Peglegged cat

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A peglegged cat is an automated NPC that wanders around Solhaven. It is rumored that this cat belonged at one time to the curious mystic and is the cat he would refer to.


The cat has obviously had an adventurous life.  His coat is a ratty marmalade, and is dirty in the extreme.  His one eye is an intense green.  One leg has been lost to misadventure and replaced by a rough wooden peg.  He carries himself with a large amount of attitude, apparently untamed by his life experiences.

Room Messaging

A peglegged cat hobbles in with a distinct lack of grace.

A peglegged cat looks over the area with his one good eye.

A peglegged cat narrows his one eye suspiciously.  With a low growl he walks towards you, then stops, reaches out, and bites your leg!  Satisfied that his dominance has been established, the cat turns and hobbles to another part of the area.

A peglegged cat sits down and begins meticulously grooming his peg leg.

The peglegged cat thumps his peg leg on the ground a couple times, tail swishing in irritation.  With an annoyed heave he gets to his feet, then gives an immense yawn.

A peglegged cat suddenly pounces forward, leaping after a mouse that scurries across his path.  As the rodent scurries away the cat dashes after it, his wooden stump not seeming to hinder his hunting abilities.

A peglegged cat walks about the area with a *pad-pad-pad-thump*, obviously the lord of his territory.

A peglegged cat hobbles west, peg leg thudding against the ground.