Pearl-set braided vaalin ring

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a pearl-set braided vaalin ring


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From the ring in your hand, you hear a soft, haunting melody, and the notes of the song slowly coalesce into words.

"Cold streams trickle over the rocks to the sea
Where Ta'Ashrim's tall ships nevermore shall set sail,
Where the masterless sea serpents course through the depths
Of a world where the ugly and dark things prevail."
The quiet song fades away.

Again, you hear a soft singing come from the ring:
"With great patience and care was I wrought, strand by strand,
On an island now seared with the black demon-fire.
Each bright-glistening pearl was drawn up from the depths
By a skilled diver's hand and a young man's desire."
The verse ends on a gentle sigh.

The ring continues to sing back to you...
"Like the moon-silvered sand was my mistress's hair
If such sand could be spun out like silk on a wheel --
Filled with wizardly magic were her green-blue eyes,
And she loved what she loved with wild fervor and zeal."
The song of the ring crescendos vibrantly before fading again.

The ring's soft song murmurs to you, <center>"As a gift, I came to her to signal the soul
Of a wild, headstrong man who would give life for love --
They might well have been joyous without Faendryl foes,
But death rained on all sides like the storms from above."
Distinct anger enters the tone of the mystically invoked song.

The ring sings,
"Shipmistress, stormcaller, proudly she stood
On the deck to command 'Into battle, we fly' --
And where was her lover, in that fatal hour?
He had already gone where Gosaena stands nigh."
The verse ends, and silence overtakes the ring again.

In response to your voice, the ring sings,
"I remember the phosphorescent lights on the waves.
I remember her battling till she at last cried
'Hard to port! We can't hold!' I remember the fangs
And her agonized scream as the claws knifed her side."
You hear the echoes of a distant, anguished wail resonating within the slim ring.

The haunting melody of the ring rises to an anguished howl.
"The shadow-wreathed demon was tall as a mast
With sixteen-inch black talons, with teeth like a shark,
With Ta'Faendryl's foul will crafting each of its moves
As it flung her from ship deck to drown in the dark."
The resonance of the ring's powerful and musical misery makes your teeth ache.

The ring's song drops to a near-whisper as it continues,
"Carrion fish drank her blood, tore the meat from her bones,
Sea-worms ate her dead eyes, naught remains of her hair,
And her whole world is lost to the empire of death --
Only I still remain to say: 'Once, she was fair.'"
The echoes of your voice fade from the ring, and it drops back into silence.

The ring repeats the low, wistful refrain of its song.