Orliane the Stonecutter

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Orliane the Stonecutter is a Premium Home Wall shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located in the Courtyard Furniture Emporium through the grey-veined marble arch in Courtyard North. It also sells floors.

[Orliane the Stonecutter]
Motes of dust hang in the air, gently floating down, only to be stirred with each passing footstep. Great chisels and cloth-covered hammers lie across unfinished hunks of marble, slate and other raw materials waiting for the stonecutter's hand. You also see Orliane.


      Price  Item
1.)   85000  a large granite wall
2.)  165000  a glossy marble wall
3.)   75000  a worn limestone wall
4.)   65000  a smooth sandstone wall
5.)   45000  a dull cracked stone wall
6.)  145000  a decorative white sandstone wall
7.)  110000  a shiny obsidian wall


8.)   95000  a dark granite floor
9.)   55000  a scuffed stone floor
10.) 105000  a worn granite floor
11.) 105000  a bright limestone floor
12.)  95000  a polished sandstone floor
13.) 155000  a decorative marble floor
14.)  75000  a chipped marble floor