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Paole Dobro is a long standing citizen of Solhaven and was once a Captain of H.E.R.T.'s Triage Unit.


You see Grand Lord Paole Dobro.

He appears to be a Dark Elf.

He appears to be old and taller than average. He has gold-flecked jade green eyes and golden brown skin. He has shoulder length, thick dark brown hair worn in a single braid. He has an angular face and broad shoulders.

He has a black diamond stud in his right eyebrow, a fiery scarlet ruby stud in his left nostril, a thin black diamond ring in his lip, and a set of five lustrous onyx rings in the upper ridge of his left ear.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a tempered eonake coif, a rune-etched garnet earring, a carved haon medallion depicting a broad-headed hammer, a crystal amulet, a raven-black vruul skin cloak, a beveled red dreamstone brooch, a pair of black-tinted glasses, a silver arced split-moon charm, a fresh flower, a four-petalled violet sapphire pin, a Cairnfang Manor triad pin, some fine black sable gloves, a pair of fake blood-red fangs, an icy-white penguin charm, a small daisy, a chambray bandana, a thistle penannular brooch, an obsidian and vultite dagger kiltpin, a sturdy dark blue satchel fastened with a sparkling vaalin clasp, a rune-etched black leather pack, some black and blood red leathers with a golden serpent stitched on the back, a wrist sheath, a fire opal studded mithril band, an embroidered snake skin pouch, a brown canvas tool kit, a blood red and black tartan kilt, a pair of black vruul skin boots, and a gold ring.