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2017 Inventory

a large dark hole, Room #21, Lich #23861, go large hole

[Treasure Hollow]
A small, but well organized shop, as everything seems to be neatly organized and in its place. A large silver chest sits in the far corner, out of the way. A small glass display case sits in the center of the room, to draw eyes to it and make it the most prominent item in the room. On the wall opposite the chest is a polished wooden clothes rack from which a selection of items hang.
Obvious exits: out

In the large silver chest you see:

a steel cudgel chased with silver cudgel 6400
a silver-hilted vultite dirk dagger 20000
an imflass hatchet with a curved blade handaxe 43000
a vultite spear with many small barbs along its length 4x, acid flares spear 34500
an ora ridgemace with a leather-wrapped grip mace 27000

In the small glass display case you see:

a spiral-carved aged ivory talisman on braids of twine 10000
a knotted suede necklace strung with laquered fel tiles 7500
a narrow electrum band with channel-set black diamonds 15000
a large copper hoop earring anchoring green starstone beads 10000
a pair of silver cuff anklets suspending miniature bells 15000
a red-tinged ironwood vesper bat miniature with jet eyes 15000
a blue-eyed ivory snowcat figurine with one stubby ear 15000
a carved birch horned owl figurine with large citrine eyes 15000
some purple zydris lotus earrings centered with heliodor 10000
a pair of gold chandelier earrings dangling ruby briolettes 10000
a coin-strung silver wire bracelet marred with tarnish 10000
a gold-spotted bronze doe pendant on a green leather cord 15000
an exceedingly fat cat sculpture hewn from white marble 15000
a muscular amber ocelot miniature chomping on a tiny cookie 15000

On the polished wooden clothes rack you see:

some oversized grey fur mouse slippers with tiny onyx eyes foot-worn 5000
some supple tawny doeskin slippers with bone beadwork foot-worn 7500
a gold-washed emerald chainsil bliaut with suede side lacing chest-worn 10000
a fawn-on-sage tartan greatcloak pinned with an amber brooch Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a green kidskin rucksack fastened with bronze leaf toggles Pocketed: Slightly large (40-49)
any number of items
a pebbled ebon leather belt with a tentacled kraken buckle waist-worn 5000
an open-necked indigo cotton shirt with wide cuffed sleeves chest-worn 10000
a scoop-necked indigo paeline gown paneled with silver lace chest-worn 10000
some elbow-length azure flysilk gloves clasped with pearls hand-worn 15000
some narrow azure flyrsilk pants patterned with silver flora leg-worn 15000
some mahogany leather pants with metallic topstitching Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items of very small size
leg-worn 10000