TOSS (verb)

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The TOSS verb is used to lob items at objects, or sometimes to simply TOSS something away. The THROW verb is not always a direct synonym, and THROW is used in thrown weapon combat. So use caution when using TOSS.


General verb help information

>help toss
No help files matching that entry were found.

>verb info toss
No match found.

Default TOSS output

Toss what?

>remove my cap
You take a fur-lined round cap off your head.

>toss cap
I don't think that's possible.

Example of using TOSS with a brimstone

>toss emerald
You toss your emerald onto the floor and it bounces a few feet before skidding to a stop.

Other items that may be tossed include roses and voids from sorcerer illusions, and pale glimmering dust from alchemy.