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2017 Inventory

a vine and leaf stairway, Room #15, Lich #23895, go stairway


[Leafy Platform, Powders]
Lofted high above the jungle floor, this platform is nearly obscured by a profusion of hibiscus and jacaranda. Some moss-covered vines cascade over the edge of the platform, leading down. A series of bright-colored bowls runs the entire length of the platform around the tree's trunk. A knothole leads into a hollow in the tree.
Obvious exits: down
These magic powders have the following uses:

Night Black      Stun           Blow at enemies
Gleaming Silver  Slow           Blow at enemies
Sky Blue         Sleep          Blow at enemies
Vivid Red        Invisibility   Toss at self
Snow White       Lifekeep       Toss or blow at the dead

The jar, pouch, and neckpouch can store up to 20 pinches of the same type of powder!

In the series of bright-colored bowls you see:

a pinch of snow white powder BLOW (verb) Preservation (305) 200
a pinch of night black powder BLOW (verb) Mind Jolt (706) 950
a pinch of vivid red powder TOSS (verb) (self) Invisibility (916) 1500
a pinch of gleaming silver powder BLOW (verb) Slow (504) 600
a pinch of sky blue powder BLOW (verb) Sleep (501) 250
a squat glass jar 5000
a drawstring soft leather neckpouch 10000
a drawstring velvet envelope pouch 10000

Illuminated Nook (no items)

[Illuminated Nook]
Phosphorescent moss illuminates the large hollow with a pale blue-green glow. A bench runs around the perimeter of the hollow, providing a place to rest before the arduous climb back to the jungle floor.
Obvious exits: out