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Chamorr (Bear) Na' Fiochmhar
"Bear...we do not kill people." ~Aoife
Race Giantman
Culture T'Kirem Bear Clan
Hometown Wehnimer's Landing
Class Warrior
Profession Warrior/Thane/Drinker
Religion Follower of Dalwhinnie, the Patron and First Distiller of Scotch
Affiliation(s) Thane of Ord an Dragan (7 years), General in the Drakes Vanguard (15 years of service), Founding Member of Landing Defense Irregulars (8 years), Moonstone Abbey
In-a-Word Hooligan
Disposition Does not stand for poor behavior, will stand up and speak up against any injustice
Demeanor Kind to all, friendly to most, happy-go-lucky, easygoing til provoked
Primary Trait A warrior mentality
Flaw Not afraid of taking on anything
Greatest Strength Not afraid of taking on anything
Habits hunting, kibitzin in tsc
Hobbies Distilling scotch for LDI, the Abbey, and the Mayor's Office
Soft Spots Family, wife Aoife and Pearl her companion porcupine
Likes Most everything
Dislikes Thiefs, assassins, bullies, nastiness
Fears Bugs
Loyalties Family, dragans, drakes, Whenimers Landing
Spouse Aoife
Loved One Aoife

Chamorr Na'Fiochmhar ("Bear") was announced as a candidate for Wehnimer's Landing Town Council on Leyan, the 9th day of Lumnea in the year 5121.

The story of Chamorr is one of adventure. He was raised in the T'Kirem Clan of the Giantmen. His father Kaham was Thane of the Clan, and his mother was Magrey.

Little Chamorr was raised by his mother to respect others, indeed, to respect all living things. His father taught him how to fight for the Clan and for his beliefs. When he was 13, he wrestled his first Grizzly Bear. At age 14, he was sent to a monastery in the south to learn Common speech and the ways of the Human. After 4 years of scholarly duties, he found himself in Ta'Vaalor, where he developed friendships with the elves there as hunting partners and friends.

While still living in the Elven Nations, Chamorr went in search of a good Corporate House where he could reside. He chose Moonstone Abbey, and there he met his wife Aoife, when he first joined. She was Liabo Chair for the house, a Ranger and Librarian. They were together on top of the Liabo Tower of the Abbey when out of nowhere a sprig of larkspur appeared between them. When Chamorr asked Aoife if she wanted to be with him she said "Let's try." Chamorr said, "We are together: Yes... or We are together: No... there is no Try." They have been together since that day in 5111 (2011), and happily married since the 19th of Ivastaen, 5113 (May 19, 2013).

Later, he faced the ultimate battle against Lord Kai in his quest for Mastery in the Order of Voln. After taking a beating from Master Kai, Master Kai bowed and said, "Nicely done." Chamorr had found favor with this mighty Warrior Lord.

After many journeys and seeing all the towns of Elanthia, he found Wehnimer's Landing, a bawdy frontier town where individual freedoms reigned. He knew this was his home. Period.

Chamorr came from T'Kirem royalty, but he did not rest on his laurels. He fought and proved himself a leader, and today, he is Thane of his Clan.


You see Lord Chamorr Na'Fiochmhar the Thane.

He appears to be a Giantman of the T'Kirem Clan.

He is very tall. He appears to be full grown. He has piercing stormy grey eyes and bronze skin. He has waist-length, ragged sanguine hair wound about tightly in sections with hammered dark steel bands and strands of mithril beads. He has a weathered face and a broad chest. A white streak runs through his hair.

He has a shimmering green dragon painted across his face.

He has a deep blue triple moon tattoo on his neck.

He is wearing a matte black mithril-spiked greathelm, a deeply hooded cloak of black bearskin with a traditional T'Kirem clasp, a Moonstone Abbey pin, a brilliant multihued larkspur, a solid vultite armband, a black shield emblazoned with a triple moon emblem in an argent circle, a crimson brindlecat hide shoulder sheath bound in mithril, a glossy black bearskin backpack with a traditional T'Kirem clasp, a set of matte black mithril platemail emblazoned with a triple moon emblem within an argent circle, a silver-eyed dragon armband, a strand of small vertebrae bones strung on a short copper wire, a pair of black mithril-taloned gauntlets, a braided rose gold wedding band, some etched glaes leg greaves, and a matte black ankle sheath.

Candidate Spotlight, 5121

Candidate Spotlight Questions and Answers

1 The Rooks
    The Rooks have been around so long they have become part of the fabric of the Landing.
The many attempts to eradicate them have come to naught.
Make no mistake, they a lawless crime family, that have their own interests at heart. Their defense of the town happens when its in their best interest to do so.
To usurp their power, we need to start with where do the rooks recruit. The poor
As I state we must provide jobs and training for all the folks of the landing.
We must provide better protection to our merchants, trade, and town folk.
There will always be folks who turn to crime for an easy life, therefore I propose stiffer penalties for those convicted.

2 The Consortium
  I find them to be more dangerous than the Rooks,
Another group bent on usurping the laws and governance of our town, disbanding our political system throwing our duly elected mayor out of office, replacing our town judge, by what authority did they do this, it amounted to a coup of our town.

3 The Outpost
First, I Hate any incursion by the empire and if I could I’d burn it to the ground and send them all packing south.
That would probably incite a war with the empire, and we would have imperial soldiers bivouac in the town.
Therefore I think kid gloves are more in our best interests, we should attempt to have the empire change the designation from Outpost to Embassy
I also think the empire should remove all their wagons and pavilions scattered through out our lands

4 Improving Life here in the Landing
       I propose a two step plan to be implemented simultaneously
1 Build and expand our docks and shipping, expand our ship building facilities
And start  paid apprenticeship programs for the folks in Shantytown to learn a trade
To earn a living and the self esteem that comes with providing for a family.
2 At the same time provide food and clothing to the poor in the interim, using the orphanage to distribute blankets and food with a tax credit to all those who donate such.

5 The role of the Town council
    First and foremost is to act as a check and balance to the mayor.
To vote on and against and recommend changes to the mayors policy agenda
The council should promote its own agenda to the mayor for his consideration.
The council does not have the ability to write its own laws and it should not have.
The council is the branch of our government that is the peoples direct pipeline to have their voices heard and listened to.

6 What would I bring to the council
I bring the ability to listen to all sides of a question
I bring the ability to stand up steadfastly for our folks and town
I will not be coercerced or intimidated to change my vote for any unjust law or agenda

7 In closing
Our town has been torn apart these last few years, corrupt council members with their own agendas of abuse and criminal activities.  I feel I can bring integrity ,stability, and a steadfast devotion to our town. I also bring an  open mind to our town council, which hasn’t had much of either in the past
I am a good listener and bring the ability to listen to all sides
I know many of the citizens and value them all as friends and neighbors.
I have  the humble honor of Leading the Ord an Dragan for the last seven years.
I also have the humble honor of being general in the Drakes Vanguard.
Hooligans all
And believe I will bring those leadership qualities to the council.

Town Council Application, 5121

My Application

I have been a Landing citizen since Oscar was a pup.
My account has been open for a long time. Not sure how many about Twenty.
I have not seen a formal application page.
I am good for the 500k.
I haven’t whacked anyone in a few years, that I recall.
I am a member of CHE Moonstone Abbey.
I am Thane (Leader) of Ord an Dragan (we throw the best parties in Elanthia).

The Landing is a frontier town north of the human empire and free from most of the Imperial formalities.
I want to keep the Landing a freely governed society where the Voices of the people are heard.

What can I bring to the council?
I am quite charming, as you know.
I  make my own opinions and don’t follow the crowd, too much anyways.
I can be vocal and have no fear of expressing my thoughts.
I will give whatever Imperial they send this way a hard time, but,
if it's in the best interest of the Town, I may concede.

My connections to the town go way back, I was running with Cryheart before he was a Lord.
I know many of the folks around and get along pretty well with most.
I don’t not stand for stealing, bullying or otherwise bad behavior.
There is a line between stirring the pot and poor behavior.

If elected to the council, you will get my utmost devotion to the job.
As Thane of Ord an Dragan my team and I have come up with many awesome Projects.
The under the mountain Stomp was three days of events in Zul Logoth.
So planning and executing events and projects, I can do.

Thanks for the consideration,
Chamorr (Bear)
P.S. I also have Aoife’s (my wife) ok to run.

Memberships and Leadership Roles

  • Ord an Dragan, Thane since Ivastaen 5114 (May 2014).
  • Drakes Vanguard, General since 5117 (2017), Member since 5103 (2003). He hunted with them from the time he was a "squirt." He worked his way up through the ranks of Sergeant, Master Sergeant, Warrant Officer, Lieutenant, Colonel, and then General. He has been with this group so long, that he regularly talks to Rufus!
  • Landing Defense Irregulars, Founding Member since Fashanos 5113 (February 2013). He was one of the first Founding Members when the group was created in 5113 (2013). Greganth mentioned he was forming the group and asked Chamorr to join, and he immediately accepted.
  • Moonstone Abbey, Member since 5113 (2013). He met his future wife, Aoife, when he first joined.