Pets No More

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Pets No More is the general store in Northern Caravansary. It is located through the door in the furrier in the southwest corner of the caravansary.

[Pets No More] RNUM: 14082
The empty eye sockets of dessicated animal heads stare from several shelves of this crowded room. Apparently organized by creature type, the shelves, table and counter are laden with dried limbs, fanged skulls and various and sundry other body parts. You also see a wooden sign, the apprentice Piper and a curtained doorway.


Welcome to Pets No More!

Apprentice Piper offers his catalog to browse.
Piper exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a werebear skin backpack    6. an ogre hide belt pouch
  2. a wolverine hide knapsack   7. a puma skin herb pouch
  3. a snowcat skin haversack    8. a small orc hide sack
  4. a basilisk hide satchel     9. a large trollskin sack
  5. a catskin pouch             10. a cobra skin sheath