honor, and Loyalty to each other in cultivating the potential of all life in the fight against the evil forces that would see them destroyed. So the Ord An Dragan, or the “Order of the Dragon” was born.

This group, although small in number, worked in the shadows; different races united as one. Bringing their individual talents, powers, abilities, knowledge, skills, and passions, they strove to help the lands recover from the great Ur-Daemon War. Although the Arkati grew into distinct factions after the War, the Ord An Dragan held steadfast to their greatest strength, each other.

In the Age of Chaos at the battle of Shadow Guard, an unprecedented alliance of Dwarves, Giantmen, Elven Houses, Humans, Sylvans, Halflings, and the like were vital in turning the tide of the war. A first ever union of such a large scale and a lesson to those in the Ord An Dragan of the day to encourage and nurture in order to make a difference. This was also a pivotal point in the history of the Ord clan. After this battle, the clan's numbers and influence grew and established itself further as the last line of defense for the survival of Elanthia. The Drakes were right in forming the Ord and in establishing its creed.

Through the years those of the Ord An Dragan clan have been quietly but steadfastly present; watching, recording, growing, and encouraging the values which they hold dear. Members of the clan were aware of the discovery of the Gnomes and were present at the arrivals of the Erithians and Aelotoi. Members of the clan joined in, along with the Ta’Illistim guards, in the defense of the Aelotoi when they were attacked by the Kiramon who chased them through a portal upon their arrival. This event was the first official record of the Ord An Dragan Clan in the environs of Ta’Illistim. Wehnimer’s Landing, however, was seen as a more ideal place for a natural home due to its unparalleled diversity of races (it being a port city) and its geographical proximity to the borders of the Human Empire, Teras Isle, Soulhaven, and Icemule Trace.

Since then, Ord members have been arbiters of justice and cultivators of honor and diversity. The clan has provided a home where each individual’s potential is cultivated and protected; the unity of their powers coming together as strong and potent as those of the Dragon. It falls on the shoulders of the few to honor and hold each other in the highest regard and to protect and cultivate those who would follow in their footsteps protecting the lands from what may come! The Dragons are no longer numerous enough to stop evil or maintain the right for all to coexist for a second time. So we hold this guardianship in their stead: “To Honor the Strength in Unity for the benefit of all.