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2017 & 2018 Inventory

a small thatched hut built on the edge of the platform, Room #14, Lich #23891, go hut

UN Entry

[Unlocking Nature]
Thatched walls surround this small room with a large opening set for the door and another for a window. Growing across the latter are several layers of flower-laden vines that offer their sweet scent to the room. The wooden floor is covered with a fine layer of pollen and flower petals, and a glass-topped wooden case rests in the center of the room. Hanging from the thatched ceiling above is a woven vine net basket, its contents clearly visible through holes in the netting.
Obvious exits: out

In the glass-topped wooden case you see:

a thin golvern-hued porcupine quill Scripted lockpicks 95000
a twisted veniom corkscrew 50000
a twisted mesille hairstick 62000
a twisted teak splinter suspended from a leather thong 75000
a sharp canine incisor strung on a thin rolaren chain 36000
a curved vaalin fishhook 125000
a sea urchin spine threaded through with a slender silk ribbon 95000
a slim shard of golvern suspended from a platinum chain 95000
a splintered animal bone suspended on a suede strap 125000
a slender vaalin skeleton key on a thick silver waistchain 125000
a sharp rosewood thorn suspended from a mithril chain 6000
a gnarled mistwood twig suspended from a laje-hued silk ribbon 17000
a long ebonwood toothpick on a length of copper string 100
a sleek steel knitting needle 500
a tiny golden key attached to a platinum ring 2000

In the woven vine net basket you see:

a set of teak-handled calipers 7000
a set of scarab-runed calipers
a pair of badly rusted calipers
a pair of mesille-handled calipers
a pair of polished calipers
a pair of blood-stained calipers
a set of kakore-handled calipers

Go vines


[Unlocking Nature, Loft]
A lofted platform creates this room, and curtains of vines surround the rough wooden floor on all sides. A single low counter runs the entire length of the platform toward the back, and a simple woven mat rests on the floor. Naturally occurring, a knothole in the cedar tree affords a glimpse of a dark interior, its rough edges offer tricky passage.

On the low counter you see:

a slender ramie wrist kit Pocketed: Small (5-7)
several items
a supple leather wrist pouch
a fringed suede wrist pouch
a sturdy leather ankle kit Pocketed: Small (5-7)
several items
a slim rowan ankle kit
a woven sea grass ankle kit
a patchwork leather toolkit Pocketed: Somewhat small (12-15)
any number of items
a rectangular applewood kit
a woven netting toolkit
a soft chainsil toolkit

Go knothole

Knothole (no items)

[Unlocking Nature, Knothole]
Dimly lit, this interior room is built directly into the trunk of the tree, its roughly hewn walls exuding the sweet smell of cedar. The only light in the room filters in from a knothole in one wall, and a single small lantern set into a niche in another. A woven grass rug covers the relatively level floor, and a bench has been carved directly in the wall adjacent to the lantern.