Patty's Cakes

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Patty's Cakes is a food shop in Wehnimer's Landing. Formerly a shop in Talador, it sells a variety of pastries as well as cooking ingredients for the home baker. It is located on Baystone Byway in the Landing Bazaar.

[Patty's Cakes] RNUM: 32615
The small, white-walled shop holds the sweet mixed aroma of cinnamon, flour, and honey. A trio of aproned halfling maids move hurriedly about the room, restocking the shelves between taking orders. Several patrons shuffle about the store, perusing the variety of frosted pastries and other delicacies a freckle-nosed halfling baker sets upon a counter.


Welcome to Patty's Cakes!

Patty offers her catalog to browse.
Patty exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a warm maple donut               13. a wedge of creamy white butter
  2. a flaky berry-topped croissant   14. a handful of brown dried oats
  3. a slice of apple pecan pie       15. a dusty pouch of baking flour
  4. a crisp cinnamon wafer           16. a cup of fresh cold cow's milk
  5. a honeyed cherry-apple tart      17. a tiny bag of aromatic cocoa
  6. a soft boysenberry cookie        18. a small cup of smooth cream
  7. a fried blueberry tart           19. a fresh farm egg
  8. a slice of strawberry cake       20. some fresh yellow zest of lemon
  9. a slice of dark chocolate cake   21. a small sack of brown sugar
  10. a slice of rich vanilla cake    22. a small bag of sugar
  11. a small lemon cake              23. a pinch of fresh nutmeg
  12. a dash of sea salt              24. a dash of brown cinnamon

Ask baker about Talador:

The halfling baker replies, "Talador was a great place.  The people were friendly enough, and always had an appetite for my baked goods.  It is a great tragedy what happened, all of those lives lost, and land destroyed.  But we will never forget, and I am gratefu for a new life in Wehnimer's Landing."