Ord an Dragan

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The Ord an Dragan is a clan primarily dedicated to helping other adventurers, upholding justice, and exemplifying honor in the lands.

Their official website is located here.


Baile Dragan, which is the home of the clan, opened in November of 2010 just south of the town of Wehnimer's Landing. After you cross the bridge on the way to the Graveyard, head south, go down the tree-lined cobblestone road and then into their courtyard. Various members and non-members can usually be found resting through the tankard-carved door.


The Ord has meetings on the first Restday of the month at 10 PM Eastern in the Wyrm's Rest at Baile Dragan. Meetings are open to everyone, and free spell ups are offered at the conclusion.

Clan hunts are also hosted by the Ord on Niiman evenings at 9 PM from the Wyrm's Rest. The hunts are open to clan members and friends.


Thane (Chairman) Chamorr
Reeve (Co-Chairman) Kreager
Secretary Aoife
Master at Arms Goldeath
Event Coodinator Sirona