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H.E.R.T. stands for the Haven Emergency Resource Team that defends the Freeport of Solhaven during times of war, and/or invasions. H.E.R.T. maintains a Triage Tent near Liabo Plaza as well as 11 Ballista Towers that are scattered throughout Solhaven proper, Marshtown, and the Cairnfang Road. The primary group is broken down into two distinct groups, that of Triage Forces and Fighting Forces, which each have a pair of captains and several lieutenants.

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From the Pages of H.E.R.T.'s Records

H E R T stands for Haven Emergency Resource Team. The founders of HERT designed the group to be a public organization set up to preserve, protect and aid Solhaven during its times of need.

Currently HERT meets on the first Volns of every month, with minor exceptions for holidays or the like.

The group is divided into two sub-groups, Fighting Forces and Triage Units. Fighting Forces is responsible for Ground Units and Ballista Units. Future endeavors include the induction of a Scouting Unit and a Command Unit.

Fighting Force Officers
Name Rank Status Name Rank Status
Kilthal Dradious Captain Active Charna Ja'Varrel'Kav Captain Retired
Revalos Lykanderon Lieutenant LOA Denrit Elmwind Lt. of Ballistas LOA
Tarandur DiArdita Lieutenant Active Kateerina Darkmoor Lt. of Scouts Active
Triage Unit Officers
Name Rank Status Name Rank Status
Songie Fillee Captain Retired Cerbs Captain Retired
Atania Sunhaven Captain Retired Paole Dobro Captain Retired
Ezre Soul-spin Captain Retired Azorack Adamantine Captain Retired
Lhel D'Arkien Captain Retired -- -- --
Kediaq Dereef Captain Active --- --- ---
Sazia Dereef Lieutenant Active Klymeria Trilune Lieutenant Active

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